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  1. I think I get it now from reading those posts. Let me recap it. Transformers will always have the same output rate. When the transformers internal batteries are empty, it will have unlimited consumption rate. When the internal storage is full, it will limit its consumption to its output rate. To avoid this problem, always keep your transformers charged. This means that planning for brownouts are a no go. @Gamers Handbook Does this happen when the transformer is fully charged too or just when its empty/partially empty? It could even be a rounding error with the transformers.
  2. Klei, I broke your forums. Send help please. @ImDaMisterL @Ipsquiggle I don't know who else to tell my issues to. I promise they are valid ones, however not everyone has this problem. Some might say I dream too big.
  3. Duplicants will replenish more oxygen than they consume when running low on oxygen. Duplicant Penitentiary.sav
  4. Pacu Feeder gets bugged and does not load algae. Possible culprit is not having water under the feeder 100% of the time. Base.sav
  5. Can confirm. There are a few topics where people have run into a problem of debris destroying heating/cooling chambers.
  6. That's pretty cool, it's essentially a stress tester for code changes. Which is faster, "Luke" or "Vader", that killed me
  7. We've found work-arounds for this using all sorts of buildings and systems to turn power change into automation. I'd still like to see this patched though. It affects too many players to be apart of the game in general.
  8. I think it should go without saying that if you are going to help out with testing, you should forego any mods you are accustomed to. Put blueprints and pliers in a safe place. Cast those fast saves, dooricons, schedule master, falling sand, and sweep by type away. Do not be swayed by draggable ui, deconstructible poi props, favorite resources, critter inventory, or build over plants. Look away from the compact info cards, dgsm, settings change tool, show industrial machinery tag, achievement progress, and even gas overlay. Trust a friend to hold onto your care package manager, plan buildings without materials, bigger camera zoom out, bigger building menu, and geyser calculated average output tooltip. I know life without mods can seem like emptyworlds, but with your help, we can make this a neon eden. The only one who can mod manager your life is you.