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  1. Good morning duelists!

    Umm, what?
  2. It's an interesting idea, but do you really have issues with oxygen distribution inside your base? Especially by the time you could build a conveyor system? A couple of vents in open areas and a few airflow tiles in the floors to let the co2 sink should be more than sufficient.
  3. I only use two mods at the moment. Prevent offgassing from items in storage (so I don't have to keep them under water). And buildable dirt tiles because I like using pips to plant wild flora.
  4. There's no point in feeding wild pacu period. Wild critters never starve.
  5. Changing Geysers

    To each his/her own. I have no issues with however you want to play your game Not my cup o' tea but sure. Most likely he's edited the configuration files. Many things are accessible via the yaml files. You can remove world traits you don't like, change the composition and layout of the "zone" blocks, even remove/create POI inserts as you wish. Or it might be a control mod.
  6. Changing Geysers

    Very much so. If you want to edit things instead of just living with issues. I use it a lot for editing my starting dupes and such rather than doing a bunch of rerolls.
  7. Changing Geysers

    The save file editor will let you reassign geyser types and rates (but not location) for any geyser that's been discovered. Doesn't have to be dug out just discovered.
  8. This also has a possible failure level if you ever let the liquid levels drop small enough to break the seals. But it's still a fun feature/principle of the game.
  9. It'll work for awhile, but you'll eventually warm up the ice biome and have it shut down. For long term you are basically required to use active cooling.
  10. You need multiple tanks for the PW to sit in for awhile. The PW doesn't get decontaminated while travelling in pipes. So, either put together one (or more) tanks with a germ sensor bypass to send the PW back into the tanks... Or (what I do) Set up multiple tanks with germ sensor or timer automation to open doors under the tanks for awhile. Tanks sitting on open doors will accept input but will not allow output to occur, giving the PW time to be sterilized. I use 3 tanks with the outer two set to 1/2 a day timer and the middle tank set to the opposite 1/2 of the day. I just use a second timer, but a NOT gate would probably work just as well. That ensures that the PW will always sit long enough in one of the 3 tanks to be cleaned. I have yet to have it fail. Then you can send the PW to the sieve and get germ-free clean water and germ-free polluted dirt.
  11. I use a container or two near the building that needs a specific resource (like coal gens), set to only that resource and priority 5. Then I have my general storage warehouse with lots of containers that take anything (except stuff that offgasses or melts) with priority 4.
  12. [Game Update] - 391330

    Considering that I'm not even sure if .Net Framework 4 will run on Vista...
  13. Im embarrassed to ask

    6 dupes may also partly explain why jobs are being left uncompleted. There's just too much to do and not enough workers to do it. I usually run with 16 dupes (4 shift setup) and have them before cycle 80-90.
  14. [Game Update] - 389761

    How much space does a Balloon Artist need? I've opened up a 4 high x 6 wide space in my rec room and it hasn't seemed to matter. Got sparkling trails and stickers everywhere, but no balloons.
  15. So, I've never gotten a Balloon Artist to do anything. However, from today's patch notes, it looks like that is because I don't have any room in my recreation areas or near the printing pod. My question though is "Is there any way to delete all of these sticker bombs all over the place?" They are really messing with my base's esthetic and I would like to get rid of some of them. There doesn't seem to be any way to do that though. I certainly can't get them hot enough to melt organic ooze...