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  1. [h] wx triumphant [w] something else

    i already have all that stuff, even webber triumphant ☺
  2. anything, u can add me for discuss
  3. i dont build wardrobe yet on this server
  4. so, i create an army, like 20-25 spiders and just see one bug: i create spider army and walk near prev fight, where one meet was on water and cant be picked up, when i run near it - all spiders run to that meat, and just stopped near shore (i lost my army) they dont listen to me anymore - they only trying to eat that meat. i try to feed them, but they dont listen to me either maybe that abbility need to rework? coz its kinda stupid, i collect all that spiders, feed them, and all my greedy soldiers betrayed me at the first opportunity
  5. triumphant, goh and all others (not event elegants like halloween) can drop during event or only at nonevent time? can they drop from event chests?
  6. eat green mushrooms, its fastest way, then eat some food to restore health or use blue, then green cooked mushrooms (blue drop sanity to 0, but restore health, then eat few green)
  7. are we talking about same account ?
  8. i just checked - october 19, so its not oldest even close
  9. oldest? is it only one account created on that date? link to this account?
  10. why different funko pop toys have same numbers? is it legit? i try to google 404 as webber - but google say its cat from tom and jery
  11. [H]steam wallet gift card [W]DST copy

    do u try steam forum?, there are more offers of dst copy
  12. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    commando 1985
  13. cd project red wins but KLEI was so close! p.s. I think that being on this list is a great achievement for a small company!