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  1. I hate to be the guy that says this, but... it's more complicated than that. It's not an average, they're multiplied together. And there's a constant. You want the cell-to-building formula if you're curious about pipes. But the short answer is: if you want the fastest heat exchange with gas, and can't afford space stuff, use steel pipes. They're the best, and unless you're trying to change the temperature of the gas by hundreds of degrees, a couple of sections is usually enough. Like @Craigjw said, the rest doesn't much matter. Very simply: have a reservoir next to the refinery with coolant in it, and have a steam turbine above. Have the refinery's output go through 6-8 sections of alu pipe under the steam turbine. Use thermal buffering (dirt tempshift, igneous drywall, etc) under the turbine so you don't spike a few kilos of water way above 200C. Next have the coolant go to the reservoir. From the reservoir, have it go to the refinery's input. Depending on how many pipe sections you used for cooling, the coolant in the reservoir will, long term, average to a bit (or a fair bit) over what the steam temperature is. It doesn't really matter what that temperature is, provided the coolant exiting the refinery isn't anywhere close to boiling. Keep an eye on it, but this setup is as simple as it gets, and as long as you use enough alu pipe, enough thermal buffer, and have a reservoir fullish with petrol, it cannot go wrong. If you want to be a bit fancier: use a thermo sensor in the steam so your turbine only turns on at 200C to maximize efficiency. If you do this, you'll probably have to find a way to cool the turbine itself. If instead you let it auto-regulate at 125C, it can probably self-cool with its own output.
  2. I think @Tonyroid's design accomplishes what yours doesn't: generate the maximum amount of electricity from the steam. (You don't provide numbers other than that the AT runs 45% of the time during eruption, which suggests that the turbines run very hot.) Your design values space over power efficiency. Both are fine for what they are. Tony's could be made smaller even without changing the way it works, but it's a pretty good effort. I love that diagonal pump. I am not sure that I would combine them with a door compressor like that, but while they may be weird, they're good weird.
  3. Just to report in on a multi-turbine setup, this has been working reasonably well for me: From left to right, I'm getting 850W, 820W and 740W. Given that 2 SC ATs should almost, but not quite, run three turbines full on (they come short with 270kDTU or so) this is pretty reasonable. I seem to be generating 10 more watts than I'm spending on the ATs. The metal tiles and tempshifts (alu & copper) are sort of a first attempt at drawing heat towards the cold side. It's working OK with the cold turbine on the right pulling in 185C steam, the hot one on the left draws 200.5C. Thanks @Tonyroid for highlighting this bug. So much power would have been wasted...
  4. You can do either, no need for both. Steam at 20kg or less seems to marginalize the effect, and limiting water to one tile probably mitigates it completely.
  5. For what it's worth this setup has been running for well over 1000 cycles and is definitely not heat negative, based on the number of turbines vs. amount of magma used: I originally added the "pit" under the vents to prevent the turbines stalling for 1 tick when they say they have their input blocked due to the temporarily appearing water. I also have the heat input on the opposite side - it does not much matter with such a narrow build but still, generally it's bad practice. It looks like I accidentally did two things that mitigate the bug? Note I have 800+kg steam in these, as I'm using them for boiling pwater and it seems impossible to replace the correct amount of water with just math + a valve. Observing these for a while, pwater boils to steam in 2000g chunks on a single tile, and on the next tick it's 60+kg steam at 197+ C. It keeps growing in mass and temperature up to 250kg and 198.5C, then it's 2000g pwater again. The tile above fluctuates between 600-800kg steam and no visible change in temperarure. So in any case, this seems safe from the bug, even if it does not exploit it for a beneficial effect.
  6. Were you able to gain any more understanding into what specifically is going on? Given your reach you must get a lot of input. FWIW I don't think the person you stickied on youtube really understands what clamping means. @mathmanican might have some insight if he were around more.
  7. I noticed the issue when my hot rocks were only driving about half as many turbines as they was supposed to. Cutting steam pressure below 20kg solved the problem, and I did not think much more about it. TBH there's usually not much need for very high pressure that couldn't be sorted in another way. If you want thermal buffering igneous drywall (worth about 100kg water) or dirt tempshifts (about 3-400kg water) are great options.
  8. It will deplete it quickly for sure, but you'll also get 2 eggs every 3 cycles per fish. And those eggs will hatch to live forever, barring some accidents. If I build up a large population early on, I don't mind not having any more algae left. Feeding them 1kg/cycle is just a super slow way of generating 2 eggs in 25 cycles, they spend most of it glum because of starvation. :/ First I heard about 1kg/30sec is from you above, I would imagine this not only resets the starve timer but also makes the status go away? That would be fantastic. Edit: I just watched them eat their daily 1kg dose, and the starving debuff went away for maybe 10-15 seconds. I suppose that's still less than 200kg cycle.
  9. I like this because you can use the 2kg water space on the left for batteries, transformers, etc. They shouldn't flood with just 2kg pressure. @Eleyvie, for your sustenance chamber, 1 full water tile is enough. They will be overcrowded anyway, right? Air tiles are counted to prevent them from being confined, and you take the eggs out to prevent cramped; the rest doesn't matter. I'm doing that if I can't afford 200kg, and it's pretty painful. They lay maybe 2 eggs before they die, and the whole thing takes 25 cycles. It's possible I'm doing it wrong but I also don't mind feeding them 200kg until I'm out; what else is algae good for?
  10. I usually just block off hot po2 vents, but this build is small enough to absolutely make it worth cracking them open.
  11. The canister emptier works under liquids, pretty handy. Sorry that screenshot is after the fact. @Saturnus this is such a brilliant design.
  12. Auto-sweeper ignoring items

    Sometimes it helps to enable/disable the sweeper, sometimes you have to rebuild the receptacle.
  13. Idle pop-pop-pop is hugely annoying

    I'm in a similar situation; have a few dupes who aren't allowed to leave the base yet. They have some low-prio tasks they can do inside, falling back on a few prio 3 manual generators that are always workable (no battery). So there's ALWAYS something to do. But from time to time... "idle" "idle(2)", "idle(3)". Then it goes away. Then "idle", "idle(2)". It is super annoying.
  14. Same here. I'ts extremely annoying. My regolith is 50 degrees when I look, 290 when I don't.