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  1. Please make the temperature range of the Temperature Overlay adjustable, so we can actually see the change in temperature when building heat exchangers and those kinda things. Right now anything outside the 0-100°C range is either red=hot or blue=cold and provides no information at all!
  2. Since I haven't seen it mentioned, you can check how much material is left for a tile that's been bled out by clicking it twice. The tiles behind doors are affected individually, if you heat the door from one side, that side will bleed first, possibly severing the connection to the other tile, preventing it from melting at all. Edit: Example: The door keeps part of the heat from the unmolten block, heating the door while opening. The amount of heat retained is less then we put in.
  3. I took the liberty of simplifying it a bit I wonder how many people knew about this, haven't seen it before, really a great find! I did some tinkering and was able to shrink the pump a little: it has slightly reduced throughput because of the delay from the NOT gate (<1%, maybe <0.1%, can't say exactly, there is always some inaccuracy). The plates are set to below (10kg). One really nice feature about the concept wasn't mentioned yet: Since the doors are controlled by dependencies you can just power them up and increase throughput, no timings to mess up or anything
  4. I tried... the search function failed me... edit: so is formatting...
  5. Using the "Copy Settings" feature of the Valve, it will only cope the value(number) in the text box but not apply it to the valve itself!
  6. Seems weird to have your doctor go and operate heavy machinery because I had to up his operate priority to get some medicine
  7. Build: Q3-322934 Slicksters can no longer walk onto pneumatic doors, horizontal or vertical. They were able to do so a few patches back on qol3. Other critters still can walk on pneumatics. (Hatchling on pneumatic) (Slicksters unable to go onto pneumatics)
  8. Middle door gets open/close/open signals which should have the door open. The graphic show it as open. According to logic wires it should be open. The game handles it as closed, no falling liquid/items/dupes. Changing the input signal appears to fix it but requires manual intervention. Saving and loading the game again might prevent this from happening as the temperatures and logic wires appear to not always behave in the exact same way. Going through the open/close/open sequence in DebugSuperSpeed might prevent it from occuring. Example: ONI Automated door State bug.sav