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  1. Wilson Rework - The Scientist

    New player would probably want to do it because: A: They are probably trying to play with a friend that is also new B: Or are being asked to by the person that got them into the game. C: Less hp cost. If they have no friends and are joining a random world alone, then most likely they won't even know that the telltale heart gives you extra sanity anyways, and will probably just use their perk (If it lets them know that they can revive players with it). Especially if it advertises it on the character select screen. Also on the cost of the item, it's 10 health less than the booster shot + telltale combo, doesn't use rot, doesn't use stingers, but uses an extra spider gland instead, also if you look at the numbers that spider gland is basically worth 50 hp in this situation bc if you use a telltale you will only spawn with 50 as apposed to 100. 20 Sanity cost really isn't that much anyways though; it's just 4 flowers. You do miss out on the positive sanity gain, but most of the time, whenever I see newer players, they don't take advantage of this anyways.
  2. [Game Update] - 368379

    Thanks a bunch!
  3. I really think Woodie now fits more of a generalist playstyle compared to other characters. He may not harvest wood/rocks as fast or efficiently as Maxwell, but he does it better than anyone else who doesn't have a pig army or boss. He has less boss tanking power than Wolfgang Wx or Wigfrid, but he has way more than other characters that use the same resources. He might not be able to farms spiders as consistently and efficiently as Wendy or Webber, but he does it faster than pretty much everyone else who doesn't have a mass bunnymen spider farm. He might not be as fast as charged Wx or cane mighty Wafflegang or soul spamming wortox, but he is faster than pretty much anyone else and can walk on water. He's got his foot in the door in almost every single aspect of the game. While its not the wood harvesting based rework I was expecting, it is the rework that makes him viable in pretty much every single scenario of the game.
  4. Ideas for Wolfgang's rework

    I kinda like this, though I think a lot of Wolfgangs will end up just relying on Hambats to mitigate this debuff. I would like it if Wolfgang's current (scaredy-cat) nature was also given more meaning. I mean... We COULD just give him a new downside altogether, but if we are going to keep his current style of debuff, then the affects of insanity should probably be a little bit more pronounced for him. I don't know... Maybe he could get more shadow spawns whenever insanes (and maybe less nightmare fuel from shadow creatures so it can't be exploited as a buff.) Maybe he could get a smaller damage nerf based on how little sanity he has (requiring him to maintain his sanity in order to effectively use is amazing dps level.) Maybe he could do less damage with magical weapons because "But that thing, ~glances at dank sword~ it scares me!" These are probably pretty bad ideas (just machinegunning them out ya know? Seeing what sticks). But I hope that y'all get the idea that it would be nice if his current debuff was given more meaning.
  5. WereMoose Discussion Thread

    I wonder how useful the moose charge will be during fuelweavers summon phase... Oh and for all the players who don't like it how human Woodie doesn't really have a conceivable downside. How about this.... *Treeguards keep aggro on Woodie no matter what (even when targeting or being hit by another creature like deerclops [but not another player]) *Woodie can never appease treeguards and poison birchnut trees. Just some ideas on how to fulfill his current debuff of "Gets more treeguards".
  6. An Open Letter to Klei

    Alright, I agree with some of this post, and I'm not too sure about others. The whole "veteran beta" and veteran status section of the post I'm a bit iffy on. The idea of making the game harder by having a hard mode. I'm all about. Though I think whenever suggesting changes that could impact difficulty in the base game, I do think it is a good idea to every once in a while ask yourself whether this is going to make a new player's experience of the game senselessly hard. BUT, at the same time, I do think that the "this difficulty change is bad because it hurt new player" is not always even applicable to the change that is being suggested. Yes, the new player may eventually be faced with the new challenge somewhere in their progression in DST, but I do not think that it always will be the big bad that turns them away from the game. New players die to night, mobs, the weather, and in some cases seasonal bosses. Making tentacles not be able to attack flying mobs will almost certainly never ever, ever, ever affect a new player's experience of the game. But, it will affect how veterans that know how to farm bee queen using wickerbottom play the game. (I'm not promoting this change I'm just providing an example of a nerf / difficulty bump that would not affect new players but still affect experienced ones). Though all in all I do not think that Klei will ever do an expert mode (it would be out of left field), but I do think that modders who are also experienced in the game and would seek challenge could provide us with expert mode. I agree with Mr. Mulk on that front. If anyone is interested in trying to form a community made expert mode, maybe making a forum topic solely on what would be changed in it might be a good idea? To see what the HaRdCoRe players want?
  7. WereMoose Discussion Thread

    I haven't tried to use this in any fight yet, but I had the idea of building stone walls as punch dummies while bosses such as dragonfly have to have their phases when you wait. (Which is bad for moose) Just an idea. Do not know if anyone has tried it yet.
  8. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Woodie attempted to migrate South for the winter.... This is what happened.
  9. the waves on the main menu

    I wonder why Woodie is holding his axe out like that in the middle of a field? All the trees to chop are behind him. Or are WE the tree. O GEE O GOSH
  10. I feel like it kinda does have a progression in some ways, but I would like to have it be more pronounced in certain aspects. I wouldn't want to make it terraria though and just have an outright hardmode but that's just my personal preference and nothing more.
  11. Honestly I don't mind Maxwell staying where he is in regards to wood chopping. It gives the player more variety when approaching a problem (how to get WUD?). I DO think that it would be cool to have Maxwell do some more neat tricks with magic than what he already does. I do not per-se think that he needs a nerf though... He feels like a risk reward type character. The risk being 75 hp, and the reward being his shadow abilities. If they were to give him some INSANE magic powers then I would understand a nerf, but for now, he's pretty cool to me, even though I'm from the opposite camp (camp W00die).
  12. First off, I do not think I have over 8 minutes of Wendy gameplay in, but I have played with many friends who are Wendys (like almost 40% of my gameplay time, she seems to be a somewhat popular main). I kinda agree that she doesn't need too much to make her good (I've seen what abi does to shadow splumonkeys). I do feel like her gameplay is kinda... Dull? Maybe? It's like she has one job (crowd control) and she does it well. This isn't necessarily a problem. In fact just from an outsiders perspective, she is pretty close to balanced (prerework sense). If klei were to rework her, I don't think they would get rid of abagail's viability, but rather add to Wendy's toolbox of tricks. Woodie was probably just an odd exception because compared to other characters he honestly had too much to manage (beaverness meter and high sanity drain beaver). Wendy doesn't have too much to manage aside from the state of Abagail. So, this leads me to believe Wendy's rework will be more similar to Willow's than Woodie's.
  13. [Poll] Woodie: The "Lumberjack"?

    I would consider beaver to be better than lucy tbh. You see.... Beaver takes 4 gnaws to take down a tier 3 tree while lucy takes 8 swings. Beaver now lasts about half a day (which is way longer than it used to be), and now takes MUCH less sanity. Yes, you may be set to 0 hunger and lose 20 hp and some sanity, but if you eat the idol on low hunger the first is nullified, the second can be repaired by 3 butterflies, and the third is almost nothing at all. Not only that, but beaver can now gnaw up stumps in 2 gnaws instead of 3. Also, they don't fill his beaverness meter. The problem from before was that doing a gnaw decreases the time you have as beaver, since it took three gnaws to dig up stumps you were wasting valuable gnaws you could be spending on trees. Now beaver time is in abundance and this previous doesn't really matter anymore. As well, you have night vision and super weather resistance, right now beaver is a better lumberjack than he ever was. And the cherry on top, beaver is better than Woodie at getting wood because beaver gets 0 treeguards no matter the stage of the game! That's insane! So it goes like this, if you want to do SOME chopping or get treeguards to spawn, use lucy; if you want a ridiculous amount of logs and have a dense forest or tree farm nearby, then use beaver.
  14. My Feedback on the New Music

    I would like the old autumn music to be restored, but the new music to be used during a specific event or time or place or etc.
  15. Beaver is a good option if you really don't want treeguards rn. Also since the form lasts SO long, we can more effectively go on a large chopping spree and take even better advantage of honey crystals. Also they nerfed the stumps from 3 to 2 gnaws, which is better than before. And considering how fast the gnaw animation is, it might be okay being 2 gnaws.