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  1. reverse the drywall changes

    This is just an obtuse change, please reverse this.
  2. There are so many faults with this design that I don't know where to begin. I would suggest that you read and digest the SPOM thread, build one and study the concepts before building your own design.
  3. Outhouse/Black Hole

    That is a matter of perspective, had you read the entire conversation, there is a modicum of continuity, albeit rather tenuous.
  4. It troubles me that you are using 6 aquatuners. This is 7.2kw of power and is by no means easy to maintain, even if the steam engine is running at 100%. A net loss of 5.2kw. What's the purpose of this build again?
  5. Good point, I was thinking of something else that only uses sand. Sand is still effectively unlimited, whether you have access to regolith or not.
  6. This is definitely a 4* accommodation trying to pose as a 5* as each dupe does not have their own shower! The artwork is cheap and nasty too. On reflection, the beds aren't bunks, i've had to downgrade this to 3*.
  7. Outhouse/Black Hole

    Perhaps the universe is remaining the same size and we are shrinking? Does that also mean that I will have to buy more pints to accomplish the same goal?
  8. Dupes get stressed by breathing PO2, for that 10% cost, the benefits of using deoderizers out weigh the benefits of having your dupes breathe in the PO2, in most cases.
  9. Terrariums drop bottles of polluted water, these off-gas Polluted O2, the PO2 can be converted to clean O2 by the deoderizer, hence, deoderizers make terrariums more efficient, plus you get clay. Sand is effectively unlimited, as you can make igneous from melting regolith, which can be ground down to sand at the crusher. Algae is not really unlimited, as it's difficult to make, as puft farms aren't effective at making algae, as it is as easy to make sand. Germs get on the dupes hands, these hands are not cleaned 100% by sinks, these remaining germs then get passed to equipment and food stuffs in the kitchen. food gets contaminated by germs, dupes get food poisoning. Perhaps I should use effective over the use of efficient? Meh, same difference.
  10. Outhouse/Black Hole

    When I've got my head down, praying to the porcelain god in the lavatory black hole, I don't want anything to do with the universe and certainly don't want to be an observer.....
  11. Outhouse/Black Hole

    Add the word "Discuss" at the end of that statement and we have ourselves an exam question. They are nightmares I don't wish to repeat.
  12. Outhouse/Black Hole

    So basically, we are all in concurrence.
  13. Outhouse/Black Hole

    Do you time stamp every conversation you have? Agreed. I would also propose perspective, but this could be considered time frame according to some special relative case proposed somewhere, sometime.
  14. Outhouse/Black Hole

    Very aptly put, thank you Not so long ago, I mentioned to someone that heavier things fall at the same rate as lighter things, to which the reply was sheer shock and disbelief and tried to argue that heavier things fall faster.... Yes, this really happened and not by a thick person either, an accountant with a first class honours degree from a reputable university...