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Guys plz put ur ideas in 'Suggestions and Feedback'

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I think it just boils down to people wanting to discuss the characters that they enjoy playing as.

You haven’t really seen me provide any in-Depth suggestions on reworks outside of Wendy, because I don’t actively PLAY as anyone outside of Wendy, I may make a small comment on what I’d like to see but as far as detailed in depth suggestions- I don’t play those characters enough to discuss what I would like to see out of them without my suggestions completely ruining who they are as a character.

The only other characters I would be vocal for are Walani & Wickerbottom both of which I enjoy playing a lot- But Wendy is still my main.

I guess in the end though- A Moderator will just be moving things to the appropriate locations in the forum & no harm will be done.

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Just now, WoodieMain45684 said:

Isn't this threat a suggestion for forumites? Does it belong in suggestions and feedback?

The inherent issue is that no one even bothers to look there or post there. Like, ever. This thread is more relevant here because here is where the problem lies. No need to be a snark.

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The problem is the majority is checking General discussion but the mods/devs are probably split up to check different kind of sections so im sure there is atleast one that looks up but cant check every single thing.

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13 hours ago, Mr. Despair said:

They post them here because they actually want people to read them.

Just like ads, the more I see them the less I want to notice them. Spamming suggestions is one way ticket to ignoring.

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1 hour ago, thegreatJash said:

I know. There are a ton of these threads. Not that I personally have a problem with them, but they do push more important threads further back.

The important thing to note is look at the frequency of said threads.. and people posting them, they’re mostly (no offense to them) Newcomers to the forums. 
and if I was a game developer working at Klei THOSE are the exact kind of threads I would want to see, I probably wouldn’t take each and everyone of them seriously... BUT- What it does tell me (as a Developer if I was One) that my game is attracting in New players, people who likely are new to the franchise this information tells me that our content release plan is working.

Fun Events like the Carrat Racing, New skins, Return of them Updates, Character Refreshes, New characters like Walter with Woby all of that is bringing people into playing the game.



(it’s the same exact reason why State of Decay 2 just got a brand new easier than easy “Green Zone” Difficulty.., The game can appeal to the casual players who can’t handle too much stress, and the hardcore seeking challenge & As someone who’s been with SOD since it’s creation- An Easier mode is something I DO NOT Agree with, but I understand WHY they did it- Casual players sell games..)

Seeing threads from fresh faces shows developers that their games are becoming more popular- And Klei isn’t going to do that by making DST totally brutally dark souls style punishing and uncompromising they’re gonna do that by adding FUN content and making the game more accessible to broader range of players (the casuals) 

Casuals sell games... but also- that doesn’t mean that they can’t make content for the people who prefer more difficult stuff... 

I shouldn’t need to explain the differences between playing SoD 2 on Green Zone as Opposed to playing on Nightmare.. 

The TL:DR- It’s the same game with a bunch of different things in said game tuned and tweaked to make gameplay drastically different depending on the difficulty you choose.

I bring this up because if any game on the entire planet can copy SoD2’s difficulty differences, it’s Don’t Starve Together- a game that has a glorious (but not fully realized to its fullest potential yet) toggle menu full of various things you toggle more or less of or on and off.

Type of Frogs that spawn-

Classic DS or Hamlet PoisonDart Frog..

Come on guys... I can’t just be sitting here typing these large posts out for nothing, surely SOMEONE working at Klei sees the full potential behind the menu of things we can toggle on or off, more or less of.

I want a game that can be as Easy or as Hard as you personally want it to be.. based entirely upon that glorious little menu full of options you can toggle. 

Mays QoL added a fairly Simple new option to these toggles that went a long way In adding entertainment to my personal enjoyment of the game- the option to truly randomize Weather season & season length.. this is a good start to something that can be made absolutely amazing.

And with all these fresh new faces joining DST likely for the first time ever, they don’t NEED insanely tough content in boss fights, they don’t NEED characters with (insert crippling harsh downside here) what They NEED is a game that invites them in.. and the more they play and learn the more they can toggle on/off more/less to make the game fit perfectly into their preferred way of playing.

The Differences of State of Decay 2 Green Zone, And Nightmare Zone...

And it’s all right there within the players finger tips should Klei choose to utilize that promising looking toggle menu to its fullest potential 

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Imo the attitude that "Oh nobody reads stuff in SnF so I'll post it in GenDisc so ppl can see and leave all the lovely heart and thanks reaccs on my suggestion!" is part of the reasons why SnF is not visited and posts are not placed where they should be placed anyway because by doing this, one is wilfully ignoring SnF's designation as a forum dedicated to, well, suggestions and feedback for the sake of post popularity, thereby defeating SnF's entire purpose.

Furthermore, it has been mentioned in the past by devs (though i cannot place the specific post anymore) that they themselves check these apparently "inactive" forums to check suggestions as well. It's not the quantity but the quality of visitors that matters, i guess. 

While it does suck that a vast majority of the forums are either inactive or have a small, slightly active forumgoer population (e.g. DS Alone Forums, Tales of Life and Death) it must be remembered that they exist for a reason. if people realized that and frequented these forums instead of spamming GenDisc we'd have a much better time tbh.

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