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  1. Not drafting the unique brawl grafts is one thing, but drafting COMMON grafts of all things? Those are the most boring grafts out there, you just want to reset until you get Rugged Wiring now.
  2. I don't mind the reduced RNG for boss grafts, at least now when I only get offered negotiation grafts on day 1 I know I'm not missing out on the preferable combat grafts. Speaking of, can negotiation boss grafts get a second look now? Distributed Processing is just not worth picking and can be demoted to an Uncommon or even Common Graft. For some reason only Hostile decks get a graft that halves their damage output while there's no counterpart for Diplomacy decks. Then there's Contractor and Coactive Orbslug which could just as well be Rare Grafts given their power level. IMO all boss grafts should either give extra energy or reduce card cost, both with some attached drawback, like the combat boss grafts already do. It's pretty clear that boss grafts are the same concept as Slay the Spire's boss relics, and nobody enjoys picking up crappy relics like Empty Cage or Tiny House in that game.
  3. So, a Walking Disaster, a Spree Heartbreaker, a Rise Firebrand and a Bishop-Of-Foam walk into a Great Beaching...
  4. +2 Resolve is pretty weak given the 3 Renown cost on Consolidate. How about if it also increases the stack of an argument by 1? Currently the only card that does that is Bolster, so it's pretty underused design space.
  5. Good to know I'm not the only one getting the masochism bug. Clearly the spectre of that old card art still haunts the game.
  6. More varied negotiation behaviours for NPCs of factions is something I'd been hoping would be added for a long time now! Most types of Civilian get their own negotiation behaviours yet the big factions all had to share one behaviour. New behaviours for Eden and Seemli are also interesting, I guess those are meant to be the boss negotiations of the day? Come to think of it, dos Smith's day 2 even have a boss negotiation? Something else I'm noticing while doing Smith runs is that doing the Oshnu race event successfully seems to consistently trigger the event that lets you add the losing Racing Oshnu to your team during day 1's evening. That definitely makes the Oshnu race event the best event to play by far, being the singular source of a pet in Smith's campaign. Another point of favour for doing this specific mission is that you can also give the Wealthy Merchant at the Oshnudrome a tip after winning the bet and then immediately give them a big gift to get a guaranteed Haggling Badge boon. It's tempting to just reset the Sweet Moreef introduction until you get this mission.
  7. I've played around a bit with Smith's Threshold cards, here's my thoughts on them and the associated grafts: Inspirational Blow & Nerve Strike: The OG Threshold cards, used to already be good picks and still are good picks. Extra card draw and Impair are always nice. Deal: Only needs +1 damage to reach the threshold and gain 2 adrenaline. The adrenaline makes hitting other thresholds easier as well, but it's a pretty common effect on Smith cards already. Fitting for a common card. Fold 'em: Needs a 6 on a 1-6 damage range to do 3 Wound. Really powerful with proper graft/boon support, the source of Wound for Smith I've been waiting for. Hold 'em: Needs a 4 on a 2-4 range for 4 Moxie. Incredibly good, that 4 Moxie means 7 extra points of healing and the threshold is easy to hit with some basic damage boosting. Raise: Needs a 5 on a 2-6 range to reduce a random card's cost by 1. Smith doesn't seem to get that many 0-cost cards, and this basically functions as one if you hit the threshold. Good pick. The Gamble: Needs a 3 on a 1-3 range, but is Restrained. This one is an actual Gamble, most combos that benefit Threshold don't benefit this one, meaning it's only worth taking if you feel really lucky or get those specific combos. High Stakes: Gain 2 Defense every time you reach a Threshold. Kinda underwhelming and boring, as many Ability cards are. Only seems worthwhile to me in a very Threshold-heavy deck, though Threshold-heavy decks do seem powerful enough to function well. Jackpot: Needs a 10 on a 2-4 range to inflict Stun. You'd need 6 power/adrenaline/bonus damage/Threshold reduction to get this to work, but it is the only re-usable way to apply Stun AFAIK. This is a very binary card, it's either great or it's not worth picking at all. It should be clear which it is when the selection comes up. (EDIT: This card works very well with King Hit and Feedback Loop, as do other Threshold cards.) Mean Streak: Needs a 5 on a 1-5 range to reduce Threshold by 1 for the rest of the turn. Really underwhelming for a Gold card, the only time this is better than getting 1 Adrenaline is in the case of The Gamble. It should either reduce Threshold for the rest of combat, or better yet, have a harder to reach Threshold but also increase Power. EDIT: Raise in particular has a cool upgrade which lowers its damage range from 2-6 to 1-5 but also improves the Threshold effect from one random cost reduction to TWO random cost reductions. More upgrades that work like this would be appreciated, do you value more consistency or is your build so strong that it can consistently hit the Threshold even with a lowered damage range? It feels good being able to pick the latter. So far the only Threshold graft is one that lowers the first Threshold of a turn by 1... Or is it? Basically every Graft that increases damage is Threshold support for all Threshold cards bar The Gamble, the most notable ones being Critical Pump and Rugged Wiring, which each give +2 when their conditions are met, going to +3 and even +4 when upgraded. This makes meeting most thresholds very easy. Speed Shot also is a free +1 Adrenaline every turn, which also functionally lowers Thresholds by 1. The Perfect Shape Perk also deserves mention, that constant +1 Power makes all Thresholds easier to meet. Overall I do like the Threshold suite of cards, but that's mostly because they reward strategies that were already good: Increasing your damage output. This is in stark contrast with something like Smith's self-destroying/attacking suite of negotiation cards, which tries very hard to reward what would otherwise be a terrible strategy to mixed results. Speaking of Smith's negotiations, the newly-added Nepotism suite of cards is appreciated. Courtly Nepotism adds a way to make Brags consistent with Buffer or deliver powerful pay-offs with Compel. Meanwhile Degrading Nepotism's Overturn works well in a Bully-style deck of playing as many Hostile cards in a row as possible. I think Notion needs a buff to be worth picking over Overturn, gain 2 Dominance but lose 1 Dominance at the end of the turn gives Smith a way to reverse Dominance decay at the expense of not doing more direct damage with Overturn. Something else that bears notice is that Adwanatte's social Boon is incredibly powerful when using a Renown-based deck, getting initial Renown as well as Influence means that Brag, Compel and various other Renown cards are instantly live with max damage. I'd say that's powerful to the point that any run focusing on such a deck for Negotiations would be much better off choosing her over Denikus or sparing Theroux. It's also just an outright better version of some already existing social boons, such as those of the Pearlies, Rise Pamphleteers and most notably Mullifree.
  8. I don't like how incredibly short Sal's day 2 is now, in my last run Oolo sent me to negotiate with one single Spree and then it was already nighttime and time to head back to get potentially assassinated. It barely even feels like a day! If Sal's second day is really just going to be a single mission and a boss fight then either that single mission should be guaranteed to be actually substantial or the random Murkot/Rise event should always spawn on day 2 instead of on a random day. I also think the price for purchasing Mettle in Plundak's store should get a look at again, last time I checked the price in Brawl is 400 for 10 Mettle yet in campaign you get deals like 200 for 2 Mettle and 400 for 4 Mettle. 100 per Mettle is just overcharging and the quantities bought on early days in the campaign are also entirely insubstantial.
  9. Quick thoughts on Sal card/graft balance: -In general I think it's fine that Sal's cards are a bit weaker than Smith's and Rook's since she gets extra energy from boss Grafts. This immediately takes me to a recurring issue I have with Sal's campaign: The Negotiation Boss Grafts are kinda crap relative to the combat ones. I never want to take the damage when gaining Influence/Dominance ones, Roller Drum is extremely binary in whether it's a free +1 energy or a 50% damage penalty and Distributed Processing does absolutely nothing in a lot of Negotiations. -Boss Grafts should be listed as Sal Grafts rather than Other Grafts if only Sal is going to be able to get them. Maybe this would alleviate the confusion over why Rook and Smith can't get Boss Grafts when they're not listed as Sal-exclusive Grafts. -I don't understand why most of the Sal-unique Negotiation Grafts are unique to Sal, since they don't really capitalize on any mechanics unique to her. Her Combat Grafts mostly function around Bleed/Discard/Combo/Improv, which are her unique gimmicks. -Distresser should be unique to Sal instead of in the common pool since Sal's the only character who even has access to a card that incepts Vulnerability. There should also be more cards that incept Vulnerability in general. -Salvager should be a Sal-only Graft, she's the dedicated Combat Discard character, it's way overvalued as a Rare Graft for Rook and Smith. -Seconding the notion that Thirst needs to be buffed, even in a Bleed deck I'd rather just play whatever Bleed cards I have instead of taking a gamble with Thirst. Either lower the energy cost or make the improv'd card cost 0 energy. -There's a bunch of ability cards that cost 2 energy which I rarely if ever take. They're mostly just too slow, they use up a card draw and energy for payoffs that don't compare to just using whatever other cards you could have drawn and played. -Stone Zig-Zag is underwhelming, +1 Block is a very weak upgrade. -I've never taken Sneak Attack. 2 Energy attack that consumes Combo for a mediocre payoff? Just way too finicky and inefficient for my tastes. -Is Recall any good? It doesn't seem worth the energy and card draw investment to be able to draw more cards later. -I've never taken Aplomb, sources of Compsure that are only usable conditionally and use up resources are a hard pick, especially when there are other sources of free and reliable composure. I'll save thoughts on Flourishes and Mettle until they are implemented, but I am wondering how many more mechanics are going to be added along the way.
  10. I'm pretty sure the order of campaigns is Smith -> Sal -> Rook, based on dialogue regarding Kashio's plans for Adwanette and the Cult's auction plans the former campaign and Kashio already being dead in the latter campaign. Maybe if we get Rook and Sal events in Smith's campaign and Smith events in Rook and Sal's campaigns we'll get a fuller picture of things. I appreciate how I can make a F8 suggestion and see it pop up in the changelog the very next day!
  11. Ah, Brag now adds +2 max damage when you have enough Renown, it no longer doubles max attack. Probably for the better this way, that card was nuts Brawl Mode. Does this clear up design space for Smith to get access to Influence? Considering it no longer breaks his basic deck and all.
  12. I'm constantly getting crashes as Sal when playing Maneuver cards. Seems the game's buggy right now.
  13. I can see a few reasons to have Fssh love the player and have the bane and boon there: 1. It's flavourful, Sal does have a troubled past thanks to Kashio and I'll fight anyone who tells me Fssh isn't cozy. 2. It's consistent, it was odd that Kashio hates the player but doesn't have a bane for some reason, and it was also odd that Fssh doesn't love the player given her extensive history with Sal. 3. Fssh loving the player makes Sal's starter campaign easier than the unlovable and harder Rook and Smith campaigns, who have to get their bartenders to like them through missions and cannot earn their love. (There better be a way to make Sweet Moreef love Smith in the full campaign though ) 4. It introduces the boon and bane concepts immediately in a safe environment for a fresh player.
  14. Are Hanbi and Zyn meant to tag-team the player? When I played Experimental yesterday, Zyn was the target of Adwanette's mission, but Hanbi was hanging around in the park too, and joined Zyn's team. Hanbi didn't show up in the pre-combat UI as an ally of Zyn, and fighting two day 2 bosses early in day 2 seems pretty nuts.
  15. Some thoughts from playing experimental: -The alternative upgrades for Dropkick and Smash are pretty cool. Evasion on Dropkick is really good, and the +4 damage on Smash after drinking is easily attainable with the right build. Both of Smith's basic decks are fun to play with, though I can't imagine not removing the two Aggressive cards from the Negotiation deck ASAP. -The quality of the added packs is all over the place. Pinto Pour's a no-brainer pick every time, whereas the whole Recycle/Reuse trio of cards seem much too gimmicky to ever draft. Same with negotiation cards, some cards let you play multiple cards for free for 1 energy, other cards cost the same energy for a meager attack boost. -Smith's voicelines during combat sound more like a monster's than a person's, it's pretty distracting. -The set-up for the day 2 mission seems interesting, I look forward to when it's fleshed out. -Pearl-on-Foam looks very pretty at night! The setting in general also has my favourite aesthetics of the three campaigns. -Don't try fighting Zyn on day 2. Just don't.