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  1. Just grabbing the heat from the surface regolith goes a long way for extra power.
  2. You basically never need any cooling early game (your own fault for choosing volcanea; it's literally said to be for more experienced players) I would say just bumping up the amount of wheezeworts accessible, or somehow make the wheezewort seeds renewable would be enough for mid game.
  3. That looks pretty power hungry. A way to fix it would be ranching glossy dreckos with the mealwood, then boil the plastic for lots of natural gas. That will probably cover its water consumption a few times over snd produce a decent amount of excess power. Extra points if you are in DLC, which then the sulfur is useful too.
  4. Steam turbines output heat, namely 10% of the deleted heat + 4kDTU/s. You need to cool the turbines below 100c for them to function. Luckily they provide more than enough cooling to cool themselves with an aquatuner.
  5. May you use English names of the ingredients? This is an international forum and English is strongly recommended here.
  6. IMO it sounds like that he thinks dupes cry and vomit "randomly" and waste a lot of time.
  7. Uh what? Steel is completely possible to mass produce before space, and in fact you are intended to use steel for space. Meteors drop at just over 300c, which is not hot at all. If you need space materials to deal with space, you are going down the wrong hole. That would break so many things which rely on the fact that you can automate gas/liquid flow, or pushing gases. Liquid stack water locks are just a few tiles larger than an airlock at most. There are liquid lock designs that make dupes leap through the liquid and thus inflict no debuff. There's no reasonable use case that a petroleum lock, ethanol lock or a super coolant lock can't solve. I don't get how they are troublesome. They won't randomly leak. There's literally a setting to toggle proximity, which was added since when priority was added ? That would make distance the tiebreaker for jobs that have the same dupe priority and priority number, instead of a hidden priority. If you are complaining they are running everywhere because you set priority 9 everywhere, then it's user error and nothing related to the game. I'm not sure what do you mean here. Do you mean being able to choose where the pipe input/output is placed?
  8. May you rephrase your post? Your post currently makes no sense, as there's nothing called a villain in the vanilla game right now.
  9. Uh, they are both renewable right now? Abyssalite can be obtained as an rare resource, and it's guaranteed that you have at least 1 carbon asteroid at 10000 km.
  10. Pump it away as the pipe breaks at the output of a thermo regulator
  11. If so, then make them take clean water and output polluted water to signify the CO2 scrubbers. That also makes it more of a challenge to supply.
  12. No one really use temperature scans now; priority scans are better because you can view its stats and type. Sounds like badlands but even more annoying to build in. Digging out the map isn't really a bug or especially overpowered anyways.
  13. Neither aquatuners nor steam turbines generate net heat. The aquatuner moves heat. The steam turbine seems to create heat, but it's actually less than the amount of heat deleted by a significant ratio. The steam turbine also generates power. Tepidizers have a net power generation of 2978W, if you want to exploit it.