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Interesting details with characters in animated shorts!

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So long story short, in the newest animated short for hook line and inker, @kiwikenobi (thanks for the inspiration to make this!) made a discussion about how happy Wilson was in the new short. I noticed Klei might have been hinting off detail about the characters we might not have noticed in the animations so I'm going to put some I haven't noticed here! If anyone else found anything else, put it here!

Hook, Line, and Inker(Wilson detail):


 Most of the other trailers show Wilson going through constant agony and getting pushed around by every single thing in the constant, but he's genuinely happy and having fun fishing, it's also interesting  that Wilson is doing another hobby besides Science he's not fishing for any experiment or "pet" to use as a lab rat(I'll get to my specific use for that word later), but right now, he's just honestly doing it for fun you can tell he was looking forward to this by his little outfit and how ready he was (Wilson takes a breathe to smell the fresh air in the beginning)! Its kinda cute seeing development in Wilson's character from some creep in a lonely cabin mixing up liquids and experimenting  on animals to this new person in the constant!Screenshot_20191213-162512_YouTube.thumb.jpg.93759c504cad9bdf7e2533d63d315507.jpg

Monster Marsh (Ms Wickerbottom detail):


(Ok This was some Detail I wanted to tell to the whole world when I noticed this first off before I start whoever animated this, deserves a hug, cause this one moment is powerful great job to them! I really wanted to see who animated this part on the twitch livestream but they skipped it so I got upset.) Back to the actual topic... During the scene while Wickerbottom scares webber and wendy. Before they get chased by the merms collecting behind the three Wickerbottom gives off a small laugh and it's absolutely AMAZING detail in character showing that Wickerbottom enjoys company around children.

This could possibly even lead back to Wickerbottom's life before the constant where maybe in the library she worked at, she read stories to the children there so sometimes she likes to sort of scare/suprise the children. This even shows evidence in Wurt's quotes for Wickerbottom when she asks her to read her a story! Wickerbottom is great with children and they enjoy her company.

Forbidden Knowledge (extra Wilson facts):


I'm adding this as the last part just because this ONE part was some thing I noticed in this trailer that I always wanted to talk about with someone but never really found the times in the forums to,  but if you look in the right corner sometimes, there's just some random skeleton "chained" up in the corner 20191213_164802.thumb.jpg.004cea4be296f9cc6d87cc10f0d0ea83.jpg

Whether its real or not I tried to look around in the video and only noticed earliest it showed up after Wilson gained his forbidden knowledge, it also dissapears some times in the trailer(next image shows an example)so either he saw Maxwell's lanky puppet form and tried to model a skeleton after him(looks too lanky and way more realistic than Wilson to be based off a human his size), or Wilson might just truly be  more of a "mad' scientist then we thought he was. The second detail I noticed is that Wilson has lab rats.Screenshot_20191213-164117_YouTube.thumb.jpg.b612a9f8c9d2792ca65de857832ad02e.jpg

This doesn't really seem important to note but I noticed he doesn't really treat his animals too kindly, especially the case with the duck in his character portrait


So, Wilson might have done alot of studies with animals maybe biology or biochemistry, hopefully he treats his animals better though once the characters get out of the constant. >:/

The End?

Anybody else found any character detail they wanted to share from the animated shorts? Put it in here! I really want to see what other people noticed in the shorts and what that detail could possibly mean, these were just the ones I found and wanted to share so, thank you for reading! :D




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Wilson as a whole is a confusing mess of a Character, Gameplay wise he has nothing unique going for him so he is pretty much just a blank slate for beginners.. he’s not easy nor is he hard to play as.

Wendy is Easier to play as than Wilson thanks to Abby killing almost everything for her, and Wes is harder to play as thanks to lower health and no Audio cue warnings.

Wilson ended up being trapped in the Constant in the first place due to becoming upset about a failed science excitement and seeking forbidden knowledge from the Voxola radio.

However in more then ONE of Wilson’s actual game Vignettes they lean more towards him actually being a “Mad” Scientist, and in those photos you can clearly see his expirements in fact... NOT exploding in his face.

So Maybe it’s just that ONE Experiment that went wrong??? Who knows, only Klei knows for sure.. But outside of that, his Vignettes also seem to suggest he enjoys fishing & hiking.

In the 4th Image you can also see that Wilson has taken on even a Leadership style Role of guiding the other survivors and does NOT look amused with Charlie.

in the 5th image here he is again leading everyone into battle for the Forge.

It seems fitting that for Wilson to be the main star of the DS franchise that he has the most mystery & lore potential behind him.






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