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  1. i think wurt changed from hurt and possible fighter survivor but dont know
  2. maybe two combat type boss first we see, first kill arms in the sea and kill main part , head or brain whatever on the island orr.... do same time both of them ?! one group or player try to stop arms or other things on the sea other group or player fighting main part ?
  3. Excelent but where did you get images ? i want to make too but little bit simple
  4. maybe skill set but appereance.. doesnt fit dst world need re-model i think
  5. i think she is charlie
  6. webber and wendy scared by other new survivor or by haunted hallow story ?
  7. i noticed later but what is this waggstaff you should go doc
  8. Next Rework?

    uhm what happen if you eat gears than change your hero ? than again change to play with upgraded wx ? if answer no ; wx should be next rework i think
  9. Ro Bin ?

    well looks like we should wait for bug fixes
  10. Ro Bin ?

    s/he hatched inside :/ but nevermind i already dead
  11. secret ways

    kinda weird look when you press plates the secret way destroying and magical way to repair
  12. Ro Bin ?

    hatched from egg but than disappeared when i leave the home