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  1. Curious Pattern

    No, however shine bugs are attracted to other shine bugs and light sources in general, causing them to form 'herds'.
  2. Is decor still a thing?

    I prefer using the mod to make natural tiles to do this. Saves a lot of hassle and the end result is the same. My current base has the shower/nature reserve combo built with that. Which is a VERY nice morale booster ( +3 for shower, +6 for nature reserve for a whopping total of +9 )
  3. Lit Workspace question

    I believe they changed/patched this so any relaxation activities do not benefit from the lit workspace buff.
  4. Lag free space design

    Looking at the setup, how exactly does the digging and transfer of regolith work?
  5. Locavore and non food farming.

    They also have inherent food poisoning I believe. Same goes for meal lice and lice loaves. That's why I feed my dupes pickled lice instead of raw/loaves.
  6. Pacus can live in visco gel

    You can cool down oil/petroleum before putting fish into it. Also I believe tropical pacu can handle the temps from the oil biome.
  7. Gassy moo bait?

    Yes, this is possible, Sunlamps produce enough light to grow gas grass. Brothgar has done a video on this.
  8. Is decor still a thing?

    @Gurgel That's going a little bit overboard imho. As I mentioned the max decor you can have is 120 so you don't need THAT much decor to reach that.
  9. Is decor still a thing?

    * Points at Assault Chicken's post * That is what you get when you go 100% overboard on morale. As for needing it.. not directly no. But since the latest upgrade ( meeps recreation pack ), dupes now have an overjoyed reaction, which is like a stress reaction but in reverse. Any dupe that has lots more morale than what they need can become overjoyed and do one of a couple of different possibilities. Sparkle Streamers for instance get +8 bonus to athletics and give +5 to other dupes they meet. Baloon artists give out baloons to other dupes which give them +8 to science/farming/ranching/doctoring/decorating. Sticker bombers put stickers around places ( no idea what those do, but I'll bet it's some kind of similar buff ), and super productive ones become well.. super productive I guess
  10. Metal Refinery keeps breaking down

    Sounds like your pipes are giving you issues. Polluted water is not the best liquid to use as a coolant in there. if it's very cold ( 0 celsius ), it's usable, but only for one fabrication. Metal refineries put out a LOT of heat when making iron/steel/tungsten and all that heat gets put into the coolant. Personally, I use petroleum as my coolant with a resevoir to store it in along with a sensor that will send any petrol that is over 200 degrees to my cooling loop, which is a set of radiant pipes through a room with steam and a turbine. Thus I turn the heat into power to run my refinery. On top of that, I also check if the temperature in there doesn't get too hot, if it does, I shut down the refinery until the steam and the petrol have cooled down to manageable temperatures before I run more production cycles.
  11. Is decor still a thing?

    Actually, the average decor a dupe has seen over a cycle provides a morale boost/penalty depending on how high it is. negative decor means they get a -1 penalty for bad decor, however, on the plus side, gorgeous decor can provide as much as 10-12 points of morale. Which is where the decor bomb comes in. If you decorate your mess hall, the barracks and the toilets/showers, they will spend a significant amount of time in a high decor zone ( I believe 120 is max decor you can get ). This in turn cranks up the average decor, and thus increases morale bonus from decor. It also doesn't hurt to put a few statues or whatnot in their work areas if there's room for it. Ranches for instance have plenty of room for a statue or two three, farms can have some paintings etc. Add a morale bonus for good food, a great hall, lavatories, comfy beds, shower and you'll be rocking some serious morale bonus which is actually useful nowadays too as the new upgrade has added those overjoyed reactions. If you add up all the 'easy to get' morale bonusses, you can rock some serious morale already. ( comfy beds +2, great hall +6, food +8, shower +3, lavatories +2, high decor +10, 4 shift break +4.. ) My current base, my dupes are running around with +50 morale and I didn't even fully build proper entertainment yet.
  12. Is decor still a thing?

    While bad decor doesn't penalize all that much, good decor can really help boost up their morale by a lot, without requiring any 'effort' on the part of the dupes, like chintam said. Also some rooms require decor items to be active such as the great hall.
  13. Locavore and non food farming.

    You can use wild planting, have pips plant whatever you need in the wild and make use of that. Only putting plants in planterboxes, farm tiles or hydroponic tiles counts towards breaking locavore. EDIT: Also, I'd like to mention that eggs and BBQ can sustain your colony too, so you can just ranch hatches for instance to get your food needs met. That is how I attained the achievement ( along with carnivore at the same time ). Also there's other cooling options than wheezeworts. aquatuner/turbine combo for instance, or even ice makers with a shipping loop to melt the ice.
  14. Ethanol as coolant

    Not a coolant use, but on Rime I've used ethanol for liquid locks in areas where water would freeze and I didn't have access yet to crude oil.
  15. Seeds in the badlands

    If you're lucky, you can have a living planet in space. Those have arbor seeds as well I believe.