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  1. Don't feed the troll. If he really wants a valid discussion, he can start a thread about it and we can discuss things in a relatively civil fashion. I hope he does, because I have a few questions about it that I'd like to see his reasoning behind.
  2. Jak - you are correct. The coal gens only submit refill requests while they are enabled. So you've got only a few moments (in most power grids) before the smart battery shuts them down again and cancels the refill request. Neotuck's right, sweeper arms are almost a requirement if you intend to use coal gens. Note that 1 arm can supply 3 gens (actually more if you get creative with your layouts, but 1 to 3 is just a simple 4 tile high room). One thing that can help somewhat is your battery setting. Why 60/20? Why not 90/10 or even 95/5? That will give you a little more time for deliveries to be completed and it won't be affecting your efficiency much (if at all).
  3. I haven't figured out a way yet. Honestly, I don't think the setup you're showing will be viable anymore. Obviously there's ways to cool down sweepy in a vacuum, but any method used would also not work with the molten metal there too.
  4. Anyone have a mod that can mirror flip the new recreation buildings? Especially the Surf Board.
  5. If it's a pattern in the rock just have your dupes dig it out. I have to agree though that if a randomly generated visual pattern is triggering such anxiety, then you desperately need to seek professional assistance. Mental trauma isn't something to mess with or to deal with on your own. Assuming this is a real post and not some kind of not funny joke.
  6. FYI - don't try to auto-dig the entire map. The sudden appearance of that many falling objects will shut down any machine I've ever tried it on. If you want to clear a large section, use the "destroy" option on the debug menu. That literally removes the tile from existence.
  7. Just a guess as I've not looked into the code to be certain, but: it looks like maybe they used a fixed size for the array internally (not in the xml, in the internal use of the yaml file). If so, then adding more elements would cause an overflow error, which might explain it. If adding even 1 more element causes the worldgen to crash, but removing 1 element doesn't, then that's where I'd bet the problem lies.
  8. Most likely it's either the water temp or the random chance of a different breed of fish being laid. I see you're using tropical types. If the water is too cold, they might be dying too soon. Or, if the water is warm enough, then a random gulp fish egg will result in a decline of population since gulp fish can't live in water warm enough for tropical types.
  9. So, I was playing around with Debug mode turned on and noticed this: Dev Generator, generates 100KW power, runs on coffee. Not sure if it's new or if I've just never noticed it before, but I laughed.
  10. Me too. There's a mod on the steam workshop that restores the old artwork for the water tank. I haven't used it yet, but I might as long as it doesn't actually change anything else.
  11. There is a ton of non implemented art in there. From things which have been changed, like the original art for water tanks, to stuff that's never been used, like those stations.
  12. Hmm, I get balloons all the time. Could it be that either you can't get one (or it just doesn't animate) if you're in an atmo-suit or the balloon artist can't hand them out if he is in one?
  13. You need to keep the water in the chlorine room until it's disinfected. Putting the germ sensor way over by the outlet just turns off the outlet but the water that's already in the pipe is still infected. The easiest way is to put the tanks onto doors and then open/close them using a timer. 1/2 a cycle or so in the tank, in chlorine, will disinfect the water before you let it out. You can also put the germ sensor at the immediate output of the tanks and then loop back into the tanks if there's any germs in the water. I use a slightly larger setup with 4 tanks (complete overkill, but I also use the same room to disinfect a full polluted water geyser output and it's the main water source for my base). With the 4 tanks (2 each on a cycle timer) it ensures that any water always spends at least 1 full cycle (and usually longer) in the chlorine. Here's a picture of what I do. Note that it doesn't need to be that complex. I'm also using the 30 degree water from the geyser to cool down the area a bit (keep things at a stable temp) as my transformers for the base are in that area too.
  14. Yes, they can only be groomed at night. That's why I have 2 grooming stations in there. I have my hatch ranchers on night shift. I have another rancher in the day shift to take care of the dreckos. They never keep all of them groomed at all times, but so far it's not made a huge difference in population growth and there's so many of them that there's plenty of coal being made. Or at least that's the way it seems to me.
  15. BTW, here's my hatch ranch. I started with 3 normal hatches, and now on cycle 125 there are 17 stone hatches + 13 stone hatch eggs in the room.