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  1. costume with tail

    yeap, its a pants, i look only at costume section before, thats why i dont find any
  2. catty costume have tail,but yesterday i see wolfgang with some costume with tail (brown tail) i cant fint this costume on curio cabinet maybe someone know how it called or how to get it?
  3. just join to official klei server, night fall in 2 sec, but there was no light around me. i instantly die its new feature after update or server option or lag?
  4. all console commands

    actuaaly i want to know commands which work on klei server, to save some gameplay
  5. how to roll back the world, to kick firestarter and all other usefull commands?
  6. Screenshot showcase

    yeap, he can pick up items fast and dig (if i remember correctly) most of time i played speedruns (wicker, wx, wes) only on single i play webber but still, anyone able to be farmer on regular dst, i just noticed everyone choosing webber for farming (me too)/ thats kinda subconsciously
  7. Screenshot showcase

    why everyone who play webber use him as farmer, actually webber dont even need food from farm, thats really hard question
  8. Klei Servers

    welcome to dst
  9. kinda problem, maybe make him as dlc, which gona be wisible on ofline mode or some other solution?
  10. litter question

    sorry bro, i m watching too much japan porn
  11. is wortox able to grow like wolfgang or something wrong with me?
  12. so, if dogs gona die on tooth trap wortox will get nothing? why? its kinda smart using of resources, and now it will be useless? only pvp fights?
  13. Question about Wortox

    some men just want to watch the world burn
  14. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    play wortox on public server with private mod invite everyone to yor base they come to your base your base dont have gates to come in wortox is priceless troll