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  1. I think addressing the current state of the lunar island allows us to get a sense of direction and to provide critique and opinion alike as valuable feedback. So, even though the lunar island is subject to change, addressing the current state allows us to express opinion about direction. I agree wholly with the OP. There is little reason to stay there for a long stretch of time or even make a base there. (No nightmares is nice [negligible and sometimes can be considered a downside], but you are also a massive distance away from other resources making the lunar island not a good base spot.) As for staying there a while, hopefully there will be a boss that is native to the land that we have to fight on that soil or at least another reason to stay there a little longer than 2-3 days your whole playthrough. Maybe if glass cutters were slightly better I would see myself going back. The problem is they are about on par with dark swords instead of better than dark swords. Their vs shadows perk doesn't make the fight end any sooner, but just makes the weapon last longer which doesn't contribute much to the weapon if you are going to amass a bunch of them anyways.
  2. Whirlpools

    Sounds like a death trap, I like it.
  3. You also don’t have to farm the goats specifically in the summer, and you don’t have to leave them in the oasis. Also seen any of the speed runs without the weather pain? I know you can’t cheese the bone cage now, but does that really mean that the weather pain is needed to win? Also I’ve already mentioned it being useful for oasis bases, twice.
  4. Giants atack pattern

    I would like to propose a compromise to both viewpoints. What if the attacks are set to a random interval each time a boss spawns, but kept that way through the fight? That way you do get a feel of randomness every time you play, but you still can observe the attack pattern and adjust your kiting so that tanking doesn’t become the most efficient way to kill x boss. In addition, simply more attacks that a boss can do would help spice things up. Deerclop’s laser was only one and spiced up his fight. In short, the number different attacks that a boss can do and on what interval is determined at random when it spawns, but kept constant during the fight to stimulate experimentation rather than tanking.
  5. You can farm cactus in the DFLY desert and you don’t have to farm goats at all. They are only really worth it if you are playing Warly. You also can relocate the goats out of the desert, which is what most people I see do because the oasis is usually far away from the main base (unless it is the main base). You don’t need the goggles to do any of this, unless like I said in my first post you are basing inside the oasis.
  6. I honestly don't even kill antlion, stopping sinkholes/cave-ins is not really that great because of how long the windup is for each event. Seriously, the only case in which you will actually get some real damage is if you are inside the middle of a mega-base. So, the only reason for me to even attempt to kill antlion is for that lazy deserter blueprint which is nice, but not really necessary (also completely useless without a mod when playing solo). The only time I want to get desert goggles is for whenever I am basing in the oasis and utilizing the sandstorm for its fire protection. The desert goggles aren't even necessary to take down antlion. Just toss 28 gunpowder at em and finish antlion off with a few hambat swings while tanking maybe 3-4 hits.
  7. If Wx were to get a rework I would want a stronger downside, Wx-78’s downside is basically loses a small amount of health while wet, but as any survivor you are already trying to not get wet in the first place. The health lost for the first rain in autumn is laughable and only becomes a problem in spring, where you will almost 100% of the time have access to an eyebrella. If Wx-78 is going to get any stronger from his rework; IMO he’s gonna need to get a lot weaker in some area because he’s one of the most OP characters with one of the most underwhelming downsides in the game. I hate to say it, but I have more trouble with woodie’s downsides (hassle wise) than I do WX’s.
  8. I believe hammering rotten fish also gives you bones, to me this is even more efficient than the no-eyed-deer. If you are playing warly, this is an incredible way to stock up bone shards (which never spoil) for his bone boullion recipe. In fact, he gets enough he could probably feed considerably more than himself at that point the onion is the only thing you gotta worry about when mass producing it.
  9. Surprisingly, this is one of only possibly (two?) practical uses for critters. They make good targets for the telelocator for when you are trying to self charge as wx. You can get quite a bit of time out of a whole staff; just note that it is considerably less efficient than using a wickerbottom.
  10. Yes, please. I wholly agree that randomness can be used to add an element of progression to DST and would love to see it. Though I believe that randomness in the early game can be beneficial too. Particularly in the worldgen department. After a couple hundred worlds you begin to notice that the worldgen is only somewhat random. It would be nice if the worldgen randomness were a bit more unexpected, but not so extreme that It looks like one of those worlds where the dfly spawns next to spawn, like this: I would suggest that in worldgen they don't always keep so many static things, for instance: Basically unhinge Points of Interest from their one biome: POI I could think of off the top of my head:
  11. Klaus, fuelweaver, toadstool, and in that order. They are all bosses that have more than one way to deal damage and many other mechanics to employ during the fight. These bosses I feel like belong in their own category: “raid bosses” who require more thought to take down than simply analyzing kiting patterns. I would like it if the regular tier bosses such as moose/goose, deerclops, and bearger learned a bit from these fights. They don’t have to be as complex as the raid bosses, but I believe they would benefit from some additions such as additional attacks and telegraphs for them. Dragonfly is also pretty good, but imo her mechanics only encompass “build wall or die” in order to kill her. Enraging would make it a bit more interesting if it wasn’t immediately countered by an item on the surface anyone can find.
  12. Opening: A small light aura at low sanities would not be that powerful. It's just not; there are a billion ways to get a mobile light aura (well actually like 4ish), and they are all pretty easy to maintain and easy to get COUGH* COUGH* lanterns (If you play on a surface only world, that is your own doing and shouldn't dictate the balance of a character/item just wanted to clarify JIK). Also infinite night vision isn't a modded idea, in fact there used to be a character who did exactly this. Woodie.... Why small "infinite" light isn't OP: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Before the rework, you could basically map out the entire caves with free moggles for an unlimited amount of time without ever being fed. The nightmares could be unloaded, outrun, and gnawed from excess insanity without needing to ever be fed. So, staying a beaver forever with night vision forever was never an issue. My point behind this is Woodie possessed this "OP" perk yet he was considered one of the most underpowered characters in the game. Therefore perma-light at sanity above 15 cannot be an overpowered perk especially since it gives you a light radius barely bigger than a thermal stone. This change appears almost completely QOL and not game-breaking what-so-ever. Why nullifying or partially nullifying mechanics is inherent to fun and usually good perks: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As for the light change nullifying one aspect of the game, did you know that WX's overcharge prevents him from freezing? Or that Maxwell's minions prevent tool durability loss? Or that Wortox's souls prevent the need of healing items? My point is that character perks are made to nullify (or partially nullify in this case [it's only active at higher sanity]) existing mechanics and trade them for other mechanics or stats such as half health, half benefits, damage from rain. Etc. My only issue with this is that it feels like Webber has a mediocre debuff, but at least more interactive than Woodie's. Ideas to contribute to the thread: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I will part with a contribution though, a small perk to throw in the bundle, maybe for a different character if not for this one: Webber should be able to have "quick pick" basically on at all times. Meaning he does the quicker animation when interacting with anything that requires work such as picking grass, harvesting crops, upgrading spider dens, maybe even using healing items. Possible Reasonings: 1. He has a bunch of spider legs and can use them to accomplish the task faster. 2. His time amongst the spiders has benefited him with better dexterity.
  13. Not much, I guess it sorta ties into him having some importance in the story to be worthy of a mention in Winona's board. However, since there has been little lore about him; he seems to be a bit of an anomaly. At least we know he comes from the same world as Winona, and not some alternate universe where all Canadians are polymorphs with talking red tools.
  14. This will just increase the cost, not really shy Woodies away from finding the island. Though do note that Woodie can't fish, mine salt, or fight the malb in the goose mode. Just because he can make it to the island quick doesn't mean he'll outshine a naval character. Still would like some skills for her like fishing proficiency or something like that. Something related to the ocean that isn't just BOAT.
  15. Maybe we'll figure out some Woodie lore through inspects and other character's shorts. We learned some about Woodie in the Winona short for instance.