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  1. Per character, since mettle upgrades are separated by characters. Of course, that's just an estimation. Different characters have different rates, because their day structures are different.
  2. I wrote a quick script to calculate how much mettle you need to unlock all of a particular mettle upgrade, and how much you need to unlock everything. As you can see here, it is a lot. If you can finish a run with 40 mettle(a very high estimate), you would still need like 59 runs to fully unlock everything. It makes the game really grindy, and all you get is basically stat boosts.
  3. I pushed a patch that fixes many problems of the admiralty event. It is surprisingly complex as an event, and there really are a bunch of bugs. You can get that event normally as a road event, or after you asked an admiralty member to investigate someone(probably someone who hates you so they can be arrested).
  4. Apparently in this universe Sweet Moreef is a notorious criminal. I didn't even know that! And I made this mod!
  5. The background is supposed to look like a conference room of some sort, but I don't really have any sort of reference in game that looks something like that. Maybe the slide where oolo sits at the dining table with her family could be a good reference? In that case, it would probably be like some sort of diner instead. I have no idea what to include on the table. From the looks of it, there's some drink and some notepad on the table, so that could work. I just remembered that oolo and nadan hate each other's guts. Oh well, we can surely come up with a lore explanation at some point. It is a unanimous decision among the leaders to have an election, after all. For some reason, I never actually playtested that scenario. That seems very concerning.
  6. I feel like I've already posted this once before. Now that there's a new thing. I feel like this is more relevant. Also, the way mettle is set up make it seems like some sort of drug. You are greeted by this dodgy character, who offers this substance of unknown nature to get you hooked up. Then she introduces you to her shop, where she sells this substance to you at a ridiculous price. You then becomes addicted to it, and constantly wants more of it, spending all of your hard-earned shills on mettle instead of important stuff like friendship and weapons. While this substances indeed make you stronger, it does have a psychological side effect apart from the addiction: you become more aggressive, and starts to kill more and more people for it. As the time goes on, it becomes part of your mind, and you want to talk about it every time you have a chance. Thus, it begins a never ending cycle of addiction(until you unlocked everything that is. Still, have you seen how much mettle you need to fully unlock everything?) butheythatsjustatheoryagametheorythanksforwatching
  7. The day=3 is part of the patron data. It means that it accepts 3 patrons during the day(and 0 during the night)
  8. You know what, it is really tiring to do full patch notes, especially changes are so minor. I'll just make a post that notifies you that a changes has been made to the mod, and update it on github and steam. Right now, the change is that support no longer changes when primary advisor's relationship changes. Hopefully it will alleviate some problems with snowballing(although the prices of their cards will still be higher).
  9. Perhaps certain plot characters don't change your support level when your relationship changes. Support is intended to a mechanic that represents how popular you are with certain groups of people, the idea that if one person likes/dislikes you, they will spread their word about you among their friends with similar factions and wealth. However, plot characters don't usually do that. Your advisors will not badmouth you because your support is too low, that seems very counterintuitive. Maybe I'll do something that prevents support change from advisor relationship changes.
  10. Right now, there's not really many failstates in the game, since negotiations can't kill you. This is why this is added, so that you can actually lose before a "boss negotiation". However, it does kinda run in to the problem of snowballing, so I'm considering that maybe you can switch to another advisor if you don't like the current one(or they don't like you, for that matter). It will take a while to implement. Yeah, this is kind of a problem before. I copied and pasted the smith side quest spawn code when I first implemented this, and code tries to prevent a quest you've already done before from spawning. However, each day only 1 quest of a chosen type is given as side quest, and there are a lot more, so that wouldn't be a problem for smith. That is why you saw three of the same quest. The new patch should prevent that from happening.
  11. That's odd. Do you remember what's on your poster? If you have reconsider, perhaps it is time to reconsider your strategy(terrible joke, I know), because it will sometimes randomly remove your argument as a random target. It's not really something I can prevent. Also, I hate how by default, there's a cooldown to negotiations, and the game will softlock if you negotiate with someone multiple times through the same negotiation. I'm pushing a hotfix that should address this issue.
  12. Anyway, here's a new patch that addressed some of the bugs and balance issues. Hopefully. 0.1.3 Fix bug where choosing ignore in a political dilemma causes game to crash. (Hopefully) fix bug where game crash after first round of preaching.(I think it's because the max range is smaller than the min range? I'm not sure what caused it.) (Hopefully) guarantee a negotiation card when offering an item as a boon. Revert the change made to the number of cards played by propaganda each turn. Filter out battle cards from gifts and graft pools. Tweaked the preach quest a bit. Let me know if the balance is better now.
  13. Apparently I missed a lot of bug reports yesterday when I read this thread, so I didn't fix any of the bugs yesterday. I apologize for that. Also, right now there's only like 10 non-unique negotiation items in the game, while there's like way more battle cards. It contributes to the problem where you're rewarded useless battle cards while socializing and given a gift. Right now I'm reusing the old algorithm, but repeat it until we get a negotiation card, but I'm wondering if it will be a better idea to write a new algorithm. What do you guys think? For the preach quest, the arguments scales with {12,18,24,...} resolve, depending on the difficulty, but a person liking you or disliking you can change their starting resolve by 5 for each relationship deviating from the neutral relationship. Maybe I'll change it so that the resolve increases by 5 for each difficulty, and change the relationship delta to 4. See if it helps. Although I have to say, if your deck has a lot of aoe cards, you can easily get 6 people to like you on that quest, and that is ridiculous.