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  1. Another advantage of the dispenser method is that you can specifically tell your dupes WHAT junk to pick up and when. Instead of hoping they go and clean the stuff you want removed. The only downside is that you have to issue cleaning orders regularly instead of just building more boxes and having your dupes deliver to them. Another plus is that since dupes only clean up debris when you tell them to, that your gophers will spend more time delivering stuff to machines and whatnot.
  2. I use a method similar to this in my base. Instead of using dozens of storage boxes, I just have a dispenser box somewhere in a central location, which is set to priority 9, (nearly) all items and sweep only. Next I have a bunch of dedicated gophers who only do tidy/store/supply tasks. When I've dug out something, deconstructed something or otherwise made a mess, I just order my dupes to sweep the materials there. If I want it done NOW, I order them at priority 9. This method stores all my materials in a single huge pile and cleans up areas for construction promptly.
  3. Even if they charge as much as the original game, it would still be a steal for the amount of time/amusement this game offers. No other game I have has managed to absorb as many hours as this game has. I'm on 1900+ now, closing on my big 2k.
  4. One of the ways I dealt with them was to flood the area with chlorine gas, while slicksters ate all the CO2. In case of infected oil, I do the diagonal building crush on it to delete it. Zombie spores are the only germ I really respect, because it's effects are quite massive and the germ itself is almost indestructible.
  5. Warm granite tiles can transfer heat to ice tiles next to them, causing them to melt, so that's no issue. The only iffy bit about my theory is that the melting ice teleports it's water through the granite. If the granite was next to the ice tile, with open air underneath, it would definitely be the case.
  6. I got a theory... Above the mesh tile in the ceiling is a granite tile, but above that is a tile made of ice. It could possibly be that said ice is melting, causing some of it to become liquid, which has nowhere to go, so teleports through the granite into the mesh tile and falls down into your farm.
  7. Brothgar did a video on something like this. I believe he settled on a design that had dupes manually using a pitcher pump to make 200kg bottles of pWater which then got dumped somewhere with the same mechanism you're using to stop dupes from what they're doing and dropping the bottle in a designated area.
  8. There's a simple solution to that problem, don't go to work. :P
  9. Yeah, he obviously never encountered cats before. Maybe next time, try to invoke Cthulu or some other elder god.
  10. What does Mumra have to do with old save files?
  11. I would LOVE to see that happening.. for Science ofcourse... :P
  12. That would be a bad idea.. because that road leads to things like the infinite impossibility drive..
  13. The newest SpaceX rockets use farts ( ie, Liquid methane ) as fuel, so lets get those in ONI too.
  14. I believe I'm (one) of those people who did that. At the time when I saw there was CO2 in it, I thought, oh nice some free CO2 for the slickster farm I was going to build right there and didn't check the pressure. When I found out, my bedrooms, mess hall and kitchen had flooded with CO2.
  15. My guess is that something got bugged there, because I've used the 'motivational eating' method to 'process' enough meat to satisfy the carnivore achievement multiple times, and hitting 100% motivation always triggered the desired buff.