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  1. Yea... Just a simple suggestion really, having a stronger hoe made of gold would really be nice to have, and would match the other tools quite well, imo.
  2. Fair, but I personally still don't consider it that great considering the lengths you have to take to get it. It's just personal preference now. You do you.
  3. I agree completely, the station weapons not only are in an awkward place to make, but also consume a lot of materials and/or time (depending on which weapon) to make good use of it. Making them not worth it for most scenarios. While this is certainly impressive, I disagree completely that this is a testament to the balance of the glass cutter, but rather a testament to the absurdity of the Wolfgang + Chaud-Froid combo. The glass cutter should be balanced around all the players that could use them, not just wolfgang. As a side note, considering the fact that the fight will be over in a few swings (>=75? if your glass cutter lasts for two FW fights?) the drain from a dark sword in this case is not going to be as prevalent due to the weapon being held for a shorter period of time. It would be easier to get a couple extra cactus (yes, a couple, considering the short fight) instead of having to boat your way to the island just to get a glass cutter. Not saying that the glass cutter route is a bad strategy though (while inefficient in quick games, you can do whatever you want in a long-run game), but I am saying it isn't enough to consider balanced in any shape or form. One thing the glass cutter does have going for it is that it's relatively cheap compared to other weapons. Allowing you to craft multiple on your run to the lunar island instead of just one or two like you would craft thulecite clubs. BUT this has the issue of inventory cluttering, which REALLY not good and usually just ends up being a hassle (tedious) more than anything. A solution may be to not only significantly increase the durability of the cutter, but also increase the material cost by upping the moon glass count. Just an idea, I'm sure certain ppl will have a fit at the idea of the material cost going up. But as it stands now, I would not consider it balanced at all (in the weak way), especially for a lategame weapon. At the moment, the glass cutter sits in a role of a severely inefficient niche item. At least, in my opinion.
  4. Behold! Klei's latest mob addition to DST! The Hairy Crab-Frog! It spawns in the savanna and buries items it collects in holes.
  5. The ROT updates give us something to do lategame, which is nice. Can't wait to see what it's leading up to. The QOL updates are alright, but the meta obviously hasn't changed. Still am glad we got em though. Overall, it's been fun, but the core difficulty has barely changed imo.
  6. He just needs his singleplayer bonus stats from crockpot foods, that way it's rewarding to keep a varied diet instead of a chore, (He'll technically benefit from at least for health and sanity and at least break even with hunger).
  7. Blah, blah, blah, game difficulty is based around knowledge, blah, blah, blah, not a challenge for players who have knowledge, blah, blah, blah, lategame is pretty flat, blah, blah, add something difficult and interesting.
  8. While I would LOVE a cave update, sadly, I feel like the klei team's eyes are on the moon right now; however, mods have the capability to provide what is missing in the caves, whether they are out yet or not, that's another story.... As for what I would want? More interesting locals (biomes) probably, and more things to differentiate the seasons underground that are different from temperature or rain chance.
  9. 1. Allow the fire pump to be able to water plants in a similar way to the water balloon and ice flingomatic. 2. Maybe allow pumps close to the shoreline on land to still be functional?
  10. I've gotten a few worlds before that generated without the Glommer's Statue room. Not only does that mean I can't get Glommer, but I also don't get the free panflute in that world.
  11. yes not necessarily, it begins to scale down when he hits wimpy form, but keeping it above that threshold and in the "normal" range is comparatively much easier that dealing with mighty hunger drain, HOWEVER a lot of wolfgang mains are good enough at resource management that they can stay perma-mighty and keep speed boost as well as damage no matter what.
  12. I only rank it this high because I'm a Woodie player, but I would actually put trailmix in S tier, while it may be in the 30 health group instead of 40. As others have stated previously, the faster eating animation allows you to heal significantly quicker. I consider it S tier for Woodie because of his chopping potential in the early game, and his ability to combat poison birchnut trees. Another thing that hasn't been considered is cooking time: Trailmix takes 10 seconds to cook. To compare, the meta healer: pierogi takes twice that time. I also consider the total cost for 1 trailmix cheaper than for 1 pierogi (unless you are in a juicy berry world) it's usually 1000% times easier for me to simply chop and pick to get health instead of bothering with meat, veggies, eggs, and filler. Not to mention I'm going to be chopping anyways to get wood. The only large flaws that I see with the dish is the time wasted cooking up large quantities of birchnuts when mass-cooking (IMO you should be able to put them in raw) and that trailmix spoils 5 days quicker than pierogi. Oh, and you can use a twig in trail mix, Epic.
  13. Lol, just because something is ignitable doesn't mean they take damage from it. I think you may have misread that.
  14. What if you have enough treeguards to out-damage the heal? Each shadow restores 400 hp, treeguards do around 150ish damage to FW (It does around this much if their target isn't a player). What if you only focused a few with something like a boomerang or darts or melee and let the treeguards simply cancel out the healing for the others?
  15. There's nothing quite as satisfying as setting a treeguard army on a deerclops. I would like to see someone kill FW with treeguards sometime, he has aoe and you can make treeguards attack him. Only issue is planting cones in the atrium and spawning enough guards.
  16. I found one speedrun where Wolfgang managed day 9 spring start. Couldn't find anything for wigfrid.
  17. I honestly find weremoose fine given the rest of Woodie's kit. Yes, Abigail can most likely take on hoards *faster* than moose, though in most cases moose will be able to take on the same hoards just fine. The biggest perk Abigail has is that she's basically free. If moose were Woodie's only form, then I would consider it to be a little underpowered. But Woodie has this along with goose, probably Woodie's best form, and beaver, Woodie's harvester form that, like most other harvester perks, is outclassed once you have a bearger. However, I think the most impactful part of Woodie's gameplay is the fact that he has lucy and lumberjacking skill. Before the rework, Woodie couldn't ever even consider taking on toadstool solo without preparing a mountain of wood because of the atrocious log meter constantly ticking down and resulting in you transforming into a defenseless AND offenseless beaver mid-fight. Now Woodie can fight it head on and is considered the go-to character for taking down the giant frog. And the quicker swings are also nice in the early game in getting logs for science and other things faster. Though back to moose, he is a bit inefficient in direct, one on one combat if you have the materials to make a weapon that will outclass his dps (basically a fresh hambat due to swing speed). Should his effectiveness in 1v1 combat be changed? I don't know... He seems like he has enough perks to have this form justified to not be quite as dependable 1v1 and as a runner up to Abigail. It's kinda like Woodie is to Wendy in the hoard business as Wigfrid is to Wolfgang in direct combat (though Wolfgang still makes out with a lot more combat specific perks while wendy ONLY has Abigail and her damage boost).
  18. Thanks for the pointers though, looking into all of that asap!