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  1. Sometimes it helps to enable/disable the sweeper, sometimes you have to rebuild the receptacle.
  2. I'm in a similar situation; have a few dupes who aren't allowed to leave the base yet. They have some low-prio tasks they can do inside, falling back on a few prio 3 manual generators that are always workable (no battery). So there's ALWAYS something to do. But from time to time... "idle" "idle(2)", "idle(3)". Then it goes away. Then "idle", "idle(2)". It is super annoying.
  3. Same here. I'ts extremely annoying. My regolith is 50 degrees when I look, 290 when I don't.
  4. Yup, I know. But i'd need to make a hole in the back of my supercoolant tank for that to work. And besides, it should be fixed anyway. Until then I'm keeping my OP OP legacy pitcher pump that's slightly in the wrong place, but has a drywall behind it.
  5. When fertilizer and slime turn into dirt at high (250C+) temperatures, they tend to not retain their original mass but double it instead. The Antigravity Sewer 4.sav
  6. You're assuming this was the reason. (And if anything it decreased the thermal reactivity by increasing mass, but let's not go there. Also let's not go into "unfair advantage" against.... what? It's not like there was this mega-op borg cube 2.0 that was enabled by this rather benign glitch.) An odd thing to spend hours and hours on, when there are dozens and dozens of issues each way more detrimental than this. But again, assuming this was the reason for the change. It could have been anything else. Whatever it was, they probably thought "hey we can fix it by just setting NotInTile on drywalls, yay!" And they did, and they realized they need to address doors, mesh tiles, etc. So they did. No matter what though, ultimately space is now a LOT poopier for us. It's hard to make changes to existing structures (like upgrade to viscogel doorways from whatever else you were using) without venting a lot of your gas, not to mention liquids (khm rocket fuel). Yeah it can ALL be worked around, I'm not doubting that, but it's just a huge dose of tedium the game simply doesn't need.
  7. I am really puzzled by how they're handling this problem that they created. We don't know for sure why the original change was made, and I am trying to give them some benefit of the doubt, but no matter how they patch this mess it's a lot of extra work for them and space will always be ****tier for us than it was before.
  8. Yeah but maybe don't recompute the entire network every time a pipe segment is added or removed? I'm OK if a new segment is idle/nonfunctional for a while, if that means my dupes can change a few hundred segments in a cycle and i can actually continue using the game in the meantime.
  9. I am getting hit with this as well, it's annoying that - if i don't pay attention and mark the buggy puft for attacking - the rancher spends his entire day smooching at the creature fruitlessly. For what it's worth this has nothing to do with air pressure. Not high pressure at least. My puft rooms are at a consistent 700-900g.
  10. I had the same issue with an electric grill, and only noticed when "unpermitted food" popped up. The grill was full of ingredients for the recipe.