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  1. Looks like you need to adjust your UI scale found under Options -> Graphics -> UI scale. I recommend restarting the game after you change it.
  2. What you're seeing is the water compressing over time I believe. Some water might be lost initially as it settles. Note that in the update going live tomorrow the starting island is moved down slightly.
  3. Thanks for all the information, I have enough examples to look at for now.
  4. It's possible that no jungle spawns with the current rules but I'll change it so at least some appears. In general we try to keep the biome selection rules as open as possible for variety. Could you share the seed for the pictured cluster? There's still a bit more work to be done on reducing heat leaking but a few steps were taken in this patch.
  5. Could you please attach your save file where this is happening. Does this happen on other saves?
  6. Changed Status to Fixed In general we try to leave worldgen rules as open as possible, but I agree that at least some should spawn so I've added a small min count in the next update. The other bug you mentioned is being tracked here.
  7. If this happens again could you attach your Player.log file? It will contain the worldgen settings used such as the seed. I generated a number of classic style Terra clusters without encountering this issue. If there is a problem with the worldgen rules it should display a Worldgen Failure message instead of hang like you experienced.
  8. Thanks, I was able to retrieve or your save. The issue is the rockets you are trying to land are taller than the space above the surface permits. There was a crash bug which allowed rockets to still land in this scenario, which has since been fixed in the public_testing branch. We have also adjusted the worldgen in so there's more space above the surface on all asteroids but this does not apply to existing saves. If you are interested in trying the public_testing branch the details can be found here. These changes and others will go live next Thursday including many rocketry changes. To continue with this save I recommend enabling sandbox mode and carving out an area to land the rocket.
  9. This is a visual bug from our initial investigation. Rockets are able to launch/land there just fine.
  10. @LOX_and_LH2 do you have any idea why the wire would be there? I've seen another user save with a wire there and it's a mystery.
  11. Changed Status to Fixed I believe this is fixed but without a save I'm not completely sure, if this still happens after the next update to public_testing please let me know.
  12. Changed Status to Fixed This will be fixed in the next update to public_testing. It was caused by the under construction wire on the top left of the screen inside the rocket. Do you remember building it there?