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what are some odd headcanons you have?

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  • Wigfrid is allergic to eggplants. That's why she can't eat the Stuffed Eggplant even if you make it with meat. (Wurt just shoves it in her mouth without checking what the filling's made out of.)
  • Lureplants reproduce by spores that sprout wherever the wind blows them. That's why they spawn in places where they get constantly attacked.
  • The Chef Pouch shrunk between Shipwrecked and DST because Warly left it sitting in a puddle while sailing over.
  • Pigs are almost blind in low light and can't tell the difference between dusk and night, but they know Charlie attacks people in the dark sometimes, which is why they're so afraid of the dark. Wilba has unusually good night vision for a pig.
  • The reason why shadow creatures don't drop any souls is partly because they're unliving entities but mostly because those are disposable puppet-bodies made of Nightmare Fuel and their true selves are on another plane.
  • The survivors' clothes are self-repairing in the Constant, which is why they never fall apart completely even if they get torn up, covered in Ewecus slime, soaked in seawater, slobbered on by frogs, etc.
  • Sleep is no longer a physical necessity in the Constant. If you never sleep you'll feel tired, you'll be achy and moody and have trouble focusing, but you won't pass out from exhaustion or suffer other severe health effects. Wickerbottom had chronic insomnia even on Earth but these days the only sleep she gets is from the Bearger or gestalts or mandrakes knocking her out.
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Ho boy

-Wilson has never had a girlfriend and had very little friends in the real world

-When Wurt and Wilba grow up, Wurt becomes her bodyguard even if she gets recoiled by the other pigs

-if all the survivors ever go back to the real world, they'll be in the future meaning that time moves as their in the constant

(This is more of a theory but) -Webber is actually a human girl that was eaten by a male spider, and whenever someone calls them 'he', she thinks their talking about the spider

(A popular one)- Willow and Wioana are from Japanese descent 

-Walani is from somewhere from the 60s-80s

-Their was a previous 'king' before Maxwell

-Wendy has been wearing Abigail's bow to feel closer

- Wilson looks about to Wagstaff and has been he's role model ever since he was a bab

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When the survivors escape the Constant, they'll all reappear in the same year - 1921 at the earliest - even though they weren't all taken from the same year.

This might lead to some of them being noticeably younger than they should be (Wendy being born between 1902 and early 1904, taken from no later than 1912-1914 or so, and still being a kid instead of a young adult in the 1920s) or, if it's true that some of the characters were taken from the future relative to everyone else (like Walani, who's often interpreted as being from the 1960s or later), being sent back to a time decades before they were born.

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- The ancients messed with the moon stuff just like they did with nightmare stuff before moving underground (Look it up)

-There is a 4th civilization along with Survivors, Ancients, And Pigs in general that has gone extinct BEFORE ancients ;) (Also look it up)

-Ancients moved underground because of the moon (ALSO also look it up) The caves are the moons one weakness :D 


And finally

-That Webber is the cutest survivor ;D 


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20 hours ago, HorseyTheYes said:

(This is more of a theory but) -Webber is actually a human girl that was eaten by a male spider, and whenever someone calls them 'he', she thinks their talking about the spider

Actually something kinda like this occurred to me as well--but the other way around.  I got the impression from some dialogue somewhere that Webber's human half was a little boy.  HowEVer...Webber is actually two beings and we're never told the SPIDER'S gender.  So...

On a darker note, I used to have a strong theory that what killed Abigail was the Spanish Flu in 1918, but now that we know Wendy's approximate age, that might not work anymore...  (I still like the idea of tying in a real-life famous historical thing from roughly the right time period, though.)

Wickerbottom used to be a science teacher--notice how she uses the proper scientific nomenclature for everything in nature she examines.  This might have come about from years and years of teaching little brats those names.  : P  Perhaps also a grammar teacher, or maybe she just speaks more formally because she's of The Older Generation.

And yes! to the idea of them all popping out into the real world in the same year (IF that ever happens), regardless of how much of a jump that might be for each individual.  I'm kinda reminded here of early Doctor Who, and how Ian and Barbara first left in 1963, but when they come back to Earth, it's the real-life present day, NOT the moment they left from--so now it's 1965.  They're just like..."Okay!" and well, we'll just have to remember stuff about writing dates on checks and that our ages are now two years behind what our birth certificates say--and go on with their lives.  Heh.


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I'm just gonna dump everything I can think of here, there's been a lot of stuff bouncing around in my head that I've never really put into words.
- Woodie's extreme paranoia about birds being evil is actually correct, they're obviously up to something since even Maxwell doesn't know where they come from. He was also correct about his axe talking to him, but that one's a lot less surprising.
- Wilbur is a random circus monkey who once threw his poop at Maxwell. Once Maxwell was on the throne and trying to figure out the extent of his powers, Wilbur was one of the first things he pulled into the constant.
- The remaining DS-exclusive characters (Walani, Wilbur, Woodlegs, Wilba, and Wheeler) have all managed to find each other, and are sailing the seas as the Sea Legs' new crew of misfits, searching for other survivors and any sign of a way home... though Wilba's just tagging along for the adventure and excitement.
- Wilba fits in very well with the hunchback pigs and how their culture is developing. After having to spend so much of her life sitting quietly, practicing her manners, and doing all sorts of princess stuff back home in Hamlet, Wilba loves to just beat the crap out of people with signs during the Pig King's "wrestling" matches.
- The BFB is just a chicken, who ate a mysterious gem which fell from the moon (Wormwood wasn't the first nor last time that happened), which caused her to never die from old age. Because of this she kept growing, growing, and growing, eventually mutating to have multiple heads because no chicken is ever supposed to live this long. It's also why none of her eggs have been able to properly develop.
- The BFB, when she was a regular chicken, belonged to a (now long-dead) farmer. She's still attracted to the area she was raised, has built her nest there (even using the rubble from the farmer's old house), and attempts to bring the player there because they're recognizably human.
- If she ever found her way to SW, Wurt would not appreciate the Fishermerm's barbaric way of catching their "pets."
- Hounds hunt in packs by locating prey, circling around them, then closing in from all directions. This is why hound attacks spawn hounds all around you, rather than them all coming from one place.
- Walani was assigned male at birth, drifted around through life without much of a passion for anything, and eventually became a pirate. After realizing she's transgender, she rethought everything and realized the pirate's life (and by association, all the pirates she'd made friends with) really wasn't for her, and switched gears entirely to a chill life as a surfer gal.
- The way Koalefants poop is a defense mechanism. If a hungry predator's chasing a Koalefant, that Koalefant really wants them to lose their appetite.
- The turbine blades that the Sealnado drops somehow made their way into the constant from the real world. That real world object interacted with the constant's magic in an unpredictable way (the magic seal) to turn that regular seal into the tornado monstrosity you have to fight.
- The game's camera is actually a Lakitu holding a real physical camera. If you try to zoom out too far, he's above the clouds. If you try to zoom in too close, he doesn't want to make things awkward so he still keeps a distance. There's a limit to how fast you can rotate the camera because otherwise you might make him sick.
- The giant grubs in Hamlet are dung beetle larva, just because shrinking in size when reaching maturity is a thing that happens with some insects and I think it sounds really funny.

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- We "the players" are the supreme entities that rule the constant, and we directly control the survivors making them do actions they don't WANT to do. Can you really believe that the characters would willingly eat poisonous food to death, or stand still in obviously dangerous situations? How is it that only WE are aware of their current status at all times? They are subconsciously under the "illusion" that they have free choice, and that they are "out of their minds" for choosing to do something instead of questioning who's really in charge. When they die they don't escape because WE keep playing, and force them to toy around and die for our amusement instead. We can alter the worlds we "play in" to suit our desires, and the creatures in it are servants to us that help make surviving even harder for the characters...so that we can have fun.

Using a Worm Hole:

Wilson - "That was not a sane thing to do."

Warly - "I must be unhinged to travel so..."

Woodlegs - "me must be oot my mind."  

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On 6. 12. 2019 at 8:58 AM, HorseyTheYes said:

-Their was a previous 'king' before Maxwell

lore_time.exe, spoilers:


Too long didn't have time;

There was an ancient race (that made the ruins) which did some shenanigans and ended freaking melting into the shadow creatures and thulecite or something, one of their leaders got stuck on a throne which propably became the nightmare throne.


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Wagstaff will either:

 - Receive an extra-double-dosage of misery from Them due to his immense ambitions for the Constant, and the manner with which he ended up there. (I hope this gets turned into a special adventure-mode DLC.)


 - Manage to get on the Throne and oust Charlie, and suit the Constant to fit his desires, eventually rising against Them in an effort to take the wonders of the Constant back to Earth.

 - While on the Throne he'll most likely aid or harm the survivors to his ends -  tho i most likely see him aiding them.

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2 hours ago, GetNerfedOn said:


 - Manage to get on the Throne and oust Charlie, and suit the Constant to fit his desires, eventually rising against Them in an effort to take the wonders of the Constant back to Earth.


I don't think Wagstaff would try to fight Them...i think he'd rather try to ignite a partnership.

Anyway I don't think how Abby died is important to the story but if i may throw my hat into the ring?

Shadows. Like every other bit of trouble around here.

How about some Woodie headcanons since we've got squat to go off of?

-Lucy is NOT his dead wife/girlfriend/whatever, she's some sort of nonhuman spirit (possibly a nature spirit?), originating in the constant or otherwise, bound to the axe (I think she might actually say in game that she's "not a ghost" but I gotta double check that)

-Woodie just hates birds bc they live in trees and think they own the forest

-BUT he may have been cursed bc he accidentally hurt a bird in his line of work, a la over the garden wall

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every single character on the cast has miraculously ended up watching family guy a matter of days before having been captured and put into the constant and as a result family guy is hated/ostricized in the real world for being connected to a multitude of missing peoples cases

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