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[Game Update] - 437302

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Dang you guys never take a break do you? Hotfix after Hotfix after Hotfix, that’s got to be very tiresome work.. thank you, and hopefully you will get to enjoy that upcoming planned holiday break with Minimal Interruptions. :) 

You Defiantly deserve it at this point!

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11 minutes ago, IceTime said:

Pay attention to your body, I hope you can sleep well

How can ANYONE sleep well with that new Walter skin? I’m the advocate for all things Spooky.. & that thing even creeps ME out.

I like it though, I’ll probably use it.

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5 hours ago, sl2va said:

Server hosters (include me), don't like so often hotfixes.

Yes, any game where the host to update their server so others can play can find these recent hotfixes somewhat annyoing. But, what can you do? They are fixing the game and making it better, so you can;t really argue against it...

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