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  1. Yeah, I think this is a good idea, maybe also allow it to quickly harvest other things like drying racks and crockpots. Would also be a lot more useful if it could be refueled.
  2. Alright, here's a suggestion for hound waves. Personally, I believe one of the flaws of the waves is how detached their occurrences are from player action outside of entering and exiting the caves. Basically, I believe that the player has too little agency in when hound waves can happen. So, I was just talking around and had a simple suggestion that I think would make them more bearable later and give a player a reason to hunt down vargs.... If the player kills a varg, it delays the next hound wave, pretty simple really (on paper). Not only would this actually add a method for players to have more agency over the waves themselves, but it would also add a reason to hunt down vargs and kill them, loot for them might still be of interest, but having this world-influencing reward would be very interesting to see. Maybe their spawn chance could be influenced by how close you are to a wave so that you don't get a bunch of ewecus when trying to hunt down the varg, I dunno. Lemme know what you guys think, I guess.
  3. Yeah, I was actually asked by a member from a discord I was in to report it simply to see what they'd react to it with.... Stuff like this has been around for a while, I figure this post *most likely* will just go untouched since it's not a blazing priority right now, even if the fix is as simple as editing a single line of code. (From the coding end, I'm aware it takes a bit more to get it pushed etc etc)
  4. Here's a long running "bug" that I'm not sure has been addressed before. But according to the code, the "Mole Colony Rocks" optional task has a room "Molesvillerocky" which contains molehills under the distributeprefabs area. However, molehills cannot spawn on the "ROCKY" terrain, so they fail to spawn each time the room is generated when the "Mole Colony Rocks" optional task is picked for generation. Just an interesting issue that's been around for about as long as I can remember, not sure if this should be considered a bug or not since it's been here for so long. Would be interesting to see what your opinions on this are, I guess. Here's some images of the code from the game: The first is "scripts\map\tasks\forest.lua", then "scripts\map\rooms\forest\terrain_rocky.lua", and finally "scripts\map\terrain.lua".
  5. Don't Starve be lookin like The Binding of Isaac.
  6. If you set up a telelocator focus in the oasis desert, wait till there's a sandstorm over the focus. Walk into a moonstorm and then telelocate into a sandstorm it will stack the speed debuffs, with one of them becoming permanent after you leave the sandstorm.
  7. The mutated birds from the Wagstaff minigame do not fade out when they're killed. But rather instantly disappear, unlike other creatures.
  8. I can see where Scrimbles is coming from in that ROT feels "grindy" (I probably would use a different word still though). Not necessarily because of monotony, but rather because many of the new interactions are akin to quests that you get from an MMO RPG, which I'm honestly fine with. It provides something to do in the lategame when the world no longer provides anything for you to do. But cmon, we all know that at least the crabby hermit line of quests feels a bit far from survival. (Though I do applaud it for keeping it different than other interactions in the game) I know that reality is that ROT is not aimed at a player that is solely focused on survival, but if you think about it, it's kinda been this way for quite a while. Even the addition of caves were just a rabbit hole to look down when you had mastered survival (Or side-quest to do on your way to mastery). I would say the last truly survival based update was ROG (possibly include RWYS as an exception if you decide to use the system). Now before anyone gets any ideas; I'm not complaining about the direction of updates to the game thus far. In fact, I enjoy the direction the game has been taking immensely because it taps into the explorative part of DST in a similar vein to the ruins and caves (archives and lunar island). I also believe it gives us more room to figure out how to add more challenges to the "pure" survival end of the spectrum, especially considering it gives us loads of mobs, materials, and locations to try and incorporate into basic survival as well. Let's just say that it allows us to creatively place pressure in certain areas using the content that we already have. I see that x0-VERSUS-1y has already made reference to Uncompromising Mode, regardless of anyone's opinion of the mod itself I might as well give an example of how modders can use the new ROT content to introduce a mechanic that directly impacts survival. Scrimbles did this by introducing shattered spider and hound mutation on full moons. Now, even if of you don't like this mechanic. You have to admit that it takes ROT content, and introduces it in a light that the player focused on pure survival may have to consider whilst climbing the ladder to mastery of Survival. A way to incorporate ROT mechanics into basic survival, in short.