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Found 4 results

  1. Oxygen as well as some other Klei's games provide us, players, with a specific kind of houmor. Some of the word bear emotional or humorous charge, that is easily understood by native english speakers, but also easily lost in bad translation. As I am not native english speaker, I am making a language pack, and what I want to do is to find what that charge is so I can capture its essence and use that in translation. But first I need your help in finding that humorous charge hidden in the game. I hope it will be useful also for other translators, and I encourage you to share your interesting semantic findings for many other things in game. So, I know what those words literally mean, but what i'd like to know is: do they sound like any other existing word? is it a 'hidden' word or a mash up of few words? are they supposed to be pun? are they mimicking known things? if it is an Plant/Animal/Structure name, does the name is similar to Plant/Animal/Structure existing in real world? The words/names are: Wheezewort - wheeze is pretty simple, as it implies heavy breathing, but wort is a riddle for me. according to dictionary wort is liquid extracted during plant mashing in a beer brewing process.... what do i miss? Sleet Wheat - other that it rhymes, is it just that? I mean, is it just sleet wheat? just a regular wheat but sleet (rain with snow) implies a winter-y preferences of the plant? Does the name sound like something else you know? Is it a pun? Mealwood, Mealice - quite basic and intuitive: meal and wood, but lice creates language conundrum. Since lice are the jumping parasites found in animal or human hair, its hard for me to relate that name to the image presented by game which is more like crawling larvae than jumping parasite. Does lice have a different meaning here? Is it 'copycat' of another meal found in real world? Pincha Peppernut - the only Pincha i found was pincha mayurasana an upside down yoga pose, which perfectly sums up the growing preferences of the plant (since it grows from the ceiling). But is there anything else about the pincha? Since in game this is used for spicing other meals, i gues pepper refers to a spice (small black dried balls) rather than vegetable (red bulb shaped juicy flesh, hot or mild), but how do you think? Nut is clearly a nut (as in peanut) rather than nut (as hardware). Interesting thing is i found that Pfeffernüsse are tiny spice cookies popular in germany, pfeffer indicates it is spicy but nuss actually indicates small size of treat, not the taste. The image in game resemble a half eaten grain, so maybe Peppernut is also referring to itself as small spice? Thimble Reed - thimble is used in sewing things, reed is a plant growing at wetlands, plant is used for tailoring in game, thats why i think its called thimble. Also i noticed its very similar in sound to Tumbleweed. Any thoughts? Bristle Briar - i could not find any other meaning than 'spiky' and general plant part, i also found that briar can refer to three species Crataegus, Erica and Rosa canina (aka dog rose or wild rose). The rose part is weird since Bristle Blossom look like rose, Bristle Briar is just some bush. Do you know any of these, do they sound familiar? Bristle Blossom - also spiky but now it has a flower that resemble a rose. Name does not look like anything I saw in real world. Help me here please Bristle Berry, Gristle Berry - the fruit of a plant mentioned above, the berry part is simple, its also 'spiky', gristle may suggest method of preparing the food (grilling in this case), but it also sounds like grizzly bear. Does it have double meaning. Boy, I hope i do not over-interpreted it Hatch - a big jawed creature that eats everything, the only meaning of a hatch i know is a small door or opening usually leading to a basement, thats why its hard for me to get this. The creature also burries itself so maybe thats it. I don't know. Can you help? Morb - in french mort means death, and the creature spawns from dead corpses, other than does morb sounds like something you know? Puft - i guess it refers to heavy breathing but also for being a little fat? , I found puft is used as a slogan "Stay Puft" for the marshmallow man in ghost busters movie
  2. I feel that Wes should be a joke boss for a little just for ****s and giggles. Why You might ask, well in the portal in the video What lies Beyond you can see a face, that face looks kinda like wes... I just want this to be in the game for like a week, but make him a hard boss, and when you kill him he drops nothing! It's just a way for Klei to have fun and troll without disturbing story...
  3. Love Vision

    Version 1.0


    For when you want to see things through rose-coloured glasses, this mod is perfect! In DST, it's even more rosey!
  4. I know no cool science word for the discord of various people's or group's opinions, or I'd have used it.