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  1. Note that your setup will still back up and fail if the pressure in the room gets too high for the vent. If the pressure in the room is low enough, then no issues; but if it's a medium pressure room you'll probably need the advanced vent; and if it's a REALLY high pressure room, you'll need an infinite gas vent setup.
  2. Nope, no cots. The requirements are 1+ comfy bed, no cots, no industrial machines, 1+ decor items, 64 tiles max, at least 1 spot 4 tiles high. 7 beds in one room would be really odd looking. It would have to be all 3 tiles high, except for 1 spot, and really wide as each bed needs 4 spaces. Sure you could do it, but it just offends my aesthetics to do so I use 4 high by 16 long. 64 tiles, 4 beds in each room. But hey, each to their own
  3. Have to disagree there. That definitely looks like an unintended side-effect (i.e. bug). If it was deliberate, then it wouldn't be just a random chance of it working. Neutronium is marked as Special / Immeasurable / Impenetrable for a reason. Edit: still nice find there
  4. Use the duplicity save game editor. Just take any of the starting dupes, save the game, exit, then edit the save to adjust the dupes to what you want them to be. Then you can never use it again if that's you're desire.
  5. I'd love to have a kitchen room. Right now I tend to put the grill in my massage room since there's always a lot of unused space in there. I guess the dupes get a relaxing massage and a snack
  6. Of course, jumping through all of those hoops is more or less pointless. The Video Game takes 1.2 KW. It will break normal wires all by itself. Why a video console takes as much power as an electric ore smelter is another question :). One way to do what you seem to be trying to do is to 1) Use conductive wires (you have to if you want the VG in the mix) 2) Connect the wires through 2 normal transformers. That will prevent more than 2 KW from ever being used at a time.
  7. Even directly diagonal, they should be able to do it. Maybe post a screenshot of how you've got it setup? Of course, with Nakomaru's example display, it's rather unneeded, since he's got the entire dining hall in chlorine. But that's not how it's usually done. Building the infinite storage tile is usually done so that just that one tile can be in chlorine while the rest of the hall is in O2.
  8. I don't often setup a wind tunnel until so late in the game that I don't care if the dupes spend that much time basically idle. But, when I do try to get one up before that point, I always put a timer and a sensor on it so that it shuts itself off after a while.
  9. (Ignoring all of the power shutoffs, as I never really use them and might give invalid info). If you want the battery to shut off the generator(s), then you need to run the automation wire from the battery to the generator(s) directly. Then the battery will shut off the gen(s) when it's full (I typically use 95% as a high threshold and 30% as a low). If you want it to require both batteries, presumably because of power switching shenanigans, then you use an AND gate with the automation wires from both batteries, then to the gen(s). Of course, unless you're trying to use the shutoffs to do some grid switching to prevent overloads, then there's no real reason to have more than one battery anyway. Connected correctly it only lets the gen(s) run when they are needed for charging. Additional: The use of the 1KW transformer, by itself will prevent overloads from ever happening. The 1KW transformer simply cannot supply more than 1KW of power at a time (unless you throw a battery into the mix after the transformer). You'll get brownouts, but not overloads, if you have more then 1KW consumers on the wire (again assuming no battery in there)..
  10. You can't use a co2 lock when one side is a vacuum. The gas will just spread out.
  11. The consuming vacuum notification is just the way it displays. I think it's because it sucks up whatever gas it's actually in leaving a little vacuum pocket as it works, hence the notification. But that's just a theory on my part. Question though? Why tame a CO2 geyser? Do you have any use for cold CO2? Heck, I'm usually trying to figure out ways to heat mine up so I can feed it to slicksters and keep them alive (i.e. warm enough to not turn into longhairs).
  12. Probably the regolith teleport bug. I don't think that's been fixed yet.
  13. Well unless you're running some kind of switching mod, you've got your inputs and outputs reversed between the bridge, the shutoff, and the tuner.
  14. Well, they changed the version number with the latest patch again. So the editor is rejecting save files. I tried to look through the code to find where it's doing the version check, but couldn't find it.