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  1. So, 20C would be the lower limit of coolness when using this? I'm not afraid to admit that I just don't seem to grok the heat transfer mechanics in the game.
  2. It would "make sense", but I feel it would have too much negative impact. Basically it would mean that you would be absolutely required to wear exosuits whenever not in base. Right now, if it's early game or if the area is small enough or infrequently visited then I just let them hold their breath.
  3. So basically wheezeworts are not only nerfed, they are bugged too.
  4. A variable rate based on equipment and/or mining skill would be the best alternative, imo.
  5. Rust biome dreckos

    Actually a new drecko variant like that would be great. Modders Assemble!
  6. And that's why I use multiple grills each with a different food. The only grill with more than 1 receipe active is the gristle berry/stuffed berry grill.
  7. I considered that it's not a stable too, especially with the qol changes. What stopped me on that was the statement that some are getting groomed. Unless he meant some in a different stable and none in this one.?
  8. Well, babies don't get groomed. If it's adults you are talking about, then I'd say that your rancher may be just too busy to get to all of them before the prior grooming expires. You might need more ranchers.
  9. Another issue that I haven't been able to solve with this kind is setup is that it's not actually effective as an airlock. You will get gas leakage every time a dupe passes through. So this is a temp blocker but not a gas blocker. So far I've also had to water lock in addition to the 3 door temp lock to get the results I want.
  10. SPOM Noob Trap Edition.

    With mechanical gas separation, I have never had a failure in my spoms. Note that I use gas sensors to ensure that the pressure of the h2 and o2 layers never falls too low for safety.
  11. I'm not even sure what you are attempting to do here, nor why you need to do it in a vacuum.
  12. Airflow Help

    Raise the electrolyzers one tile (so there is only 1 open row above them) and/or lower the oxygen pumps by one tile. You're getting some h2 being sucked in to the pumps directly below the electrolyzers before it can float back to the top..
  13. Can't say if it's deliberate or an oversight, but critters resetting themselves to base temps (and full hunger bars) upon maturing has been there for a long time.
  14. Spinning rocket ride

    Didn't know about the temporary statement. Here's hoping it can come back. Here's an idea, how about it reduces stress but gives a temporary vomiting debuff. Then it really would be an Amusement Park ride
  15. I just noticed that the spinning rocket ride has been removed. Obviously it's not needed to train astronauts now, but it puts a damper in my planned Dupe Amusement Park. Sad face.