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  1. I spent a lot of time on several rounds of ABCDEFG ……Z tests. Finally know the answer: Abigail with skin will cause the game to crash if he attacks The point is whether my Abigail has skin. If it doesn't, it won't collapse. If it does, it will collapse when it attacks
  2. yes. We always regard it as the rule of the game world.
  3. The stump will disappear by itself and take away the surrounding wood and pinecones.
  4. I don't like that the knobby trees I have worked so hard to grow will become a treeguard. This is not the protection of nature, but an obvious mistake and a loophole
  5. When a player cuts down trees around the knobby trees, there is a probability that it will become a treeguard(It's not funny at all) Knobby trees will degenerate into small trees after fertilization at the largest stage, and a new round of fertilization is needed(I'm not sure if this problem is caused by a friend's MOD) After fertilization, the maps of knobby trees will be lost due to the restart of the server.(This problem appeared very early
  6. The blue lake looks like a sapphire I waited by the vending machine for the rain to stop The shade of the trees and the path to the unknown
  7. The blue lake looks like a sapphire I waited by the vending machine for the rain to stop The shade of the trees and the path to the unknown
  8. Server crash caused by ship skipping now +1
  9. Server crash caused by ship skipping now
  10. I hope my shadow doesn't cut down trees and dig mines, when I don't want to kill them
  11. This is my experience feedback after testing for two days. I am a player who likes sailing very much and look forward to the optimization of sailing, but just like this, I am very disappointed
  12. 1 the ship is too fast and the player doesn't have enough time to react. 2 after the ship got off the anchor, it couldn't turn correctly. 3. The speed of rowing is close to that of a sailboat, or even faster. What is the significance of making a sailboat? 4 After gently colliding with the ship board at sea, the ship board flew out very fast. 5 the ship with two sails turned after stowing one sail, and the ship could not turn in time, resulting in an abnormal and strange track, as if it was a sudden sharp turn. Very untrue 6. It is meaningless to increase the upper limit of ship speed 7 When a ship sails to different depths of the sea, it will automatically anchor
  13. Anchor when there is a winged sail on board. The ship can't turn correctly. Anchor when there is a winged sail on board. The ship could not steer properly But when there are two winged sails, anchor and the ship can turn correctly Raising the speed limit doesn't make sense. No one will sail so much In the original game version, it is very reasonable for two winged sails to reach the upper limit of ship speed. If you have different views, please go to the game to experience the beta ship speed.
  14. I hope the speed of the ship can remain the same. Now the speed of the test version of the ship is too fast. The anchor is not as good as it used to be。
  15. I don't like the ship changing its existing physical properties. Too fast makes the ship more dangerous, and the original speed is enough to use. After the ship is anchored, it can't control the steering, which makes the navigation unreal, which is not the case in the original game version. I think the action of ship anchoring is more real in the original game version. The light of the new mangroves on the sea makes me feel dazzling and very dazzling
  16. The reason may come from the renewal of plants
  17. In the game version before the farm change, Carrat event does not need to be turned on
  18. In the past, Carrat ate seeds of different plants, and the color of its tail would change. In the present game, it can't do that. Although my feedback is so trivial, I hope to have a more interesting game experience