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  1. You can check the stress breakdown in the dupe info screen. It tells you the sources of stress change on a particular day. If there's a spike of stress, maybe check if dupes are sopping wet from working under liquids, or check if they have popped eardrums from working in an environment with high gas pressure. They increase the dupe's stress by at least 20% per day, and the effect lasts for at least half a day(it gets reset if the dupe enters a high gas pressure env or under liquid env, so it can stack up under control).
  2. In the experimental update, they seem to removed everything else from the apothecary except pills. Perhaps they intend to introduce a new medicine making station?
  3. I don't know. My setup has dupes approaching the atomic research station from the right, and they seem fine. No one has died from HYEP! yet. Then again, I am playing on builder mode, which drastically reduces research time, I think. My HYEP! generator doesn't fire very often, so it is possible they are done with the research before they get killed.
  4. According to the description, decontamination removes germs and radiation from all dupes and items carried by them. So it's like an ore scrubber, but better and cheaper. As long as you can deal with the spill, of course.
  5. I guess the algorithm for wheezewort is different from cosmic radiation? Instead of a parallel radiation, it generates a radial radiation (it's bad, I know), so it obviously needs a different algorithm that they may not have implemented.
  6. Just use buddy buds to emit floral scent germs. A tile can only have 1 type of germs, so having floral scent germs overrides the radioactive contaminant germs. If you can't smell it, it doesn't exist!
  7. You can fully cure dupes of radiation poisoning by dropping their rads down to less than 100. Dupes passively drops rads, and you can use rad pills to speed up the process.
  8. PS. Fellemo's theme appears on flekfis for some reason.
  9. I saw someone used a buddy bud next to the atomic researcher to generate floral scent germs and suppress the radioactive contaminant germs. I'm not sure how radioactive contaminant germs generate, but just in case. If that's the case, you don't even need any sort of suit to operate safely.
  10. Oh so "handler" meaning the people who you side with like oolo, nadan, etc.
  11. Liquid lock comes with a hefty price of the soggy feet or sopping wet debuff, depending on the implementation. In addition, you cannot use liquid locks to seal rooms and form specialized rooms.
  12. They only emit 40 rad/cycle each at the center, which is not even close to the threshold of being dangerous. Duplicants in the newest build now passively removes 100 rad/cycle on their own. I would say it's going to be used to power HYEP!(High Ysomething Energy Particles) emitters because it's easy to set up and not very dangerous, while still allowing you to produce a non-neglegible amount of HYEP! when planting a few side by side.
  13. Great. Now radiation sickness can be healed. As long as your dupe's rad balance drops below 100, they become healed of all radiation ailments. It's weird how radiation sickness can be completely healed within a day of non-exposure(or less if you take rad pills) if you got a minor sickness by crossing the 100 rad threshold. Also, seems like radiation resistance reduce the rate at which dupes gain rads. If a tile has 100 rads/cycle, the dupe will only gain 80 rads/cycle if they have a radiation resistance of 20% by eating seafood. Lead suits only grants 66% resistance, so you still don't want to stay in a radiated area for a prolonged time.
  14. The volcanic asteroid is covered in magma and obsidian. The rovers can do literally nothing, unless I am missing something.
  15. From the info screen, it says that dupes has an innate -100 RAD/cycle. Not sure what that means. I'm not seeing -100 RAD/cycle working, though.