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Found 14 results

  1. The Klei raid

    theoretical klei raid
  2. To celebrate one of our most beloved times of the year,we came to tell you guys about the new update !!! The new update will be live on 31 of December,we had a little problem with the gameplay and balancing but now it’s all right !!! Winter’s Feast will be delayed to January 10 until February 1 due to rearrange in the schedule. And Year of the Carrat is going live mid June. Major Changes includes : •Wes was removed from the game. •Pumpkins now have the same effect as mandrake soup. •Webber is confirmed to be a 9 year old. •Wortox is getting a Maxwell skin. •Darkness now kills everyone instantly. •Wigfrid can eat non-meat itens. STAY TUNED FOR MORE UPDATES NEXT WEEK And if you didn't liked the post here are some memes so you can laught a little : (This post is just a joke and should be treated as such,I’m REALLY disappointed for not having a Halloween update yet but whatever,this is just a way to release my sadness ;-;)
  3. So... if a Horror hound comes from a recently deceased hound brought back to life, and we can probably assume that the moonrock pengulls have the same backstory since the pengulls would probably very well not survive a sudden change in their body that the mutation causes, Does that mean the fact that the deep depths of the constant's ocean are filled with dead or starved pengulls that ressurect on the lunar island giving a reason why there extremely hostile the moment they spawn?
  4. I was talking with a friend about game logic, when we had an amazing idea. The crock pot seems to be a magical source of plates, as well as other eating utensils, and yet the survivors never use this to its full potential. I propose an item for Warly, crafted with a portable crock pot, 3 silk, and two boards. The item could be similar to Wheeler's gun, in the way that when you load an item into it, you can shoot something. The item would be able to cook food like a fire pit, and every time you did this you would get a plate. The plates could be loaded into the item like air horn/blunderbuss. I don't know what damage it should do though, what do you think?
  5. Come on Klei, I know you want this...
  6. Maxwell minion idea

    Maxwell can now summon shadow G U N, it does 60 damage
  7. Me: Jack, you see that glossy drecko egg? Jack: Yes, boss. Me: Good, incubate it now, and it is priority 9, coz we need that plastic asap for steam turbine Jack: Yes, boss. Me: Good, I need to go away planning some expansion of colony, when it is hatched, put the drecklet back in the drecko ranch Jack: Can't do, boss. Me: Why? Jack: Don't have a drecklet critter drop-off. Me: What do you mean? You see that big red arrow pointing down there? Just mark it for glossy drecklet. Jack: Can't do coz we haven't discovered glossy drecklet. Me: Are u kidding me? Look at this egg! We are not going to eat it, so we will have a glossy drecklet tomorrow! Jack: Tell me tomorrow then, boss. You know, when we do have a glossy drecklet. Me: Fine. I will come back tomorrow. Now leave! Turner! Turner! Turner: Yes Boss. Me: See the pacus in our pond? Turner: Yes Boss. Me: It's lucky we got it from the Pod in'it? Turner: Sure, Boss Me: They will soon lay eggs and I think they may die soon too. When they do, put their flesh to some good use and make some cooked fish for us plz. Turner: Can't do, Boss. Me: Why? Turner: No such order at the griller Boss. Me: Ah, just place 8 orders of cooked fish at the griller then. Turner: Can't do boss. Me: Why? Turner: Don't have Pacu fillet. Me: What? But look at these pacus in the tank! They will die and they will become filet. Turner: Tell me when they die then boss. Me: Fine! I will tell you when they die. Wait! Jack! Why do you keep wrangling that poor glossy drecko! Jack: Coz the ranch is only for drecklet, drecko and glossy drecklet, Boss Me: Well where else could it be? Jack: Don't know Boss, but you only ordered me to release the glossy drecklet in the ranch, not glossy drecko, Boss. Me: I bloody tried!!! And guess what!!! Klei didn't let me because we haven't discovered it yet by then!! Hell. It's done now. Turner, can we.... wait, where is that pacu fillet. Turner: We ate them already, boss. Me: Why didn't you cook them! Turner: can't do Boss. Coz we didn't discover them, and once we did, well, they were better than those lice loaf so......
  8. We're get bored of totally common 145%(or 150%, whatever) speed boost of cane and magiluminescence. It's time to give DST further speed boost thingies!
  9. After his rework if he doesn't equip anything, He can dig without a shovel Chop without an axe Mine without a pickaxe Deal 34 damage Has 240 insulation to both overheat and freezing And has 80% armor. Everyone in every server was playing as Wes. It was my worst nightmare I've ever had.. Spooky
  10. Sanic T-Shirt Mod

    Version 1.2


    I'm so sorry. This mod gives Wilson and the meat effigy a Sanic T-shirt.
  11. OwOcus

    Version 2.0v0


    *sneezes on you and notices your spear* OwO wha-ha-hatchoo! Steam Workshop
  12. Mr. Boof's Wild Ride



    All aboard! This mod is so good, it will make you play for hours on end. Known incompatibilities: - Don't Play Together
  13. Love Vision

    Version 1.0


    For when you want to see things through rose-coloured glasses, this mod is perfect! In DST, it's even more rosey!
  14. I know no cool science word for the discord of various people's or group's opinions, or I'd have used it.