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new character?

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i was looking through the dialogue for din't starve's wortox and i found speech or greetings for a new character, i wanna confirm this or know if this is simply a misunderstanding but from i can see is that the character seems to be a goat which could help show that it could be a character from the gorge, and his repetitive use of the word small could mean it's billy


            GENERIC = "Hyuyu, what are you up to %s?",
            ATTACKER = "Don't get my goat, little %s!",
            MURDERER = "Eep! Don't slaughter me!",
            REVIVER = "Thank-you, thank-you, little goat!",
            GHOST = "Don't worry, I'm not hungry.",
            FIRESTARTER = "Little goat! You played pranks without me!",

from looking at the other's speech files this is unique to wortox 

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21 minutes ago, Gagarin-ace said:

new character gona be evil twin of Wes - called Wos

If it’s evil, you have to reverse the W to a M...

just adding a second S for style and we got : MESS

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This is rather old, that being in since Wortox first arrived, but we do think it might be linked with the next character.

There are a few threads talking about it, and many people assume it's going to be Billy from the Gorge.

The only thing that stands in the way of this is Billy using a hunchback build, and not having a name with a W in it.

Only way around these would be to reveal another part of Billy's name with a W, and to possibly redraw him as a non-bunchback entity.

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You know, Klei have been adding a lot of non-human characters. First we got spider, then monkey, then pig, then plant, then imp and now goat.

I doubt it would be Billy though. My bet is on a completly new character that might be from the Gorge world.

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18 hours ago, __IvoCZE__ said:

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I know I said earlier in some other topic that I don't think it's gonna be Mumsy or Billy but now I remembered them saying something about following our characters through the portal. It was something like "Billy and I'll follow soon behind!".

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