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  1. Rocket Engine heat

    Dupes have a very low expectation threshold.
  2. Im gonna miss this

    That spot of Nat gas is soooo gonna break your turbine! Perhaps, I've never tested it.
  3. The feature should be removed in my opinion, regardless of what material it switches to, it causes way more issues than it solves.
  4. I agree, this is an irritating feature. Like when you've spent cycles building that really awkward thing and then realise that you have tiles built in the wrong material and have to deconstruct it all just to replace them.
  5. 50 plastic isn't much to cry about either, so it probably a ton easier.
  6. No. Every seed was sacred. The wort seed was stored in a particular container in my main base, the only container that stored wort seeds, which I then micro-managed the seed until it worked. That seed was not escaping my attention.
  7. I had forgotten about that changes to the joint plate that make it unable to build in if the adjacent tile is a tile. Why don't you just fill the area with tiles, build a liquid U lock against the face of the tiles, then dig out the vacuum ready for your joint plate. This is how I've done it in the past as I have some stupid OCD that I don't like to lose that single stray piece of igneous rock in the cavity, the same igneous rock that is in infinite supply, I know, right, how crazy is that!
  8. I don't have a SS unfortunately, I just remember the incident, it was caused by a seed being stored in a compressed storage. Ever since, I just immediately planted every seed that I found. I'm pretty sure that I just tried repeatedly planting it or something, perhaps by re-storing it and trying again to plant it.
  9. You can also dig it out using the corner digging method by filling the area completely then dig out from a corner tile.
  10. That has to be one hell of a soul sapping task for the dupe, a couple of gravestones in that room I'm sure would do wonders.
  11. yes To stop all heat transfer, you need to create a vacuum between two joints sealed with insulated tiles. You will be wanting to use this method if you have a temperature critical area that you have to pass power to from a very hot/cold area.
  12. You should be able to plant it as a regular wort seed from what I remember, perhaps your plant pot has been assigned another wort seed. I've had partial seeds before and planted as per the usual whole seeds.
  13. This is a good metal farming volcano design from @Neotuck I think he has an updated version, but I don't have a link to share for that. It's simpler than the one that you posted. Here's some links for you to include Fish Puft Morb Drecko Septic system Amazon warehouse
  14. The art of farming 1.2

    If you were a TRUE farmer, you would have found a dozen different things to do in preparation for building this and would never have gotten around to making this post!