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  1. sea meat sounds kinda lame. seafood sounds better imo but i understand if it's for context. i'm glad the cuddle pips can cuddle even without being hugged though are you guys doing anything with world gen? i am playing with a few mods but i don't think any mess with world gen
  2. last time i tried working out starvation ranching sweetles it was 5 sweetles per dupe, somehow i got 200kcal/cycle/sweetle with the 2nd egg doing a quick test, sweetles lay an egg around the age 10 and 20-21 for a total of 2 eggs then dying around age 24-26. that's a total of 4000kcal barbecue over around 20 cycles, 200kcal/cycle/sweetle like i remember. not taking into consideration incubation time however, by my math and not ingame, they would die out if not groomed. 2% reproduction means cycle 55 they'd lay an egg but they only start with 6300calories and consume 140/cycle (70 for 5cycles as a baby) then 6300-350 = 5950 / 140 = 42.5cycles making them live around 47.5cycles as a glum bug without an egg so a colony of 13 would need atleast 65 sweetles by my math, that's 8.125 ranches, you should also add in some grubfruit plants for a chance at getting grubgrubs for more meat, might only be a small chance but with that many sweetles, you're bound to have a few. grubfruit plants can be planted in hydroponic tiles and disabled if you're scared to use sulfur which the upside down asteroid automatically gets one in the magma crust
  3. sorry, i meant that the egg chance for pokeshells moves quickly for the eggs, like 10% per cycle depending on environment. i do agree though about a lot of stuff having 2% base chance for different types like pacu in particular, getting that 2% gulp pacu is really annoying for small systems and makes most of those not even worth doing cause of it after testing lightly... pips do not have a higher chance of laying pip eggs while eating arbor trees and cuddle pips do not have a higher chance of laying pip eggs while eating arbor trees. so 98/2% for pips is the highest you can get. cuddle pips are 65/35% cuddle/reg pips. so arbor trees don't move the % any which seems like an oversight but idk. which would mean eventually you'd get a cuddle pip from an arbor tree farm with wild pips which would then have at most a 35% chance of turning back so i'm incorrect, even when ranching pips, eventually you'll get a cuddle pip on the 2%. i thought arbor trees affected the chance to get pips over cuddle pips. cuddle pips will have 35% or less chance of getting regular pips as well which can't be increased similar to glossy dreckos on bristle berries
  4. the pokeshells move quite fast on the modifier depending on the environment. water, ethanol, and everything else makes them move quite fast to that morph pips are depending on food source (reed fiber or arbor tree) so that 2% only affects them in starvation ranching which i doubt anyone would starvation ranch pips. the cuddle pip gets 35/65% for pip/cuddle which is similar to the grubgrubs which is good imo to add to drawbacks to such a great critter the annoyance is how often the cuddle pips get in the mood and getting a dupe to hug them. though the critter incubation rate up is quite nice, once you have enough eggs/critters, i'd ignore them. the lower dirt output and higher eating means to me, no ranching cuddle pips normally. only going to ranch normal pips (maybe on reed fiber) and send all eggs to some main point if not an evolution chamber which again shouldn't affect you once youre late enough into the game the cuddle pips feel weak, can they get a buff for higher decor and a stress reduction for the dupe? possibly more often hugs if fed/not hungry? edit: please make sanishells make more sanishells in polluted water as well as plain water. just imagine using the wall toilets into a pool with sanishells
  5. a few did, i think it was to differentiate them better between classic or SO type
  6. i usually set all dupes to have high priority in toggling (plus attacking and life support with tidying in the early game). that way someone does it quickly. it's not intuitive and i wish i could've used the yellow alert or '!!' priority to get it done but at least there's a work around
  7. it seems high rad producing systems such as a shinebug reactor or using a lot of beetafineries seems to be slowing down the game a lot right now. possibly from the x10 rads affecting the little green ball particles for it? my shinebug reactor is confining them to 1 tile of movement
  8. could you guys tweak shine bugs with radiation? shinebugs are putting out around 112 rads/cycle at the center right now. could you guys make the shinebugs put out more rads as they get more down the line of breeding? before, shinebugs were used for decor or light. right now, they're mostly used for rads or light. could you guys make shinebugs have a range of rads/cycle? like 50 for the base one and scaling to 1000 or so rads/cycle for the azure/radiant ones, possibly 0 rads/cycle for abyss so they can be strictly decor bombs? i just miss having 10+ shinebugs for a decor bomb in my great hall. and also, it feels a little cheap being able to get a shinebug reactor to reach +5k rads/cycle early on, such as by cycle 50 or so. having a 5/6 tile range of radiation makes shinebugs reactors feel pretty safe radiation wise, just keep ranches down in size so they can't clump up much on a dupe it is pretty cool seeing space look toxic with all the green circles
  9. idk, i just don't like having these large bases with large empty holes and to get better performance we vacuum or tile in the map. it might be that i'm also playing on a laptop half the time but i liked having that playing on the mod minibase
  10. will you guys allow/add random traits for the shattered asteroid starts? they've been pretty fun for how small they are, i hope you guys add even smaller starts
  11. could you guys add little icons for the traits? even if it's something simple like a letter, just so we don't have to mouse over each one to find what traits are there, just a QoL thing i'm hoping you guys can let us choose more varied starts. like a dial for how many inner asteroids we get, like 2, 3, or 5 inner asteroids. then a dial for the asteroid field like sandstone, frozen, forest, swamp and so on. it'll make the world select hopefully less cluttered still missing that aetn on the shattered starts hehe
  12. the flipped asteroid can have neutronium in the magma crust, sadly keep in mind every shattered asteroid start gets a flipped asteroid. but you either start on one as the flipped start or have it as the warp destination on the radioactive ocean. the warp destination is the radioactive ocean for the flipped start too fwiw. for a truly difficult map, disable the teleporters. no oil/plastic and only water source is likely to be a covered csv i'd assume the best way to get through the magma is to dig a vacuum reservoir and drain the magma into that
  13. M-SWMP-C-1270468266-0 i got an extra 2 metal volcanoes on a metal swamp for 3 gold, 2 cobalt, and a copper. i've also seen iron spawn too. i suppose this isn't intentional as it only seems to happen when starting on the metal swamp. btw we don't get much aluminum on these shattered asteroids, enough for a couple things but not much edit: i got an extra gold volcano on a badlands world generated. still seems odd for a SO map this is with using a mod to highlight POIs the flipped asteroid seems to try making a sand/mafic rock tunnel to the surface but it rarely makes it all the way through to the bottom of the magma layer
  14. lush core is an odd trait, seems to pop up on the oily, frozen, and magma planetoids atleast. here it's on the swamp cluster so no magma with it here
  15. it seems the new classic rime asteroid gets beetas and saturn critter traps on the main asteroid. idk if that's intentional but seems off, rime also naturally doesn't get any slicksters like in the base game unless you get an oil trait the achievement 'morale high ground' has "alien research data" as its requirement. it feels odd that it doesn't have a required dupe count too, just requires everyone, even if everyone is 1 or 80 dupes the cryopads are not destructable. could you guys add them to the demolition list? preferably only after they've been emptied/defrosted the SO swamp main asteroid -can- get geoactive/geodormant traits. i saw a leaky oil fissure on the SO swamp as well, SWMP-C-972500456-0 edit: the SO swamp main asteroid can get metal volcanoes as well currently with geoactive. SWMP-C-1501413762-0 has an iron and a cobalt volcano, i've seen sulfur geysers as well the magma biome with neutronium sucks on the superconductive biome