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  1. i think you did it wrong, 2526c water to 125c water would take 10 slush geysers but youre dealing with iron which has about almost 1/10 the shc but keep in mind the volcano spits out higher, the 400g/s is average over time including over the dormancy
  2. have you tried the cooling calculator? there's also a geyser calculator and how much cooling you need for average or only during the active part per cycle but check the amount it erupts cause 400g/s = 240kg vs actual eruption at around 400-600kg an active cycle. you could just overkill it and keep a pool of icey water above it and pressurize the volcano with hydrogen and conveyor rail the iron out passing under metal tiles
  3. for once, i'm glad to be wrong. i'm glad they finally update that start. i always wanted to play it for the oily asteroid that didn't get a magma biome but the two csv and hot map was always tough/slow to start
  4. hydrogen engines only use is speed for large cargo. the height is 20 vs 35, then add in the engine, fuel, and oxidizer tank you get a build area of 15 vs 23. the 8 tile difference allows for an additional 2 large cargo bays but the radbolt engine is faster at 1.5tiles/cycle vs 1.1tiles/cycle the petrol engine is the same height and is only slightly weaker, it goes 1.0 tiles/cycle vs the 1.1tiles/cycle the hydrogen rocket currently goes so yeah, hydrogen engines aren't worth it currently unless you value petrol > hydrogen. with saturn critter traps, hydrogen rockets might be a good way to use up hydrogen you don't need
  5. there is only 2 terra starts, dlc (with 2csv + 3mv) and the classic which gets a ton of stuff including an open natural gas vent. no other start can get a natural gas vent, afaik. the classic terra start gets a combined oil and nuclear asteroids into a single one. but they changed how the main and second asteroid start the oil is on the main asteroid in classic terra which you're on. the second asteroid only difference is it gets plug slugs and beetas, everything else can be found on the main asteroid short of pips/arbor acorns which are not on any map in the current classic terra start tldr: oil is on starting asteroid in classic terra
  6. solid genetic ooze that is usually around 20c or whatever the food source is. shc of genetic ooze is 3.47 so it'll be a lot to freeze or chill to -18c for a vacuum room i think chlorine is the best thing to chill for the really low shc in a base for food storage but i like this spacefarer module fridge a lot more
  7. food is made of genetic ooze so goodluck freezing that stuff for a vacuumed room
  8. i love the 30 some geysers you get on classic terra start but it feels so random and i don't have to worry about going to space until i need space materials. i've also noticed you can only get 1 of each geyser/vent/volcano as a random on any of the starts. so at most you can get 4 natural gas vents on classic terra between the inner 2 asteroids after classic terra, i'd say forest is the next most fun one but i don't play it much as i rather have aluminum over cobalt as a volcano
  9. slipped in adding a bunch of geysers/vent this patch huh i'm getting anywhere from 8-10 new vents/geysers between the asteroids. frozen getting 3-5 iron, swamp getting 1-3 more random geysers/vents, oily getting 2 more randoms, nuclear getting 3 more randoms, and 0-3 randoms on the main asteroid. terra still gets the short end of the stick with a flat 2 csv + 3 mv as before. swamp seems to get 3 tungsten about +90% of the time again which i'm happy to see but swamp is getting a little busy/small to have a bunch of different vents +the volcanoes seems like we can only have 1 of any geyser/vent on an asteroid while only nuclear can get a random water geyser
  10. yeah, the almost no aluminum on classic start does suck. you only get about 5t, on my current map, of the ore around the input supply pads so you can make some super coolant so 5kg aluminum per 100kg fullerene... 1kg fullerene makes 100kg super coolant so with 5000kg aluminum we can make 500,000kg fullerene for about 50,000,000kg super coolant. which we only get enough graphite for 2,500,000 - 3,500,000kg of super coolant. you only need about 2,000kg of aluminum to convert all the graphite into fullerene. but i do like my aluminum heat exchangers like for oil boiling
  11. so glad to hear the switch on conveyor rail technology, now i don't have to rush space+plastic as much. i usually aim for having conveyor rails around cycle 50 as that's usually when i have a dupe reach 5 skill points i've been building contraptions like this one for nuclear research, i'm at around 200-210 rads/cycle currently but it'll go up a little more with a ranch of 3 as i have here. (there is a water lock+radbolt generator there with the power switch going to the radbolt generator only) offtopic request: any chance of getting pips/arbor trees in classic terra? currently we are sorely missing the critter/plant and have been debug spawning them in
  12. i usually get aluminum volcano on classic terra, sometimes 2. it seems classic terra has a thing for single volcanoes/geysers, can't have more than 1 of a random geyser so no multiple metal volcanoes of the same flavor on the same asteroid. meaning at max, you can only get 2 of a certain metal volcano my current play through on classic terra has 2 aluminum, 2 gold. and 2 cobalt. one of each on the 2 asteroids. V-SNDST-C-346889564-0 is the seed. sulfur geysers aren't guaranteed on the classic terra start either which i've had a game where i didn't get a sulfur geyser. absolutely no leaky oil or large volcanoes though, kinda miss them and then not really lol i do debug in a pip/arbor tree in classic terra though
  13. the largest use case for me is speed and moving power. but man they take a while to setup for me, i'd use it if i needed water from the water planet back at my home planet or where ever i need water. but that was before the cargo tanks got upgraded size... for 27000kg tank sizes. so a trip every 30 cycles with hydrogen or a trip every 10 cycles with a radbolt engine... i'd probably choose radbolt engine still just because they're easier to setup. i would use the hydrogen rocket for a steam chimney if i needed water though so yeah, i can't think of a good use case for the hydrogen rocket either really. the radbolt engine is just easier, maybe if the radbolt engine got a nerf to have lower range i'd use the hydrogen rocket instead
  14. vacuums still work great for food preservation
  15. i say we should get a lifeboat/escape ship sort of thing shot at a planet like the railgun but with all the dupes in it. but in the process, the rocket explodes and is destroyed