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The Wood War isn't over

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Yeah I know that the "WODIE" keys has been massacred recently on all our keybords :



But there is once thing I wanted to talk about, and I wonder why this is such ignored :

3 hours ago, thomas4845 said:

i think woodie has become the cursed rather than the lumberjack which is my problem because lumberjack should be his main abilities but rather then that i think you just over-simplified woodie down to how you would play it


  • The Woodie's Refresh didn't changed a single thing about Lucy, and this is fine cause she's dealing well with Woodie for cutting the trees fast
  • (Btw it is me or she's not very talkative now?)
  • Now that Woodie have no more Beaver-Meter, you can cute trees just using your axe and not your Beaverform for as long you want to.
  • He don't have to eat wood if you don't want to turn to a Werebeaver


Now... With these 3 points, do Woodie harvest more wood ?


Even from the start, you didn't needed to eat the wood you collect : You just have to cut trees with Lucy and keep doing as the Werebeaver, it's was fine

Now it's the same but you only use the axe, and to be more correct, you can still go in your Werebeaver form but this will result in dropping your food to 0, so doing that will simply make you loosing time, the duration of the form can't be maintained, only slowed before returning in the human form.

So yeah, this refresh isn't an improvement for the Lumberjack side of Woodie.


And you know what I'll be about to talk now.

- Maxwell's Efficiency

- Maxwell's Power Cost

Who's the true lumberjack of the game ?

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my personal gripe with this rework so far is that not much seems to be synergizing and these separate ideas aren't cohesive with what Woodie has most of the time. The one thing I noticed was Lucy's lack of durability loss makes her wonderful for farming butterflies to stockpile for healing after transforming

I'd like to see stuff like being near ally mobs extending the duration of the forms for example (linking to Woodie's increased companion time), I'd really like to see something more to do with wood and Lucy that are his core identity and a downside that could stem from either wood or Lucy too, i.e Woodie is a clingy wreck and can't regenerate sanity if Lucy isn't equipped or something crazy

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