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I got confused with the new du-plicant priority list but didn't realize it was because dupes can now zoom to other planets with ease.


Research window is nice, but I wish I could click the group on the left than do a second click so I can research that way.


Plugslugs are a great addition. Their nibbling of wires act as a great alternative to the generator.





I' like my fluffy smith banquod.


Warping content really changes the game.


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1 minute ago, minespatch said:


are you referring to the lore entries? Those have been in the files for a while lol. (I'm like super distracted rn idk if I missed something)

How do we know if we get picked for the closed dlc testing? is it an email or something?

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Just now, minespatch said:

Yeah, Devon. Didn't realize.

Yes, you get a email.

well I didn't get an email but it looks like the DLC downloaded automatically and I've already broken the game
(if any devs are reading this, its cause I clicked the back arrow on "asteroid cluster")

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OK, after the honeymoon, heres my opinions:

While theres a lot of cool new stuff, I think that at the moment its definitely not ready to be played through. The main reason to play the beta is to find bugs, as the entire endgame is near gone, there are crashes left right and center, and until nuclear comes out there isnt an insane amount of game changing stuff. The only ones are maybe slugs and rockets. The slugs are fine, they are fun, all good. The rockets however feel a bit clunky to use, what with how they changed the fueling process, the loading process, the everything process. I am trying to get a pad on the nuclear planet, but it crashes after a bit of time no matter what I do. I will wait for nuclear, as I'm sure most of the crashes will be fixed, the game will be more optimized (I'm on cycle 230 or so and only have 30 frame per second on 3 times speed) and more to play around with. Also, so far I actually prefer the old rocket system, as it made plenty automatable even if its not required. Hopefully when late game gets added we get something like a wormhole that lets dupes who go through get a specific resource, thus making stuff like aluminum ore automatizable.

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