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  1. Cuckoo bird

    I know the movie you're talking about ( and it's sequel ), It's Darkman from 1990. I'm not sure if it's really a reference to that movie though, since that cuckoo is used in many other places too.
  2. That's definitely an improvement over my 'push the water up and fill the room' kill room.
  3. Oxygen generation?

    They haven't been tweaked, they've been this efficient for a long time now. They use 30g/s of algae and produce 40(+4) g/s of O2. An oxygen diffuser uses 550g/s of algae and produces 500g/s of O2. So the terrariums are far more efficient in terms of algae consumption as well as not requiring as much power. ( 10W for 7 of them, vs 120W for 1 diffuser ) The only downside is their water consumption at 300g/s, but producing 290g/s of pH2O which you can offgas and deodorize for more O2 production that doesn't require power or cooling, and is very low tech as well as easy to construct. If Algae isn't in short supply, and water is, the diffuser is better obviously, however, if you have access to a good water supply, some terrariums to supplement your diffuser and later on take over through the pO2 offgas is very useful.
  4. Oxygen generation?

    Actually, they're more efficient than the Algae deoxidizer when it comes to howmuch O2 they produce in relation to howmuch algae they consume. They just require more dupe labor than the deoxidizer. The fact that the pH2O offgassing is actually the main kicker is true though. in the beginning, 3 terrariums will not produce a lot of O2, but once a few cycles have passed and the bottles start piling up that's when the real O2 production begins. And it's all more or less power free ( 10W for a lamp to produce a little more O2 is worth it )
  5. I generally prefer to err on the side of too much steam than too little. To little steam and the generator won't run optimally due to lack of pressure. Too much steam just means that you need to put more heat into the thermal mass under the turbine before it starts to run optimally. The latter simply means, that you need to put more heat into the room initially before it's able to run full throttle. The former means it won't run at full throttle no matter how much heat you have.
  6. I just got the achievement on Rime, while you may not get slicksters, pacu or dreckos, you do get tons of hatches, which works just fine once you get them set up. My strategy involved using 4 incubators and 3 ranches, along with the occasional voles and pacu packages. To get the eating done, I relied on my binge eater, who I locked in a room with terrible décor, no sleep, no breaks of any kind and had him stress out as much as possible to trigger his binges and deplete my BBQ.
  7. Brothgar already did an extensive video on this. When refining steel and iron, this kind of loop is power positive. He made a spreadsheet on all the various metals and how useful it was to refine them to get power out of it. Here is my setup inspired by his work. The aqua tuner is to keep the turbines and the refinery cool, which it can easily do. I haven't measured if the whole setup is power positive or negative, but it works well. The refinery is cooled with petroleum which then exchanges it's heat with the steam for the turbines. there's a safety system in place where the refinery will not get any coolant that is over 250C. Mainly so the steam doesn't destroy the aqua tuner, and to ensure I don't waste too much heat and just slow down a bit when things get hot. I've never actually seen this happen though, the turbines always manage to cool down the petroleum enough.
  8. If you're going to electrolyser water for hydrogen power, you might as well just delete the O2 through a door compresser, less digging up to space. I'm currently at cycle 55 with 92 out of 400 Mcal eaten. I have created a little Hell for Rowan already, although I don't have any buddy buds to get allergies for her. She's binging on nicely with 50-60% stress generated per cycle. Here is an image of her 'cosy' little home. Points to note: - It has a bed, but she's not allowed to use it. - Décor is around -300 - There is a light, it does not go off, so sleeping is always unrested. - She has to run that wheel all day, every day, without any breaks for the bathroom or eating or sleeping. - When she stresses out, she leaves that little hell hole and gets to stuff herself full of meat from the fridge. EDIT: not shown on the screenshot, but I just checked my pod, it had bristle blossom seeds in it, so I just put those down around the inner door, so Rowan gets to smell the flowers all the time. ( She has allergies, as mentioned in my previous post )
  9. Non-exploit 100% up time SPOM

    I guess I'll post one of mine too. This is from my last colony, on aridia so heat was very much an issue. The water geyser + tank on the right supply it with water, and just above the screenshot are 3 hydrogen generators. These aren't actually running though, as they and the Hydrogen storage are used as 2ndary backup. Primary power is Shine bug Solar power ( 2KW ), coal ( 3KW, I currently have in excess of 190T of coal lieing around ), NG(3KW, 2 NG geysers, 2 oil wells and 1 oil refinery, in excess of 8000kg of gas in storage ) and finally Hydrogen ( 2400W, also >5000kg in storage )
  10. Arbor Tree farming

    Hmm.. you must have a lot of dupes running around then in your base, or you're slowly cutting into your lumber supply by having less trees growing than needed. ( you need just under 2 per ethanol distiller, and 4 ethanol distillers to run a petrol generator continuously ) The deficit is around 190kg/cycle.
  11. Ohh that would be so sweet if that was possible.. I'm going to have to try to do this in sandbox...
  12. Regolith clearing

    Gus's solution is also what I use. On top of that, I have my dupes sweep up the regolith piles to a storage area in the space biome level once in a while. There I have autosweepers grab it from the storage to feed to my shove vole ranch. Originally I wanted to just set up autosweepers all across the top to get it all, but it was too much of a hassle. Shove voles make excellent regolith munchers and they leave behind tons of meat.
  13. Arbor Tree farming

    Sorry, but this is incorrect. This USED to be the case, until they nerfed this by increasing the amount of pWater that domesticated trees need. The Domesticated tree -> Ethanol -> Power -> pWater loop is now pWater negative. ie. you need more pWater to grow the trees than the generator provides. EDIT: Just did a bit of math, this loop IS pH2O positive if you add in 30 tame molten slicksters to process all the CO2 from 3 ethanol distillers and 1 generator to create the fuel to keep it running. So that's about 4 ranches worth. You will also have to install cooling around the trees to make sure they don't overheat, as the pH2O coming from the generator will be hot. It has to be because you need the CO2 to be 90+ degrees for the molten slicksters comfort range. Edit 2: Mixed up my numbers.
  14. Something I noticed recently, which has been annoying me quite a bit, is when the game starts to get laggy, due to all the stuff going on etc. Critter behaviour seems to go out the window, suffering even more than the rest of the game. When wrangled or attacked in the wild, they will continue to walk around for a good while before popping or becoming trussed and ready to be shipped. In ranches, it takes ages for them to respond and go to the grooming station, or to the critter drop off point. When I looked at it, my rancher took almost an entire cycle to groom 4 glossy drecko's. And it wasn't the grooming that took most of that time. It was the whistling at the grooming station that took forever, as the critters just idled in the pen even though they weren't groomed while my rancher kept calling for them. Does anybody have any tips on how to avoid this behaviour of the game?
  15. After reading this thread, and having basically conquered aridia, I'm going to try for this one. I wanted super sustainable on my last game but totally messed that up as I built a few coal gens when I wasn't thinking straight, then added NG generators to boot. I'm already off to a great start, with RNGesus blessing me when I was picking my initial crewmembers, as these guys popped up as first or nearly first options after selecting their main role. Rowan, Researcher, Iron Gut, Allergies, Binge eater. He's going to be my meat sponge. I think Pinhead would be proud of what I'm planning to do with him eventually. Nails, Digging, Supplying, Decorating, Early Bird, Gastrophobia, Ugly Crier This is going to be my builder/digger. Burt, Cooking, Operating, Night Owl, Squeamish My Cook / operator I'm going to be playing on Badlands, once I get some decent O2 going, I will be expanding my crew with a rancher, and a gopher.