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Please add Steamed Ham Sandwich to DST

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1 hour ago, loopuleasa said:

This is literally the most delish looking food in the game for me
Time to order a burger


Btw, OP is cheeky, and has a hidden agenda.


He doesn't want a Meme food.


What he wants is adding a brand new filler: ferns


Well played OP


If the ferns are too OP then make it take something else in place of ferns.

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"Hello superintindent I hope you're ready for an unforgetable


"Oh my god! my roast is ruined!"

"But what if, I were to disguise the food at the deli as my own cooking."




"Oh! superintindent, I was just streching my calves on the windowsill."

"Why is there smoke coming out of your oven?"

"oh it's steam, from the steamed clams"

"Alright, I hope you're ready for steamed hams! Mmm steamed hams!"


"Oh I said steamed hams!"


Just gonna drop this here, bye

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