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  1. Storage containers, auto storage and auto loaders have Visco gel catagorised under Manufactured materials. This is wrong, as only frozen visco gel can be stored, which then liquefies under normal dupe body temperatures. Visco gel should be catagorised under Liquifiable and not Manufactured materials. Under the global materials list on the top right of the display, Visco gel is categorised as a liquid and not a Manufactured material. Fortress.sav
  2. Disabled Transit tubes are still acces sible by dupes and use no charge.
  3. A gas valve, the flow can be set manually eg 2500g/s, by typing in a number, when set, a dupe will change the valve according to a schedule. If a valves flow is copied and then applied to any other gas valve, the valve will never get changed by a dupe, it will remain at it's original value, despite showing the pasted value. To change a valve's flow rate, each valve must be set manually. A valve can have a value pasted, but, the value must be selected first and then the Return key must be pressed, the valve will now get set according to a dupes schedule.
  4. I make an atmo sensor. When I select the slider to minimum, it's lowest setting is 30g. When I manually type in 0g, the slider shows full as though it's set to maximum.
  5. Cooking devices no longer show food quality of recipes. That or I'm being blind, either way, it's not obvious and should be more clear.
  6. The Wall Pot has no option to change it's orientation, although it can be placed anywhere, visually, it should have a left and a right wall mount orientation, it should be flip able horizontally. It looks like it can be placed on the right hand side of a wall. Placing it on the left hand side of a wall just looks weird.
  7. The sweeper will attempt to pick up mg amounts of some edibles, resulting in nothing being delivered. The sweeper will continuously attempt to pick up the mg of edibles until the item is manually removed. Particularly with picking up mg amounts of edibles from the auto recepticle, results in a jam. In the image below, you can see just above the recepticle the text "Picked up 999.5mg Gristle Berry" The sweeper has attempted to pick this up dozens of times from the recepticle (priority 1) to load into the fridge on the left (priority 7), each time resulting in failure. The recepticle is now blocked by this mg of Bristle Berry and can only be removed by a dupe manually or by destroying the recepticle.
  8. When crude oil freezes, it becomes solid. There is no way to sweep this up as storage containers do not allow cruide oil as a liquifiable item. I am expecting that petrol has the same issue, however, I haven't tested it.
  9. Since when did Steel become a raw mineral, while also being a manufactured material. The hover pop-up describes Steel as a Manufactured Material - This should read Refined Metal, it is not in the same class plastic. Steel is classified in storage etc as a Raw Mineral. Since I refined it in the Refinery, should it not be a Refined Metal?
  10. Hopefully now, my dupes won't spend a whole day building a single sandstone tile due to travelling the entire map multiple times, only to get there and want to pee, then eat.
  11. I have 2 dupes, one with an interest in Dig with Dig skill of 0 and the other WITHOUT an interest in Dig and a Dig skill of 0 also. I make these two dupes beginner Miners. I then make them dig a lot of stuff. They both seem to progress at the same rate.
  12. I have many bottles of polluted water lying around my colony, I want these removed as polluted water in the kitchen is bad etc. I select sweep on these items. In my priorities windows, I have all tasks set to disabled, except for Tidy tasks, this single task, on all duplicants is set to Highest. Despite the tooltip explaining that tidy tasks include sweeeping. All my duplicants enter the Idle state, not clearing up any of the polluted water. Whenthe priority of tidy tasks is set to disabled and the Storage tasks is set to highest, the duplicants will then clear away the polluted water. If Dirt or other items has been selected for sweep, the duplicants seem to sweep this up with no issue.