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  1. Ok, so now we have three things that consume bleachstone. Water weed, hand sanitizer, and hot tub. Have I missed something (quite likely) or is the only option for making bleachstone puft ranching?
  2. Food poisoning, stale, or of a lower quality than they require will all give the yucky animations.
  3. Not sure what you're looking for. A water reservoir is just a hole filled with water. Tiled in or not as you like. Now if you're asking about an infinite storage setup, that's still pretty easy but does involve some specific setup.
  4. Bottle it. Bottles of ph2o offgas at much higher rates than open pools.
  5. As far as I know, no. It requires dirty outhouses. I actually liked it better when it took dead dupes, but I guess that was too morbid for Klei.
  6. I think it was supposed to be, but last time I tried (which has been quite a while ago) it was a bit buggy and you had to do a save and reload after each morb was spawned before another would spawn.
  7. Approximately 3 cycles of needing cleaning.
  8. I haven't taken an allergic dupe in a long time. It used to also give a big stress growth to the dupe. Has that been removed?
  9. I've noticed it. If you have "instant build" turned on and you issue an empty pipe command, it empties the pipe but it also leaves behind an empty pipe command as well. If instant build is not enabled then things work normally.
  10. Longer Cycle Time

    Before break time? Not that I know of. When break time starts, they drop whatever they are doing and run off to use the toilet, eat, and relax.
  11. Longer Cycle Time

    And, of course, I didn't say it couldn't be done as a mod. It's quite possible that it could be (I don't really know). I said it was unlikely that a mod for doing so existed or would be built. Especially since the OP can get what he's after through existing mechanisms.
  12. Longer Cycle Time

    Unlikely as the system timer is integral to so many calculations that changing it would be problematic. That being said however, the actual "time of day" doesn't matter for your dupes. I run 4 shifts of dupes with overlapping times 24/7. You just need to adjust the schedule for your dupes to give them more free time, sleep time, bath time, or work time. I run 4 free time blocks, 3 sleep time blocks, 2 bath time blocks and the rest are work. I stagger those times across the 4 shifts so that there are always 2 shifts working, 1 shift in downtime, and 1 shift in sleep time/bath time.
  13. Save File Editor

    RoboPhred, Looks like you broke something with the update. You can't set geysers anymore; they are either at full slider or no slider, nothing in between.
  14. No care packages

    I think duplicity has the ability. B but it's broken at the moment.
  15. Save File Editor

    Yep, happens every time they change the internal build version number. We're just stuck until RoboPhred gets around to updating it. I tried downloading the source code to make my own update to it, but I couldn't follow the code enough to find where it's doing the version check.
  16. Honestly I've never noticed. I put the research station and super computer in the light from the portal.
  17. That looks like a driver issue to me.
  18. Not to be obnoxious about it, but your father has quite a bit of incorrect information there. 1) Calling ethanol "gasoline" is just wrong. Gasoline is a complex hydrocarbon derived from petroleum. Ethanol is a simple alcohol derived from corn or grains. True that both will burn and both can be used as a fuel source for combustion engines, but that's the only similarity. 2) Ethanol creation/use has not lead to food shortages. Period. In fact, many US farms are paid to NOT grow more grain crops in order to keep a glut off of the market. By the way, ethanol is the alcohol that humans consume. 3) Methanol is the alcohol created by wood or other non-grain organics. Ever hear of "wood-grain alcohol"? That's methanol and it's quite toxic if consumed. Blindness, seizures, and death can occur. 4) It is true that burning pure alcohol (of any type) can damage combustion engines that aren't designed/tuned for it. But you'd really have to do it deliberately. Engines designed for running on pure alcohol aren't exactly common, but they do exist. Now, the thing that ONI gets wrong is, of course, calling it Ethanol in the first place. If we're distilling the alcohol from wood, it should be Methanol. But ONI doesn't really try for a lot of accuracy when game play is involved (food from dirt and water, environments of pure O2 at high pressure, chlorine is safe to walk around in, etc).
  19. Or use two bridges. Input input output output When in series like that, the inner bridge has priority and the outer is blocked (used as the filler)
  20. Blocked Pipe

    Fridge (can be unpowered), food bin (these are what I use. They hold less than two fridges, but I like the look more), or even just dropping on the ground. Dupes can hold their breath for quite awhile, so no you won't have an issue unless you put the pantry so far away that they give up and go look for air. I usually start by just putting the pantry at the bottom of my base where co2 gathers naturally. Later, I build a real storage area in chlorine and use auto sweepers to pick up and deliver food.
  21. Blocked Pipe

    Refrigerated food still spoils eventually. It just takes longer. To completely prevent spoilage you have to store the food in a sterile (i.e. non oxygen, non polluted oxygen) environment. Storing in co2 will prevent spoilage. Storing in chlorine will prevent spoilage and kill any existing germs.
  22. Blocked Pipe

    If your oxygen pipes are full, then the air surrounding the vent is at sufficient pressure. It will diffuse from there and more oxygen will be let out, but slowly. To speed things up, you can add some bridges and run pipes/vents to several locations around the base. I like to have one vent per floor level.
  23. I'm unable to get to the yaml files at the moment, but I seem to remember that there is an entry for the bottom area of the map. So I think so? Look at the last couple of map entries in the yaml.
  24. If you read a bit further in the yaml file, you'll see the other biomes listed in groups of how far from the starting zone they can be spawned. So yes a smaller map could lock out some of the biomes that could normally spawn. I used this to add the potential of forest biomes in the Terra map, as well as turning on world traits.
  25. Is there any way to move or resize the various overlay windows? I.e. the food permissions window, the time schedule window, etc. On my screen, the very top of each window is being cut off. So on the food window, for example, I can't see the column headings or the names of the food.