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  1. I would say BRAINS!!! but we all know they don't have any.
  2. I use door compressors. Not actually passive but they don't need power or interaction.
  3. You need two pumps per electrolyzer to keep the pressures from rising to shutoff levels. I typically use 2 1/2 pumps with the "half" pump built to take care of hydrogen (meaning 1 h2 pump per two lyzers). You should also probably look into the various methods of gas separation as filters are pretty power hungry.
  4. Because you're running on Algae Deoxydizers? And have now run out of Algae? Maybe?
  5. Frozen Core doesn't prevent Volcanos. It just changes the molten zone from molten rock to frozen ice and stuff.
  6. Wow, 15 dead dupes already?!? (Just me personally, but I consider any deaths a "lose condition"). Anyway, the problem you're having is because Toilets produce more polluted water than they use in clean water (Sinks and Showers are 1 to 1). You have to put in some kind of overflow release (via bridges and an offshoot pipe) or you have to let it all out into a basin. If you want a "closed loop" (which is what most folks do), then you only need 1 sieve, you don't need any new water input after filling, and you need an overflow pipe/bridge to get rid of the excess being produced. Me personally, I use a modified semi-closed loop. I route all polluted water from the bathrooms into a chlorine room for decontamination, then once it's germ free, I sieve it and send it back into my main water storage. My entire base is cooled by a circulating clean water loop, including re-filling the bathrooms. You can use tanks and germ sensors (with a loop back to the tank) to ensure germ-free. But I typically just use 4 connected tanks with doors under them and a cycle timer (and 2 not gates) so that 2 tanks are "active" and 2 are "input only" by being over an open door. The timer is set to 50% time. This ensures that no matter what happens (at any time, when the dupes add more germy polluted water), the polluted water spends at least a full cycle in a chlorine filled room in a tank. 100% safe from germs with no worries about slipped packets of water or blocked pipes or anything else. If I have a polluted water vent, then I pump water from the vent into the same cleaning room and that can usually supply all my water needs. If not, then I just use it for the bathrooms.
  7. I don't think so, it would require changing the display calculations to exclude anywhere a dupe isn't currently present at. There is a mod that will render everything really, really, dark any place that isn't actively lighted. I don't remember the exact name but you can look for Perfect Darkness or Pitch Black and I think you should be able to find it. Not exactly what you were looking for, but somewhat close in practical terms (especially if you were to automate all of your lights with dupe sensors).
  8. I typically start with some mealwood in planters to tide things over with the dug up stuff. Then I rush for a berry farm. Add in a small shroom farm at the bottom of the base once I get some slime.
  9. So I rolled a dupe that started with Masterworks. Normally, I don't really care too much, but this time I said "sure, instantly start with some artwork for morale without having to level up" and decided to take her. Turns out, NOPE. Even with Masterworks (level 3), she still had to take Art Fundamentals (level 1) before she could do any artwork. So, sure it did save 2 skill picks, but it lowered my excitement about having a bunch of swamp art
  10. I'm sure it's already been posted before, but for some reason the forum search isn't working correctly for me...Anyway here's the current numbers for plug slugs: Unfed - don't bother. Wild or Tame, if you're not going to feed them, you may as well just eat them. Wild, Fed - 400 watts -- 30 KJ if no travel time and 0 hunger level (testing was actually averaging about 28.7 KJ because of this), so assume 1/2 a battery per slug Wild, Fed, Overcrowded - 80 watts - 6 JK (actual average about 5.5 KJ) Tame, Fed - 1600 watts - 120 KJ (actual average about 90 KJ), so 2.25 batteries per slug Tame, Fed, Overcrowded - 320 watts - 24 KJ (actual average about 20 KJ) Tame, Fed, Ungroomed - 320 watts The actual values fluctuate some due to hunger levels, as the slugs will get somewhat hungry before eating again, which lowers the overall power. So, overall, not worth the effort, in my opinion. Yes, 1 or 2 tamed and fed slugs can pretty much supply the entire early game with power but between the ore depletion and the grooming time; I think a mouse wheel is the better option. YMMV of course, especially if you happen to start with a ranching dupe.
  11. FYI - Slugs will definitely cross a water-lock. I tried using one to keep an "open" room with very small space for them to move in, but they just immediately left the room and started wandering around.
  12. Yes, the pliers mod is a very nice quality of life type mod. Solves an annoyance but doesn't really impact the game in any "cheat-y" feeling way. The other two mods that I personally don't like living without are the "Bigger Zoom Out" and "Stop Sublimation When In Storage" mods. The "No Manual Delivery" mod is also pretty nice, although I mainly only use it for storage containers.
  13. When I'm feeding to slicksters, I don't use pumps. As I said, I have a sealed room with hundreds of KG of (rather warm) CO2. What I do is I put in a mech door between that room and the slickster ranch room. I also run a loop of hot coolant from my metal forge through some metal tiles in the slickster room, just to provide the extra heat to keep them alive. The slickster room is fully insulated. Then I just, either manually or with a gas sensor, open and close the mech door to replenish the CO2 in the slickster room as it is used up. Do I stay ahead of the CO2 production? Not even close, but I don't really care as it doesn't prevent the gens/distilleries from operating.