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  1. Actually, Zarquan first discovered it 2 years ago (but went mostly unnoticed at https://forums.kleientertainment.com/forums/topic/111351-full-sized-magma-pump/), then I independently rediscovered it. Hjoyn only built an example. But still he provided some good feedback, I guess you could say he contributed to the final broken waterfall + blade design
  2. Well technically you can save a bit of power on the grill, and some natgas for the gas range, but well if you are advanced enough to use the gas range, I don't think the reduction really matters in most cases.
  3. You could use a small battery and a small transformer so the peak is capped at 1kW
  4. Mind if I ask, when will the update for base game with the aforementioned features happen?
  5. Wouldn't an AT, small battery and thermo sensor be more efficient? the battery will absorb the peaks, but as you would still need to move the same amount of heat anyways, the power efficiency would be better
  6. What is tricking the tepidizer in the gif in the first post? The petrol tiles are way too full and hot, but all 3 exploit spots are seemingly not filled.
  7. Uh, @mathmanican and @nakomaru, I think I wrote this too fast before I have done conclusive tests, so the protection won't actually last if you save with a running tepidizer. Sorry. I've edited the post. However, if you cut the power before you save, it does, in fact, bypass the stricter check after you reconnect the power. Even though it still needs manual attention, flicking a power switch is still way easier to build a dupe accessible tepidizer and micromanage the rebuild process after a reload. I suspect that the stricter check only gets applied to working tepidizers on load, and cutting the power in the save causes it ti be non functional on loas and thus evade the check.
  8. From further testing, I found out that the vaccination only works when the power cut is due to a generator running out of fuel, so the power switch may be the culprit. My theory is that when the tepidizer is subjected to an "unexpected" power cut, it will relax the checks when the power goes back up, in order to improve performance when there's a brownout. I do have a save file where at least one tepidizer is successfully vaccinated, but I'm not at my PC at the moment, so I'll edit in the file when I get back to my PC.
  9. Ever wanted free power with tepidizers? Hate the 85c official limit and 125c 64kDTU/s soft limit after reloading? Here's the solution! I present: Tepidizers that have gone under special treatment to make exploits working on them reload-resistant, or vaccinated tepidizers for short. By "vaccinating" (carrying out a few specific steps) the tepidizer and putting it in a specific configuration, you can make the tepidizer output up to 1200c or so (with a thermium tepidizer and disabling auto repair until it breaks). Ignore what's in the spoiler. It's proven to be not true after more tests, sorry. Here is a sample usage:(ignore the setup beside the battery banks, it's for another test) I discovered the vaccination method (that makes the exploit reload-resistant) when playing with tepidizers. However, the tepidizer exploit itself is actually discovered by @mathmanican and @Fradow. I suspect it's related to pulsing Steps to build your very own free heat source are shown below. You need 2 kinds of liquids, referred as liquid A and liquid B. liquid A must float on top of liquid B, and both must stay liquid at the temperature range you want the output to be. I recommend petrol and crude oil for low temperature applications, and 1. Build the configuration as shown. The materials don't matter (as long as they won't melt) , but a steel or thermium tepidizer is recommended. The area is vacuumed out. The thermo sensor is directly connected to the tepidizer and is adjusted to "below <your target temperature>". You should include an airlock for access, but it's not shown here for brevity. 2. Pour a little bit of liquid B to the position as shown, removing any that flows down to the left. 3. Fill the right side with liquid A as shown. Make sure the tiles that directly touch the tepidizer have less than 400kg of liquid. 4. Fill the left pocket with at least 400kg of any liquid that is <85c. I used 1000kg of 30c water here. 5. The building is complete (the tepidizer exploit shrunk to a very small size), now the vaccination can begin. Start by attaching a power switch to the wire and supplying power to the tepidizer. 6. Turn the power switch off, save, then load the save you just did. 7. Done! You can now safely resupply power to the tepidizer and remove the power switch. Again, ignore what's inside the spoiler, as that's proven to be untrue after further tests. Thoughts? comments?
  10. Wouldn't door pumping it to a staging area where it's heated before getting dumped give you some free cooling on top?
  11. Radbolt collisions give enough radiation that you can produce multiple radbolts per second in addition to sustaining the cycle with some radbolts.
  12. You still need a slot for the petrol tank; you can't possibly fit enough petrol in the crew cabin without using infinite storage (which things shouldn't be balanced around it)