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  1. I'd like a little baby pigman too.
  2. Possible DST Lore Conclusion

    1. The ending should be, the players get out of the constant to the real world and they are happy dancing and jumping and all. But then they realize it's still the constant but some new addition to it. Kinda like the hamlet dlc was, or the forge and gorge realms. So it would be just a prank and thats the ending. 2. Idea The shadow thot gets killed by one of the players and that player gets super powers and rules the constant from his throne.
  3. Second dumb death. 1. Going on server. 2. Finding a random russian guy that gives food. 3. Trap both of us on a boat for lolz. 4. Trying to die on the boat by starvation. 5. Russian guy makes the boat on fire by accident. 6. Dying is inevitable now. 7. Somehow neither of us die and we reach the shore of an island with the burning boat. 8. We track down elephant. 9. Russian guy dies randomly. 10. Kills elephant in depression. 11. Makes a tinktank to make a boat. 12. Sails out to the ocean to recreate the situation that brought to this island. 13. Burns boat to make sure to die this time cos that's what the russian guy would have wanted. 14. Burns alive on the boat, the charred skeletal body floats on the water.
  4. 1. Having winter. 2. Going to slap the fat walrus and his family's ass in moose form. 3. Kill the family, transform back to 0 sanity and 0 food. 4. Get bitten by a shadow monster once and die right after transforming back.
  5. Really appriciate this fix and thanks for listening. I might be nitpicking here, because overall its a big improvement to what we had before. But the moose in my opinion is still isn't the greatest. For me to use it, get punched by lose alot of health than turn back to have an empty stomach really discourages people/me to use the form for what it was meant to do, punching some people around.
  6. Woodie Goose Replacement idea

    Doesnt change the fact that gooses are everywhere.
  7. Woodie Goose Replacement idea

    How the hell is a goose an iconic canadian animal? I guess its there too, but it doesn't make it iconic does it? But i get what you mean.
  8. Remember the eskimo woman scene from the simpsons movie? Thats what happened to woodie, but she cursed him with moose goose juice.
  9. Life sucks for woodie than he dies. Thats the big update.
  10. Woodie Goose Replacement idea

    No one said klei throws away their assets. It was just an idea. And in my opinion a running goose was a poor one, but i'm free to have that opinion.
  11. Woodie Goose Replacement idea

    Thats true, and im also pretty sure they could make a cool design for it. But you need to take into account the loading time traveling from surface to cave. And it might f up a server with many werewoodies traveling back and forth constantly.