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  1. I just love Wilson's Face of absolute terror in the promo image. Its golden.
  2. I was not sure if this was a bug, but I'm going to post it here then. I think I recall the devs saying one Big Bernie per screen in the stream and among other things this is bound to break something. Note: we did spawn in Bernie and glommerfuel, but only using console and as an item. Just watch video to see how it is produced. Multiple Big Bernie Bug.mp4
  3. best autunum guide!!!!

    Is anyone else getting put on edge by the fact that Glermz bases in the Graveyard in this guide? Ghosts on a full moon? The constant meteors from the guaranteed neighboring meteor biome?
  4. Have you killed this boss?

    I'm sorry aboot that. I'm kinda new, so I have to try and figure out how the poll actually works. If you know how to let me let you do that, then let me know by however means necessary. I'll try to figure out myself for the time being.
  5. Have you killed this boss?

    @4 Da LOLs I guess not, I don't want to edit the thing again since many ppl already took the test
  6. Have you killed this boss?

    The stalker is the caves variant of the reanimated skeleton @4 Da LOLs
  7. Have you killed this boss?

    Fix to include most notable bosses, actually didn't mean to post it the first time, but eh, its different now so it doesn't really matter.
  8. Just a fun poll to see the level of boss expertise in the community.
  9. Disclaimer: Any assumptions made about new players or veterans alike are based on my 2000 hour experience in the varying pubs and long lasting worlds that I have taken part in, and are in no way defining how a certain group acts. A lot of the times the methods that veterans use would never be considered by newer players. If you were to nerf some of the op strats in this game, most likely, it wouldn't affect the newer players at all, but it would affect the strategies of veterans. A good example would be bunny farms. They are way too easily obtained and produce a large amount of food in a short amount of time. Lets say we removed the bunnyman's ability to drop carrots, or increased the amount of time it takes the bunnyman to respawn. This change would likely never affect a noob (meaning new; not incompetent) as he most likely will not ever even consider fighting or farming the creatures, but it would certainly cause a shift in the meta for strategies of obtaining food as making more hutches would become harder since people would have to turn to other sources for carrots. (Even then carrots and bunny hutches are too common underground for my personal tastes) I agree with this too (especially boss fights). Take Deerclops for instance. While he may pose a threat to a new to mid player who is starting to get a hang of the game, he will almost never be a problem for a truly new player who is trying to figure out how to do the basics of the game, and a veteran most likely will never even have to worry much about him spawning at all (depending on how paranoid the veteran is). Problems with the Deerclops: -He spawns on the same day the first of every year (day 30 at night) -> meaning that a veteran will always be prepared for almost the exact moment that he spawns. -Deerclops is too easily taken out by other giants such as treeguards -> meaning the veteran sometimes wont have to even lift a finger -Deerclops stops damaging structures directly whenever it targets a player (can still walk over things to smash them and can crush structures on death) -> this takes a lot away from the threat of the giant (base destruction) -One trick pony (has only one attack) -> boss is easily kited without armor and with good internet connection and a good weapon Ideas to make Deerclops a more threatening and enjoyable fight: -Spawn within a range of days in the first winter instead of on a set day. This will not affect new players because they most likely will not know when to expect him anyways. -Make Giants and Bosses unable to target or damage each other ("Unable to target or damage each other" can be accomplished by removing some bosses presence during winter such as Bee Queen and Dragonfly other methods would have to be used to exclude treeguards). This will not affect most new players because they will not attempt such a strategy anyways. (I won't discuss it here, but tentacles are also a problem) -Give Deerclops multiple attacks to keep veterans on their toes in the fight. This will not affect new players because they will most likely be panicking at the sight of the thing or attempting to tank it.
  10. It could have buffs related to sanity (much like its current benefit). It could make it to where using magic doesn't give the player a sanity debuff, or maybe give the player passive sanity regen for an extended period of time.
  11. Interesting indeed; it seems most are not quite satisfied with the proposed changes. I hope it doesn't stress out the guys at Klei too much.
  12. It's funny how this one topic has gone back and forth so much since the announcement. I wonder if it has affected what Klei's plans are with Willow.
  13. Woodie review and ideas for rework.

    I don't know why you would think that we would consider him OP though given those stats. Most of those suggestions are already mentioned in the posts prior. I think that those ideas were pretty much already settled among those who have posted as being positive effects on Woodie gameplay. Nice mod, though It would be nice to see Klei recognize these suggestions and make it official.
  14. Woodie review and ideas for rework.

    Funny you should say this... A little known fact is that werebeaver does have a damage buff against treeguards (although quite minimal). You can see it in action in the video below. The buff against treeguards brings his damage up to 45 which is better than 27.3, but it still is pretty low regardless, and often you won't be able to use this hidden buff because you will tied up with a few terrorbeaks. The biggest problem isn't that Woodie can't do sufficient damage to treeguards though. It's that he can't kill the nightmare creatures fast enough to be able to work between the next spawning. (Though take this with a grain of salt as I've found that nightmare creature spawning is super random) So, It would be best to give beaver a way to deal with them during long transformations. I like not having to worry about how long I stay in beaver mode. I sometimes get a idea how no sanity penalty beaver (during beaver form) would be like whenever the shadow creatures bug out and don't spawn. Let's just say its a nice change of pace for a stressful character. Nice ideas. Unpopular opinion i think but it fits Woodie. But if a change is necessary, maybe change what he gains from sanity to log meter? I suggested earlier that the sanity regen be moved to whenever he gnaws an object which means, as long as he's working, he's fighting off the sanity penalty. Though I would only do this if he keeps the sanity penalty when in beaver mode. Treeguard damage multiplier.mp4
  15. I was thinking of a cool perk for willow. What if, whenever she hits an enemy with a lighter, it gives the creature a temporary debuff called "scalding". It could be similar to armor break in the forge and allow your friends and yourself to do more damage to opponents. (note that this is not to replace fire immunity; its just a cool team based perk) If willow doesn't get this ability, it would be cool to eventually see someone get an ability like this (increased team damage/mark for death)... Possibly Wigfrid?