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  1. Wait hold on, how did you get both big score and little score? I feel like there's slight difference in the configuration of the challenge runs between devices. There's even one time I didn't get any bonuses between rounds, and pets are not healed.
  2. I have to say, it's definitely easier now. I can beat it on normal, so yay? Some kashio's artifacts are more deadlier than others, like before. You're kinda screwed if kashio has any bonus damage dealer. Hologram is also extremely annoying. Just like the actual thing!
  3. I finally beat omni-kashio with smith. Turns out smith's best strategy is adrenaline/power + self damage build.
  4. Boss rush is so hard, even in normal. I think the problem lies in the fact that the bosses are balanced around decks that are good, which your deck won't be because your deck is filled with junk cards through "card packs". The nadan fight especially. In normal griftlands, I can deal a lot of damage on turn one, but here, my deck suck so much that after like 2 summons, nadan's still at 2/3 health. There's probably a kashio at the end that has like all the artifacts. Imagine brawl mode, but you don't get to do any side quests, and your deck is sh**.
  5. Right now is just smack. And buff. There's not even shock attacks, which is what makes security guards dangerous.
  6. Normal Difficult Hard (English is hard difficult challenging screwitnomoreadjectives) The difficulty of difficult is prestige 8. Hard difficulty, which is prestige 15, despite being 7 prestige higher, is not that hard of a difficulty jump. Only bosses are level 3 instead of 2, and you get 20% less hp and resolve. Prestige 9, 10, 14, 15 doesn't matter at all. Also, I feel like the animal encounter is easier than human encounters, because their combat party is significantly weaker than humans.
  7. You need to click on someone to meet them. If you meet a character and their opinion is neutral, it will show up rather than staying hidden. You can look at the compendium to check if a graft is installed or not under the graft entry.
  8. Characters such as fssh and night market merchants have plot armor, which means that you can only improve their relationship when the story requires it. They won't show up at bars as patrons, can't be gifted, won't show up in generic quests and events, and are unaffected by things like first impression. These characters have plot armor tied to their character. Characters like oolo and fellemo have story-specific plot armor. That means that oolo has plot armor when in hunting kashio, but not in brawl mode. Theoretically, you can potentially get them to drink with you, gift them, have first impressions work on them, and other things to affect their relationship.
  9. Move everything from [USER]\AppData\Roaming\Klei\Griftlands\[bunch of hexadecimal code] to [USER]\AppData\Roaming\Klei\Griftlands\steam-[bunch of numbers] and you're good to go. If you're playing experimental, do "Griftlands_testing" instead of "Griftlands".
  10. Also, is it just me, or does the game keep crashing? It might be one of my mods, but I don't remember changing anything to make the mods not work.
  11. Cool, is there a universal way to suppress codex reference or is it just hard-coded for bios?
  12. Previously he looks like this. For some reason sweet moreef's face is swapped, and now he's back.
  13. Just wait for a million years until i get a cs degree so i can mod this.