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Hey Grifters,

Here we are, the moment you've all been waiting for...





...well, actually, just the first two days of his story. And without a lot of quest variation yet. And probably a lot of bugs and balance issues. And lots of placeholder dialog.


This is now what we are all working on, and over the course of October we're going to get those two days into a shippable state! So buckle up, grifters, it's going to be a time!



  • Smith!
  • New import fees: Pets foreign to murder bay cost a bit more to purchase.
  • Added Rook's Bogger outfit to his unlock track
  • Asset Recovery: After discovering the location of the goods, you can still run away and turn in the quest without failure.
  • Fix on_runaway handler for Hit The Beach.
  • When running away, don't run if the enemy team has surrendered or the battle is otherwise over.
  • The option to hire someone in Brawl no checks if the agent is already in your party


  • Balance change for Double Entendre to keep the two upgrades closer in power levels
  • Lock-in preview damage after the player ends turn. (Defect will not work correctly -- needs to be fixed next checkin)
  • After the player turn, NPCs no longer reprepare another attack if the previous one becomes invalid (eg. because the target is no longer valid, etc.)
  • Fix target weighting making targets invalid if they are the only option despite having 2 >= attackers already.  This fixes a bug with Targeting Core sometimes not re-assigning all attacking allies.
  • Targeting Core: can now target any fighter
  • Fixed bug where Nadan's leap attack could apply bleed to the player as a condition instead of by incepting cards
  • Fixed bugs with Intensify, Amplify, Forgo, and Pursue when affecting the same card multiple times
  • Do Over: can no choose to Destroy temporary cards.


  • Showing the fighter difficulty stars on the Fighter Info popup. Also added a half-star, so that the displaying of fighter strength is more accurate both on the fighter popup and on the fight previews
  • Adding boss fight preview animation to the Automech boss
  • Fixing the wrong-facing arrow on the notifications widget after mouse hovers
  • Showing an animation sequence when opening the Perks screen. The perk tiers animate in sequentially, and so do their respective perks. After all are animated in, the glows show up on the played perks
  • Showing an animated frame on perks that the player has completed a run with
  • Showing the square shield animation on regular arguments, with the shield-shaped one only on Core arguments


  • Add a hit_sounds table to player defs mapping anims to damage type.
  • Moving health_change_player and health_change_enemy sounds into AnimFighter:DoHitResult, because they are actually hit sounds, not health bar sounds.
  • "Play"ing a sound in the debug audio panel will now use the same params as the original sound if they exist.
  • Add a Debug Audio option to the Debug menu of the AttackTester
  • AttackTester now shows player defs at the top of the agent popup for convenience.


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Some thoughts from playing experimental:

-The alternative upgrades for Dropkick and Smash are pretty cool. Evasion on Dropkick is really good, and the +4 damage on Smash after drinking is easily attainable with the right build. Both of Smith's basic decks are fun to play with, though I can't imagine not removing the two Aggressive cards from the Negotiation deck ASAP.

-The quality of the added packs is all over the place. Pinto Pour's a no-brainer pick every time, whereas the whole Recycle/Reuse trio of cards seem much too gimmicky to ever draft. Same with negotiation cards, some cards let you play multiple cards for free for 1 energy, other cards cost the same energy for a meager attack boost. 

-Smith's voicelines during combat sound more like a monster's than a person's, it's pretty distracting.

-The set-up for the day 2 mission seems interesting, I look forward to when it's fleshed out.

-Pearl-on-Foam looks very pretty at night! The setting in general also has my favourite aesthetics of the three campaigns. 

-Don't try fighting Zyn on day 2. Just don't. 

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