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(Joke post not an actual suggestion) Klei can I please have a Clown Hating Mob?

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Just like the title reads I’m making this post entirely as a joke mostly out of Boredom..

Anyway- I have noticed that When I play as Wendy I like to build the Candiana pigman houses and decorate my base full of those like a Hamlet village, I also tend to base right near the spawn portal so New players joining my world have not got to ask the age old question “Where is Base?” 

(I build the base around the portal and put a sign right beside the portal that reads as: “This is Base, Congratulations Wilson you found it!”)

But- I do not take into account the players who join my world who are playing as Wurt, Webber or Wortox, and those players end up saying a lot of curse words to me upon joining and ending up in my Self-Made Hamlet town. :( 

This got me to thinking that LOTS of players hate Wes and outright ban him when someone picks him and joins their worlds, so.. what if like Pigman I could build a mob with an Extreme Hatred towards Clowns, and Mimes or well just Wes Period?

They would target and attack ONLY Wes much like my Hamlet village Targets non-human players currently. :) 

This will obviously be the best update Klei could EVER provide for this game because it forces Wes players to go away.. or simply pick someone other than Wes if they plan to stay alive. 

Wurt, Wortox & Webber already get ran out of “Hamlet Town” so nobody likes a Silent Clown! Wes can join Wortox stalked by a silent assassin sneaking unannounced, until out of the darkness they have both been Catcoon den pounced!


Please create a Craftable mob structure that lets us make Wes’s life even more miserable, k thanks bye <3 


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You know considering how much Walter hates Wes maybe we could make a command to make small woby nibble on him and while this is happening have a faded willow appear behind him in her triumphant skin saying. "Good good give in to the dark side goody two shoes."

On a side note these new reactions baffle and confuse me I have no idea what they imply so basically what I'm asking is someone make a forum reactions for dummies guide.

On 8/10/2020 at 9:28 PM, Starlogy said:

I miss the confused emote.

Also tho I think I've never used it the forum does feel weird without it

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2 minutes ago, Ogrecakes said:

Im glad that shopcat has taken its place as the new "confused".

What? You are actually giving the highest honor according to Mike23Ua.

On 8/6/2020 at 4:31 AM, Mike23Ua said:



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