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  1. Pathing and tubes big drains. A lot of piping, or oodles of critters will slow down your game significantly.
  2. Shine bugs actually are attracted to lamps, thinking they're one of their own.
  3. Found out due to a few priority issues, my nuclear reactor had run out of fuel, and the steam had cooled down quite a bit already. So I fixed the priority issues and sure, my dupes delivered the enriched uranium to the hopper I was using for the fueling process. Of course since the steam had cooled down, it took a while for it to heat up again, and get the turbines spinning, which fed fresh water to the reactors to keep them from exploding.. needless to say, I had to train one of my digger dupes in corium mining, and had a lot of steam cleaning up to do.
  4. There is a mod that allows you to refuel rovers with petroleum at a recharging station. Rovers can't build anything beyond basic tech though nor operate things, so you're sadly stuck with biological robot minions as gravitas intended. ( ie. dupes )
  5. If you remove a suit from a dupe that is about to soil themselves in it, the game crashes into a black hole.
  6. In Spaced Out! you can already build an underwater colony, as there is a water planet. A space station would be cool though.. or maybe ( gasp ) a colony ship, which starts of as a modest station, then expands adding all kinds of gizmo's, storage and whatnot to it, with more and more dupes getting on board to do things, finally adding on engines and breaching through the temporal tear to explore the other side.
  7. Wow.. nothing seemed to go horribly wrong in that video.. aside from a short glimpse at a reactor meltdown. No panicking dupes, no stressing, no flooding...
  8. So anyone know yet what the 'lush core' is? I haven't gotten far enough in a new world to find out.
  9. Last time I checked, these guys are supposed to be radioactive, however, in my current game, they are not. PS. I wanted to include my save, but can't find it anymore.. where is it?
  10. I have found a small issue with the new connectors. They don't work with the loaders. So you have to run pipes to the capsule to load/unload directly from the capsule. having them plug into the loading system would be a nice to have. Another thing I noticed was that the new location sensor for inside rockets has the 'space' location. However, this entails all of space, not a specific point in space. Being able to designate a specific point in space for that sensor would be very useful in making notifications when a rocket has arrived at it's space destination ( such as when exploring, or when on a mining mission )
  11. True, but as you said, it's tedious, and you need to deconstruct/reconstruct infrastructure in there every time you need to refill your tank.
  12. The fps loss is probably because they have all kinds of logging stuff in the code right now, so when something goes wrong, the logs will help them figure out what.
  13. This is making me a very happy camper as this means I can use a regular liquid tank inside my capsule to store water for the toilet. I actually noticed these just a moment ago too. When I restarted my game a few hours ago, I saw there had been an update, but didn't seen any news about one, so figured, I'll find the list of things updated later. Then just now, I built a new capsule for a rocket, and I noticed the inlets/outlets.