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  1. Really appriciate this fix and thanks for listening. I might be nitpicking here, because overall its a big improvement to what we had before. But the moose in my opinion is still isn't the greatest. For me to use it, get punched by lose alot of health than turn back to have an empty stomach really discourages people/me to use the form for what it was meant to do, punching some people around.
  2. FIXED - Somehow adding don't starve together to the nvdia control panel made it work i guess.
  3. Ok so i tried a ton of things from here So far nothing worked. I reinstalled the game multiple times deleting everything related to it. Ive verified integrity multiple times i disabled my anti virus. Yet it keeps bringing up the same error message with the green outline.
  4. So because i didn't see wormwood in the beta version I chaned it back to the normal game. Now every time I try to run the game i get this error, even tho my steam is running. And now it even wont start up with the beta version either. Can someone help me?