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[Game Update] - 445739

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Hello all,

Thanks for all the feedback on the Terra start! There's lots of ongoing tuning to do here (and to the worlgen of the cluster as a whole) that will happen throughout EA. This patch, we are addressing the earliest game concerns of there just not being enough basic resources in the Sandstone start. (And fixing a bunch more crashes!) Take care!

  • Further crash fixes for errands becoming invalid when rocket interiors are destroyed
  • Fix crash when loading a save with active Yellow Alerts
  • Invalid characters in a colony name no longer crash the game
  • Fix a crash from building a rocket engine after a previous build was cancelled
  • Fix crash when cancelling a warp portal teleport
  • Increase early game resources (more comparable amounts to base game in the Sandstone biome)
  • Prevent warp POIs from appearing on the Terra Moonlet surface

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1 hour ago, Ipsquiggle said:

Prevent warp POIs from appearing on the Terra Moonlet surface

ohh.. Did this also erase duplicate POIs? Seeds last two days were awesome xD


seed: SNDST-C-248302934-0 


seed: SNDST-C-1010389001-0 


But not anymore.. :P

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will you guys add more set geysers?  missing that chlorine + salt water geyser combo.  we do have cold brine on the swamp start but it won't feed waterweed.  the chlorine is a larger issue as no renewable chlorine means no renewable bleach stone so hot tubs will suffer along with hand sanitizer in the long run.  i've been restarting worlds for the past couple days looking for chlorine + salt water geyser which is slow with only 4 random geysers

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3 hours ago, The Plum Gate said:


Rush toilets and sink. You can build them by cycle 4 and then disable and ignore the outhouse before dirt or PW ever leaves. A long snake of pipes can store contaminated PW until you get a liquid storage tank or hydroponic tile built to eat the dupes pee. 

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You guys be hurting my heart, please reconsider overall biome ring temperature. Did we loose space in the new lay-outs. The Start feels even smaller. Like the biome ring is 10-20 tiles smaller, maybe?

And the heat....


And different seed, the slime throw-over is more than enough.


losing 1/3 of 1 of the 4 start hexes, with more along the top edge.

Very generous to bring up the algae tiles to 600kg. Making the copper heavier(meatier!) is nice also. Coal still weirdly uniform at 600, (except around the poi's) that could go higher. Give some variance in the seams, take them as high 1.2k kg?

And the algae also weirdly uniform in it's placement, in the context of density.

I think dirt got a small bump as well? That one was changed awhile ago, and has has some noise introduced for normalization already. It's distribution is good, now in somewhat large boxy clumps, like coal. I like that it gets into the heavier 1.8 ranges.

Possibly show a little love to Oxylite, amounts distributed are fair, but could be heavier in the larger veins, as high as 600kg, possibly?

I hate that I may also make a case for slime, it has one of the lowest densities of all the materials. While I would be happy with less overall slime, less area covered in slime biomes. I would be favorable to heavier tiles. 200kg seems light, as well as the algae in these biomes. As I have stipulated before. Variances up to 800-1.2k kg's for slime, seems appropriate.

I did not understand why Tourist would have as much trouble maintaining a (water)weed farm, but for him mentioning his persistent lack of Bleachstone. And then I scanned about in caustic biomes, and they are a laughable 30-50kg each, that's bad. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 200-600kg, is a better distribution. imho.

The argument I made way back when, the maps would spawn tiles of 5-10kg of algae, that fix was great. Now, maybe the same for Bleachstone. Bleachstone is in need of love.

Flora and fauna is pretty good. Seems to be plenty available, even if some are in jeopardy. Enough to avoid abrupt extinctions.

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i want point out that if you not increase the TagBits code size what is limited to the 384 then the end game fill continue crash the game and normal players cant todo nothing about that.

another thing is, Debug logs slow game down, i recommend that you add them to separate threat code

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