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  1. looks like this stuff works again, or maybe its bug on some servers
  2. just find a trick: if u drop Water Balloon in bunch or replaced bushed - it will be sane as u ll use fedize for them
  3. looks like butterfly pet dont shine at night anymore?
  4. same question, but for hairloom items
  5. - you think you only one who know wardrobe glitch? - ow shiiiiiiiii
  6. red beefalos will not attack you if you use beefalo hat (find this trick after 1000+hrs on some twitch stream)
  7. hot thermal stone gives u light to be able to run at night
  8. while u play Webber u can make spider wars, feed one spider, then hit another, and all around spiders will connect to fight BUT!!!!!!!!!!! there is a moment when u klick button to attack and make a damage - at that moment he rice hand and if u quicly move out - u will not hit anyone, but your minion spider will attack. so, they start fight and will not attack you - collect all loot instant
  9. if you put 2 crockpods near to each other - u can put freezer between them (if you put freezer first - crocpods can be placed on long distance only) everyone have to move during farm no, if you will not wisit that area save waterbaloons to winter - they will help you in pvp fights (enemy you watered will freeze super fast)
  10. ow, we have world without caves, i dont check it before posting u can use bush hat to hide dirrectly on tentacle if you do it really fast more people on screen area - more butterflys will spawn
  11. if u use lantern and take it out from slot - character still lights, its annoying people because u have freee hands and shining smallbirds spawn after some time (dont know what exactly time it is) and if u dont visit them for a long time there will be tooooooo many of them from every nest, because they spawn and spawn again and again, they will kill each other and u ll get free food
  12. as i understand all item drops, weakly and daily which was earnned during beta will be removed from account after beta?
  13. so, it will be event or free dlc or not free? there will be 2 types of servers or still will be ony type with all content inside?
  14. Did I ever tell you what the definition of public server is? Pubkic server is doing the exact... same ******* thing... over and over again expecting... **** to change... That is public server .
  15. RTX off RTX on p.s. who know where from this gif?
  16. find streight line of land, come as close to water as u can, then put wardrobe as close to water as u can (u must be between water and wardrobe) little magic - boom - you are on water when you are get bored to swin - type on console /rescue dont drop items in water, they will dissapear, u cant place any buildings on water too
  17. thats why i always keep wardrobe on my inv without placing
  18. yeap, he can pick up items fast and dig (if i remember correctly) most of time i played speedruns (wicker, wx, wes) only on single i play webber but still, anyone able to be farmer on regular dst, i just noticed everyone choosing webber for farming (me too)/ thats kinda subconsciously
  19. why everyone who play webber use him as farmer, actually webber dont even need food from farm, thats really hard question