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  1. if I remember correctly, I think that the wires will overload if you don't sync them with another gate. battery syncing is still a thing with switches so they aren't simultaneously charging/discharging on the same circuit within 1-tic. a second gate will fix this, usually an OR gate but other types work too. I did a couple tests on it before, I don't think that the reg&heavi will connect if a regular wire is sitting on the charging side of the shutoffs.If they still overload, then you may be right and I've missed something. I had thought about that too. I initially designed it that way because I liked how the wires were routed like that. I didn't mind it running full time either because I am usually drowning in water by the time I make something like that. usually to get an accurate reading for automation you wouldn't have anything hooked up to that portion of the switch, I just didn't want to add more power infrastructure and just use what was there. As far as I know, hydrogen seems to be the best power source early-midgame before turbines and it's a little easier to set up imo. Just in case people are wondering what I've been doing. I took a little break off oni to finish another game.
  2. Babel Tower. Please read it.

    I think I've only run across across one or two "bigshots" who think they are all that, but for the most part everyone on the forums are pretty cool. Even in english, people misunderstand me and I them. If you want to respond to someone, don't worry too much about the consequences of what they think, just go for it. It's much better than ghosting the forums in my opinion. Even in casual settings, manners should still apply. If people are getting on to you, you don't have to reply to them. If you are worried about the language barrier, don't be. Try to rephrase your answers as questions to probe them if you understand what they are trying to say instead of answering out right if you are unsure. I like to beat grammar nazis by editing my comment, then asking: "what do you mean?". If they quote you on a misspelled word, just quote them, but purposefully misspell one their words in the quote and then say nice edit, to make others think they edited it. XD For me that would be pictures and diagrams compared to lengthy essays, but I have been known to do both.
  3. You're right, it is covered up. I didn't notice that. It is a not-or gate. The reason I use this is to sync the battery switch. You can find more info here.
  4. Sort of. Think of it this way; the net morale upkeep is 0 for tier 1 skills if they are interested and +1 if they are not interested. Tier 2 interested. = +1 morale requirement Tier 2 not interested. = +2 morale requirement The morale bonus only applies when you spend skill points. Don't forget that the upkeep is additive with all tiers. EX. tier1+tier2+tier3=+6morale upkeep uninterested, +3 upkeep if interested.
  5. I posted it further up the thread. Do you mean the battery switcher? That's under a whole different topic. gamers handbook covers a little bit on transformer looping. There are also a bunch of topics on battery switching in general. I'd check the uni under energy manipulation and handbook's videos for more on this.
  6. It seems like these guys didn't do proper testing. Very nice research! I always used the ladder-pole combo early game because it helped with airflow and speed. Now after reading this, it appears I don't have to make any changes nearing the late game. What puzzles me is that some people were saying that ladders can be faster than poles, but that is simply not possible from what your saying. Is there more to this or is this not possible?
  7. The op dates back to august. Some things may have changed since then. I've never used this design myself, but it did give me an idea of how to build something else.
  8. I completely forgot to account for material production. Puft princes are a worse conversion as 6Havok9 pointed out in another post. I don't see a way around this though. To get pufts you need puft princes. I'd look up everything you can on shipping/rails. You would move the eggs. The loaders are the filters.
  9. I think I get what you mean. You're talking about peak wattage vs average wattage. I get that that having more transformers is generally beneficial to get a boost in peak wattage over sustained average wattage to maximize generator usage. I was trying to see if I could cut down on the middle man between generators and transformers to maximize sustained wattage. I think it comes down to preference at that point. Some people like to add more generators the more potential consumers they have while others like to max out power consumption for the generators they do have. I'm a mix of both. I try to use different techniques to see if I should add more generators or not. If you're talking about something else than I'm just not getting it.
  10. I may not have understood the context of what I was quoting, my b. Starting over. I think you only need to use 1 transformer to get a similar effect to what handbook was trying to do in the op. Would this work and what are the differences is what I'm trying to figure out.
  11. You do know that automation will tell those generators to turn on right? Edit. Oh were you talking about the time it takes to draw from those batteries at 1kw/tick. The more generators and switches you add, the more your battery bank and peak power output will build up to stabilize your whole base as a system.
  12. I only need to use 1 for a transformer loop. example further down the post. You need to get all generators to see all battery switches on your circuit to get this effect. 2 transformers will stabilize the charge/discharge, but I'm not sure you need 2. If you had 1 transformer for the discharge, it would still be stabilized. @Gamers Handbook, Can I get your input on this.
  13. The Psychology of Forum Usage

    The way that dc functions is built in a way to not retain conversations. If you want it to last, you;d have to group message the the people you were talking with. I find it hard to tell if people are talking to me or not on dc when it gets busy.