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  1. FIXED - Somehow adding don't starve together to the nvdia control panel made it work i guess.
  2. Ok so i tried a ton of things from here So far nothing worked. I reinstalled the game multiple times deleting everything related to it. Ive verified integrity multiple times i disabled my anti virus. Yet it keeps bringing up the same error message with the green outline.
  3. So because i didn't see wormwood in the beta version I chaned it back to the normal game. Now every time I try to run the game i get this error, even tho my steam is running. And now it even wont start up with the beta version either. Can someone help me?
  4. Culturally problematic?

    At this point im not really sure what you are on about. But if you didn't care about what I think than why keep quoting me?
  5. Culturally problematic?

    But i am the one contradicting myself. My only concern is that I don't want keli in the future going down appeasing game journos and hating on their own fanbase like other developer teams did. That's it. I hope i was clear on that because i don't want to see another comment talking about me reee-ing about they removing Warbucks when you only have to read the first thing that started this discussion to know that it wasn't the case.
  6. Culturally problematic?

    Who claimed otherwise? I did think they were screeching too but an other commenter pointed that out to me earlier. But maybe if you'd read it you wouldn't assume its my immagination because i already knew that at this point. But it seems like you didnt really fully comprehend my previous comment either.
  7. Culturally problematic?

    Don't know if you read my previous posts but i never cared about the removal of him. The only thing i cared about is their unnecessary reasoning. But I think there is a difference between people sreeching to remove something and people screeching because an artist created something and they want it back cos they loved it.
  8. Culturally problematic?

    Well if they feel like going down that route they can start to appease everyone that has a slightest offence about their work. And it won't be rewarding on the long run i can tell you that. Also there are many things that are offend me. You know what do i do? Move on with my life.
  9. Culturally problematic?

    The point i wanted to make with that question is that: Maybe they felt like it wasn't such a good idea because they didn't want people to screech at them? Even if it would probably had zero effect on them.
  10. Culturally problematic?

    If they truly felt that way how did it got into the game?
  11. Culturally problematic?

    So why they felt adding that to their reasoning?
  12. Culturally problematic?

    I never said they shouldn't have taken him out of the game. I said adding that as a reason was odd. So there is nothing hypocritical about that. And let's be honest, they themselves didn't find it offensive either, thats why it was put in the game in the first place. Ofc they change their mind when the loud and small miniority bullies them into it.
  13. Culturally problematic?

    I appriciate that you are not reee-ing on me and explain the point perfectly. To the last questions i have only two words. Artistic freedom. They didn't have to double down on anything, they just shouldn't be afraid of a backlash that would never happen. There would be like 3 guys reee-ing while the others just don't care + those 3 guys wouldn't even have hamlet to begin with, or they wouldn't really care either, they would just play another character. Also anything can be made into a contreversy. I honestly belive, if klei didn't change his lines and kept him in it would have had no effect on their product. Many of these things are only fake outrage. I don't think an artist or a developer team's vision should be limited because of people who supposedly get offended by a video game. I think its really childish at best. My relatives were taken into gulags to die there and it was way more recent than colonialism. Should i get offended by gulag jokes too? Should i reee on games that feature communists in it? Of course not. So people who were upset i would just say grow a pair.
  14. Culturally problematic?

    So a game can't depict bad parts of history? There are alot of games where you play in a colonial era colonizing other people. Or enslaving people etc. And there is nothing wrong with that.
  15. Culturally problematic?

    w8 wendy is culturally problemetic too? wut Well they could have just said he wasn't interesting enough and end it there.