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  1. how do i go to day 3 again? the game keeps ending after day 2
  2. I feel like most of the uncommon parasite negotiation cards are detrimental, unlike the uncommon battle cards.
  3. For A, you can pay other people to help you fight in that location, but they won't follow you around the map. They aren't mercenaries, after all.
  4. You are thinking of autoplay. There are quite a few unplayable cards in this game that keywording it makes sense.
  5. Do you get any help from anyone at all in this fight?
  6. What does the burrs even do? They just kind of join the battle randomly and I get nothing when killing them. There's not even any explanation for that in game.
  7. Sal's Finale too hard?

    I agree that the game should be harder. The game is advertised as a roguelite, which means that it should be hard, and definitely shouldn't be beaten on the first or second try of the game when someone first started to play. It seems that people can easily succeed on prestige 0, especially with the legacy mechanic potentially giving a huge boost to the player. A huge part is probably due to negotiation being easier than combat, because negotiation is always 1v1 while in combat you will often face multiple enemies that can deal a lot of damage in 1 turn. I feel like D4 night quest is easier compared to D3, because your allies are more competent than the D3 ones(You can get a bartender and a battle oshnu / two spree raiders easily in D4 by doing some medium difficulty negotiations while you have to succeed a relative hard negotiation to get two smugglers - about the same power level as the D4 ones - to fight for you), and having a bunch of competent ally can help you beat the game even if your deck is not that good. Kashio fight's difficulty partly comes from you always fighting alone, forcing you to rely on your deck rather than your allies.
  8. Yeah, the day 5 auction quest
  9. I still have the bug where completing oolo's assassination sidequest skips the final boss. Also the provoke option isn't what I thought it was going to be. Unlike the other provoke negotiation to kill the hated person, this provoke negotiation is just reducing the opponent's resolve down to 0, which doesn't make much sense since people who hate me should be more easily provoked, or at the very least, not harder.
  10. Also the kashio that hates you is different from the one that you actually attack.
  11. The item appear in the auction are completely different from the one presented after doing a handler's side quest. So Kashio get 1 more item than usual.
  12. It just froze and I don't have enough patience to wait for more than 2 minutes. Probably permanent but I'm not certain
  13. The game keeps freezing for some reason. Usually during combat when an enemy is targeted, but not always. The game froze when I played "execute" or "call oolo".
  14. Do we allow swearing in this game? I've seen swears like Hesh or crap, but I've never seen "sh*t" before until today's release of the 5th day. The forum clearly censors the word.
  15. I literally just got this after the update. This seems fine.