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  1. OK, after the honeymoon, heres my opinions: While theres a lot of cool new stuff, I think that at the moment its definitely not ready to be played through. The main reason to play the beta is to find bugs, as the entire endgame is near gone, there are crashes left right and center, and until nuclear comes out there isnt an insane amount of game changing stuff. The only ones are maybe slugs and rockets. The slugs are fine, they are fun, all good. The rockets however feel a bit clunky to use, what with how they changed the fueling process, the loading process, the everything process. I am trying to get a pad on the nuclear planet, but it crashes after a bit of time no matter what I do. I will wait for nuclear, as I'm sure most of the crashes will be fixed, the game will be more optimized (I'm on cycle 230 or so and only have 30 frame per second on 3 times speed) and more to play around with. Also, so far I actually prefer the old rocket system, as it made plenty automatable even if its not required. Hopefully when late game gets added we get something like a wormhole that lets dupes who go through get a specific resource, thus making stuff like aluminum ore automatizable.
  2. Whenever I try to tame the planet with radiation (AKA sending a dupe down to try to get a pad) after a bit of time the game crashes, no matter what I do. It might have to do with the fact you can have 2 dupes in the one thats supposed to house one, and then I send one down via the trialblazer. After a bit of time in space, or even after coming back home, the game crashes.
  3. This is my setup. I dont really care to split them as they dont produce less while glum, and I dont need the bbq from them. I have a ton of batteries setup from them, and I doubt you need any other power besides them until cycle 1000 when you start to run out of metal. Also, them being glum is good because that means less metal being eaten.
  4. if you tame the bugs they give 1.6k watts, and also the generator is a rocket part. You'll see how that works after placing a launching pad
  5. The rocket has its own little world inside! Seems like when radiation is added we will get a new... surprise... Also heres a baby!
  6. No problem. This was me for a bit, since my game kept crashing, but with the recent update its fine now. If I see anything cool, I'll post it here!
  7. I already added a tag to the og post after you commented, and of course it would be new new because its the area for the space dlc.
  8. (sorry for hidding the other one, it still happened :() Whenever I try to go to another planet it crashes.
  9. Sadly I think I'll have to stop for a bit, at least until the crashing is fixed. I'll enter a bug report, and we will see if it does get fixed.
  10. Don't send your dupes into chlorine/hydrogen. Their skin becomes irritated, which reduces their athletics by an insane 4. The debuff doesnt go down if they are in either material, nor in po, so you will want to clean up the oxygen to have them move normally. The screenshot from earlier shows the planets below the summery, and thats how you can switch to and from planets! (Although it crashes 9 times out of ten.) It seems radioactive stuff is slightly in here, just not the radioactive debuff and reactor, because the upper planet has a radioactive biome! That screenshot also shows how large the range on the tele is, as I cant reveal any tiles beyond this planet with it. It seems the rare material maker thingie is currently gone, so no super coolant for now sadly. The same thing is also with the space research stations, and the old satellites. In fact, I have not even seen any meteors yet. Although they might be on a different planet, since auto miners are still a thing. Might also come in a different update. I think that's all I have discovered, I will try to get a screenshot of the nuclear biome if I reach there. Technically, if you keep em wild. If you tame them you get like 4 times the amount, but of course they will starve. Free hydrogen though!
  11. Spoilers are easy to dodge, did it with HK and Ori till only a few weeks ago. Besides the liquid/gas version for the new stuff, not yet. I already stated performance, and its fine if you close the new material tab. Someone posted the world size. The telescope reveals nearby space areas, as you can see with the screenshot below. The Grubgrub is a morph of the Sweetle, and thats it. No new rooms sadly, but that might be coming with the Nuclear update. Anyways, I will be posting some new stuff for the peeps who dont want to watch a video or cant speak English. Just use translate.
  12. I'm having fun. The first world having no reed makes you get creative with the new stuff. (It might have dreckos, but I've been ignoring exploring it.)
  13. Nothing I've seen like that so far sadly. Auto dispensers now REQUIRE power. At this rate I wouldn't doubt if incubators do too.