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  1. Don't Starve be lookin like The Binding of Isaac.
  2. New Cawnival update lookin kinda sus....
  3. If the scepters are keys then why does the gorge portal and constant portal have a separate key that you have to get from mumsy or the minotaur respectively?
  4. I don't think a nerf to these recipes are necessary in vanilla as it has a more casual feel. I personally would delegate any recipe rebalancing to mods, or an "expert mode" if klei were to ever want to pick up something like that. Mostly suggest the mod thing because it allows the community to actively debate the ingredients and benefits of a dish and change it and playtest it with different values faster than if klei were to release an update nerfing the dish. The dishes are a bit over the top in my opinion, but mostly only in extreme cases like making monster meat and ice into 62.5 hunger or mushrooms and monster meat (an by extension, eggs) into 40 health. I wouldn't say that the system that we have at the moment in UM is perfect by any means, but, because it's a mod, we can actively take criticism and adjust recipes waaaaay faster than if klei were to try and change it. So yeah, I don't think klei should nerf the recipes, leave that stuff to hard mode mods like CTC, UM, FAF, etc.
  5. Lategame events that are triggered by time rather than the player's action. Just personal preference; I know a concept like this is not for everyone.
  6. That *might* work, only concern being the amount of resources required to get up to a decent speed on a boat, ya know? Also imagine how frustrating it would be to have like only 1-2 spider dens on the first island, but then get terrible luck with silk. Probs would be pretty painful.
  7. The idea is nice on paper, but usually there ends up being a silk problem very quickly. If it were to be done this way I would request a lower tier version of the sail not made of silk. I already played a mod like this before, and it's not fun having to paddle your way from your first to second or even third, fourth, or fifth island in search of silk for sails. Either that, or having a smaller, faster boat might also help with the painful early game of an islands mode.
  8. The storms seem to reposition very quickly, so if it happens to be in a bad spot, staying out of your base for about a day or two wouldn't be that bad compared to having to stay underground for fifteen days to protect a large base without summer protection. Though I'm sure the ability to build some sort of device that makes storms less likely to spawn on an area would be really cool. What if it was made with shadow materials? A large shadow-like influence could prevent the moon's gaze from reaching a desired location. It certainly fits the theme of shadows vs gestalts.
  9. If you set up a telelocator focus in the oasis desert, wait till there's a sandstorm over the focus. Walk into a moonstorm and then telelocate into a sandstorm it will stack the speed debuffs, with one of them becoming permanent after you leave the sandstorm.
  10. The mutated birds from the Wagstaff minigame do not fade out when they're killed. But rather instantly disappear, unlike other creatures.
  11. A decent way to keep the idea of a priority target like sporecaps, but without working is through the use of making it killable or interactable instead. If anyone were to go down the “kill the crystals” route. Personally I think this boss stresses movement more than most of the bosses we have. There’s a lot of tells for specific attacks and places you have to have walk to to be “safe”. Something interesting could be requiring enlightenment to fulfill a particular task maybe?