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  1. Remps simple artwork

    @minespatch i'll do but i infected by virus and formated my pc now try to download everything from start ^^ sorry for delay @ResettePlayer i almost finished monster maxwell but still same issue for upload first downloading ps
  2. @Zillvr idk whats that mean but i didnt write 16 player or something like that also didnt understand where to should i write "+validate "
  3. Remps simple artwork

    Starting right now ^^
  4. its okey but now cant find my server ,oh ill cry :'D
  5. i did but now invalid token error i used all tokens but same
  6. @Zillvr i tried but my StartDSTServers.bat isnt change still notepad
  7. About the 2019 plan

    i want to see hot biomes for willow and thats mean willow gets buff
  8. as you see enough space for pig king arena maybe some item blocked or building ?
  9. Remps simple artwork

    As you knows , seen under the weekly art post im back !! and i have an idea ; I'll draw what you want from me one by one as much as i can then throw to me guys ^^
  10. feed or kill pig who carries belt then give that belt to pig king