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  1. Or be used alongside the Morning Star..... (Strategizing Commencing)
  2. Isn't this threat a suggestion for forumites? Does it belong in suggestions and feedback?
  3. Woodie's downsides in human form are enough, for now. Especially compared to other characters. Woodie has to either go in the caves or prep around every single full moon for the entirety of the game. If anything happens to occur like a hound attack or a boss it'll take a dump on you even more because of were-creatures' inability to do things like healing or possibly not getting the best creature for the situation. This could also consume a sizable portion of extra hunger if you do not plan around it. Woodie getting more treeguards is a downside and upside, but whenever you have enough living logs to sustain you. It's a downside because it forces you to spend time pacifying, killing, or throwing the treeguard on something else. A downside should be measured by the amount of time and effort taken to negate it. Woodie takes a decent portion of planning and time, and scaling up with the lategame, even more time to deal with his downsides. After all, in human form he's basically just Wilson with increased lumberjacking skills and an unbreakable axe. (Even though this particular skill WILL be outclassed by EVERY other character in the lategame using any sizable boss.) Compare this to characters like Winona, who takes a small amount of extra hunger every once in a while to craft as a downside, yet can reliably automate soloing ALL of the bosses in the game. Or WX-78 whose downside is going to be negated anyways because most optimal playing players are going to refrain from being wet regardless of character choice, and can use gears for absurd healing, and as for newbies, the wetness damage is so small that eating their meatballs will heal off the damage. Or Maxwell who may have lower max health, but takes the same amount of healing and armor that a Wilson would need. Maxwell doesn't use any more time negating his downside than Wilson negating nothing. From a time consuming standpoint, Woodie already has enough downside in human form to equate to his lumberjack abilities. IF you think that the forms themselves are not costly enough, may I direct you to Uncompromising Mode. The sanity hit from the idols and being in were-form are a severe downside when the modded insanity begins to hit. Not to mention idols in general are harder to get because of most creatures like spiders drop monster morsels instead of monster meat. As well as hoard mobs being harder to farm with weremoose, treeguards taking EVEN longer to deal with, and getting wet on water as weregoose, which if left unchecked, will lead to the player freezing to death before they can even get out of weregoose form in some cases.
  4. Having to kite is honestly a more complex way of dealing with a downside than a majority of the characters... Wigfrid can only eat meat, good thing most of the good dishes are meat! Maxwell has low health, good thing this doesn't make armor or healing any less effective! (This is also negated by kiting OMG) WX takes damage while wet, good thing 100% wetness protection is so easy to get! Willow comes with her own teddybear to make dealing with winter easier! (Not that it was a problem to begin with) List continues
  5. I feel like another option should be just optional content or exploration. A lot of the recent things have fallen under this category IMO not necessarily sandbox elements. (Though some like the shells are) I would rather have some more survival elements. Stuff that impacts you no matter where you are at some point in the game.
  6. Don't Starve relies a lot on expectation in it's difficulty, the more you know, the better off you'll do. In order to make the game truly harder, you'll need to make certain things that players rely on less consistent. Essentially, you need to make the player "re-learn" the game each time they play by making certain animals not spawn in the same place or behave in the same way. Certain setpieces not appearing in the same biome; stuff like that.
  7. But there is no harm in making it efficient, especially in the context of buffs. Making Pumpkin Cookies restore more isn't going to make them look any less yummy. Increasing their stats will only appease both parties.
  8. Welcome to Don't Starve! After 7 years since release, Most farmplot based crockpot foods are still not worth it.
  9. When I read the title of the forum post "Exotic Food" I thought it would be ideas for recipes in DST that are made from rarer things. Like Mandrake soup for instance. Not real world dishes, lol.
  10. Warrior Pig Torches and the Moonstone already fills the infinite light source niche, it just forces you to base in a specific location. (Leaving a moon caller's staff in the moon base is free, infinite, large, cold light.) Adding another source would probably just make it more convenient to base in other locations and not lock yourself to one place.
  11. To be quite honest, he's overpowered, and quite boring IMO. He's basically just eat a bunch of food to go fast and do better in fights. It's more of the boring part that makes me not really enthused about playing him. What role is he supposed to fill anyways? Is it fighter? Why is he so good at exploration then? Idk, maybe klei doesn't need to be the ones to do it, but I personally see the need for a rework of character design. Because the current strong, but scared one isn't apparent at all in gameplay. Again, this is just my opinion.
  12. Abigail dying on a boat sinking seems kinda odd, a floating mob shouldn't die on a sinking boat. Bug? Anyone?
  13. I find that the new wobsters make it worth my time, especially since lobster bisque was added in. 1 Wobster 1 ice and 2 twigs are all it takes to get 60 hp. They may not be as good as jellybeans, but I would seriously consider swapping over to lobster bisque instead of pierogi if my base is close to a decent number of wobster dens. Not to mention wobsters are significantly quicker to catch than fish imo.
  14. How does this compare to shadow spleumonkey farming?