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  1. I tested @giraf123's saves as well now, just to report, that the behavior is consistent. Reverting to build 419840 and 408920 (I think) did not generate stutter free maps .
  2. On a 118 cycle map I can pan the camera smoothly, even when the map is revealed by debug mode, example. Every newly generated map (10/10 or so) has the camera stutter once larger parts of the map are revealed, example. Similar Threads (yeah I am aware this was posted before...): Edit: Using the seed from "Not a Game.sav" to start a new map has the new map stutter as well. Edit2: I tried this without mods as well, same problem. Edit3: Found an older (March) save "Dump.sav" that I never played. It does stutter! Edit4: Made a new game for a small (unrelated) test. Started with stutter after activating debug, but got smooth at some point. I only removed a small block to do my test, usually only removing 50%+ off the map "fixes" the stutter. Added files "Labratory.sav" (stutter) and "Labratory Cycke 2 - Kopie.sav" (no stutter). Letting the stuttery save run and/or redoing the previous test did not reproduce the "fix". Saves Smooth: Not a Game.sav Stuttering: The Happy Base.sav Dump.sav Dump.sav Laboratory Cycle 2 - Kopie.sav Laboratory.sav
  3. kbn is on point, both blocks at 19.64 MDTU. You probably found a workaround by now, still, here's my solution: Replace the corner metal tile with a gold one. If either, steel or gold are near equilibrium with the door, the other element will tip the balance because of the vastly different SHC (resulting in different Total Heat and heat transfer). If you think gold's melting point is too low, use Tungsten. Any other SHC tile would probably work... Another solution would be a TSP.
  4. Melting Doors created 600 kg of mass. Bunker doors 625 kg.
  5. When a door is heated unevenly the hotter part (tile) will melt and the remaining solid part is just deleted. Example: Edit: 75% mass deletion for bunker doors
  6. Since I posted a somewhat lengthy post on the topic and it might be helpful:
  7. The game actually keeps track of how much mass is in a tile beyond the 32 bit. I tried/tested a lot of door pump setups, managed to break all of them somehow.
  8. @klei.ruby I just tend to use high masses + TSP for heat/cold sources when testing builds etc. That habit carried over . The last line in the spoiler tag mentions, that it occurs with more normal masses as well. I did 2 boxes of Insulated Tiles, filled with 2 kg h2/tile and a temperature delta of 20°C. Heating was 0.1°C, cooling was something like iirc 2°C. the box was 5x5 and the TSP connected to 3 tiles of a wall. The temperature values are from the middle tiles.
  9. Insulated Tiles cool down many times faster than they heat up when connected to a heat/cold source via TSP (Tempshift Plate). Normal tiles were unaffected when doing a brief test. Save file: Insulated Tile faster cooling.sav
  10. As shown in Research doesn't benefit from the Lit Workspace buff, despite the fact that it is shown in the duplicant's status! Either the buff is not applied or the status should not show up. Confirmed for Research Station and Super Computer. Planetary Observatory test was not conducted.
  11. Oh well, the 2 big icons that usually indicate your selected item are very very confusing then. Maybe Klei should fix that visual bug as well, while they are at it ...
  12. Your screenshot shows: Gilded Asteroid with Fullerene at 110 000 km, unreachable with the current rocket. My answer shows how you can get there with a petroleum rocket. My screenshot also shows that the rocket includes a cargo bay to bring Fullerene back. I don't get why you'd need to go 130 000 km.
  13. You should have stuck with 4 fuel tanks, the extra weight actually reduces your max. distance. More fuel adds weight as well. Fill the last fuel and o2 tank with 598 kg each. This tool might help: https://oni-assistant.com/tools/rocketcalculator
  14. Followup: Storage Bins are affected as well: Setting a filter for 5 kg will result in 5 eggs (20 kg). If emptied by sweeper, the refill will be 2 eggs (8 kg). Example video (40 sec):
  15. For this test only Gulp Eggs were used (4kg/egg). The Dispenser is powered and disabled by Automation. When initially setting a filter for the Dispenser, the Sweeper will add as many eggs as kg are missing: Max. from 0 -> 5 = 5 eggs are added (20 kg) Increasing the Max. to anything between below or equal the current mass in the dispenser will have no effect. Increasing the Max. above the current mass, the sweeper will add as many eggs as kg are missing: Max. from 20 -> 21 = 5+1 eggs = 6 eggs total (24 kg) Max. from 20 -> 25 = 5+5 eggs = 10 eggs (40 kg) If the Dispenser is enabled (for emptying once) by Automation the Sweeper will refill: kg of eggs/Max. 8/5 8/6 12/7 16/8 16/10 40/13 36/13 (random example) 24/15 Whatever it does, it's inconsistent.