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  1. best lore video! we should have seen similar deal in woodie's video :O
  2. if you guys really want a challange you can donwload mods for challange and more...
  3. guys seriously. Wes just for challangers full of with disadvantage perks, i like wes but i just want to play with him *with fun* not for challange so i waiting for wes of course
  4. oh will we see shadow island concept?
  5. maybe skill set but appereance.. doesnt fit dst world need re-model i think
  6. webber and wendy scared by other new survivor or by haunted hallow story ?
  7. kinda weird look when you press plates the secret way destroying and magical way to repair
  8. when this update (salty dog) release in nonbeta ?
  9. normaly its head spin but now some leaser spinning around it