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Research Station does not benefit from Light

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Every now and then I see someone recommend to shine some light on the Research Stations. To get the work speed buff.
The only test I've seen in that regard confirmed other tasks benefiting and made the assumption, that research would be included.

It is not.

Here we see Catalina after she finished "Basic Farming" and "Meal Preparation" (35 points of research).



Since she has +7 in research, she managed to finish everything within one day.

We conducted the research twice, with some light and without light.
Both times the consumed power was 23.9 kJ for the Research Station.
(Dirt consumed was 1754.4 kg both times as well)

A test for the Super Computer showed similar results, sadly the hatch ate the results.




A test for the Virtual Planetarium was not conducted.


Let me know if I missed something or got anything wrong :) .



Save file:  TEST - Light boosting.sav
Just remove the lights (and Printing Pod!) before testing for the "dark" scenario, I did the same.

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1 hour ago, Yalp said:

Let me know if I missed something or got anything wrong

This is surprising, I've been told anything with a progress bar benefits from lighting, even showers. Did she have the "well-lit workspace" buff in her tooltip? I'd check myself but I have nothing to research in my game.

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11 hours ago, nakomaru said:

Lit workspace is only an interaction between a "duplicant" and light. It doesn't make sense to think of getting the buff under those situations a bug just because they are standing near machinery that may not benefit from it.

Why couldn't Klei just release a list for us when they added this feature?

Klei: We've come up with something new for you guys...now figure it out.

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15 hours ago, SkunkMaster said:

but did you make sure the dupe in question did NOT have the buff while testing without light ? 

Catalina only gets the buff when researching in a lit workplace. She never did any work before either test. Both tests were started fresh, from the same save. She did not have the buff in the "no light" test.

I added the save to the initial post just in case... :)

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