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  1. Title. This is my first time trying to provoke someone into combat, so I'm not sure what's supposed to happen. I'm assuming I must reach 10 insulted before defeating the opponent to start combat. The problem is, I reached 10 insulted and defeated the opponent at the same time, so my client crashed.
  2. Food Rebalance Summary

    Why do you need an expensive oven to make frost burgers. It's literally frost bun, bbq, lettuce put together.
  3. I played a card(forgot its name) that does 5 damage to all opponent arguments during a negotiation for better reward. The 5 damage is enough to destroy the argument for extra reward but it appear to destroy the main argument first and thus preventing the extra reward from the quest. I don't think it should be that way and the win condition should resolve after the AOE damage card completely resolve, as it makes the most sense. It could also be that the reward is already added, but it doesn't show that way on the UI. If it's the intended way already, then fix the Ui.

    Why is the filtering layers backwards?
  5. Try "punctured", where there are random holes in the asteroid that leaks gas so that you cannot retain any sort of gas until you research drywall.