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[Game Update] - 358771

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  • Developer
  • Fixed a crash while drowning
  • Fixed characters jittering on the client while watching other clients hop on and off boats.
  • Fixed a small camera dip while hopping on and off boats.
  • Fixed anchor disappearing when in use.
  • Fixed missing seastack textures.
  • Updated edge of world textures.


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4 hours ago, YouKnowWho said:

Hey, does the camera change a bit if you have sails? I swear I can see farther than I did before. 

It's from an oldish change.

They changed how the camera works on boats. The camera sticks down and follows your boat but once you gain momentum and start going quicker the camera will expand to follow the direction you're heading.

So yes, the quicker you head in a direction (more sails) the camera will move to help you see what's ahead that direction.

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On 10. 8. 2019 at 2:20 PM, landromat said:

can you fall?

No, but I think it would be very interesting if it were.
Just imagine that you sailed by sea and drove to the waterfalls and then you fell into the depths of darkness, I think it would be very interesting, although I don't know what would happen to you then: D

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