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  1. I think once you're building 20KW powerplants, you can probably afford to run them continuously, and don't need a battery at all. For smaller early-game powerplants a single battery is fine. I've been using one for about a hundred cycles with 5 natgas gens.
  2. No you don't HAVE to. Line load is determined by consumers. If you only have producers and batteries (which don't count as consumers) on a network, you can put as much power into it as you want. This is the whole point of having a pair of batteries permanently split off your consumers from the generators. But I think you get this. This has nothing to do with transformer ticks. The only time you may want to use transformers is if you don't want to run your generators continuously. In that case create a sub-network on heavi wire, put one battery on it, and use automation to have it turn on the generators at whatever charge level. 0 works I guess. You are limited to 20kw on this network. Then use one or more transformers (how many depends on how much power you're generating on this subnet) to take power from the local heavi and send it to your backbone (which in my example above is a low-tech 1KW wire). The transformer(s) are seen on the heavi network as consumers (but you don't care because you're using heavi wire) and they're seen as producers on the 1KW wire (but you don't care because production is not limited by line capacity.)
  3. Ok first off, generators don't exceed the line capacity. Ever. Second, I am not sure what that design is meant to accomplish but it's way too complicated for what you're trying to do. You can use this instead: Generators (and only generators) are on the 1KW wire. I have about 40KW on this network and it's not overloaded. Your consumers are on the conductive wires. You can also use heavi if needed. The left battery in each pair is set to 100%/20%. Try not connecting any instead.
  4. Atmo suit melting has never been a problem for me in magma. Dupe wearing the suit, being scalded to death, much more so. The jet suit won't make a difference there. And they can't swim, you still need ladders in liquid. ?? The atmo suits already don't have a CO2 problem. Probably not, but you can just use an atmo suit instead.
  5. It's a perfectly good idea.
  6. I have, but they don't typically comment on bugs, do they?
  7. When fertilizer and slime turn into dirt at high (250C+) temperatures, they tend to not retain their original mass but double it instead. The Antigravity Sewer 4.sav
  8. Here you go, I set it up again. The Antigravity Sewer 4.sav Just mine all the fertilizer in the boxes before you unpause. Running it gives somewhat different results for naked high-temp; it was doubling 10 out of 10 before, now it's 1 or 2 out of 10. In a container it's still 8-9 out of 10 for high-temp. Low temp is still 0/10. The only difference between this reset test and the original is that I painted in and mined the original fertilizer in a vacuum, whereas here they've been put in with the H2 already in place.
  9. You're assuming this was the reason. (And if anything it decreased the thermal reactivity by increasing mass, but let's not go there. Also let's not go into "unfair advantage" against.... what? It's not like there was this mega-op borg cube 2.0 that was enabled by this rather benign glitch.) An odd thing to spend hours and hours on, when there are dozens and dozens of issues each way more detrimental than this. But again, assuming this was the reason for the change. It could have been anything else. Whatever it was, they probably thought "hey we can fix it by just setting NotInTile on drywalls, yay!" And they did, and they realized they need to address doors, mesh tiles, etc. So they did. No matter what though, ultimately space is now a LOT poopier for us. It's hard to make changes to existing structures (like upgrade to viscogel doorways from whatever else you were using) without venting a lot of your gas, not to mention liquids (khm rocket fuel). Yeah it can ALL be worked around, I'm not doubting that, but it's just a huge dose of tedium the game simply doesn't need.
  10. None taken but I set up this test. The Antigravity Sewer 4.sav First row, naked 50kg fertilizer, 150C H2 --> 10 50kg dirt blocks. 2nd row, naked 50kg fertilizer, 250C H2 --> 10 100kg dirt blocks. 3rd row, 50kg fertilizer in a bin, 150C H2 --> 10 50kg dirt blocks. 4th row, 50kg fertilizer in a bin, 250C H2 --> 1 50kg dirt block, 9 100kg dirt blocks.
  11. Nope When my steam turbine-heated build was not producing double mass reliably at 150C, I went to look for a cause, and 260 degrees ended up being the sweet spot. It should be said that I have been keeping the slime in storage containers until it turned to dirt. I still do, I realized partway through the process that they had nothing to do with the doubling. But all the temperature tests I've done earlier had the slime in containers. It may work differently for "naked" objects.
  12. I am really puzzled by how they're handling this problem that they created. We don't know for sure why the original change was made, and I am trying to give them some benefit of the doubt, but no matter how they patch this mess it's a lot of extra work for them and space will always be ****tier for us than it was before.
  13. Well there's nothing in tonight's update that's even remotely close. Unless "fetch tasks for micro amounts" has any relevance. You could try a taller room and build a dropper for the regolith? It might be a bit of work but they're so damn efficient meat factories, it's probably better than slicksters still. EDIT: I just noticed the airlocks, presumably they're there to try and fix the issue, and they don't work? One possible thing to try, and I have no idea if this will work or not, but you could try hiding the feeders in two side rooms behind mech doors, and only have one side room open at a time. The idea behind this is that maybe the problem isn't with the feeders, it's the voles that start ignoring them after a while. It might reset their behavior if you temporarily cut off access and then allow them to the feeders again. (Voles will get stuck in the side rooms so you have to account for some of them being glum, but it still beats the alternative.)
  14. I doubt you guys would have missed it if it was. But the point still stands, it only works reliably at 260+ Celsius. Trying to do it at close to the phase change temperature only yields single mass tiles. I'm just guessing here, it may have something to do with the rate of temperature change? Maybe not because even very large chunks such as 20t full bins will double in mass if exposed to high heat, and that much slime/whatever takes a long time to heat up.