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The art of Return of Them is beautiful - Ideas for new Darkest Dungeon / Lovecraft themed skins

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I love the horror art that is having DST with Return of Them. It reminds me in some ways the Darkest Dungeon's art, I swear.
Possible set of theme skins? It would be EPIC.
PLS Klei, I want too much to have Wilson with Abdul Alhazred's skin and Maxwell with Lovecraft's skin :'D



(Two very fast sketches of what I had in mind!!)



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This kinda goes back to my opinion on how dst should stay it’s own game for the most part. While I agree that the skins look pretty cool (I think Wilson’s doesn’t fit in tho) I dislike the idea of people being walking references to another game. Most of don’t starves references are pretty small and don’t impact the game that very much. Example! The merms are very likely a reference to a lovecraft species called The Deep Ones, but that barely changes them and the game at all. 

I’m not saying that they shouldn’t take inspiration from other games, that’s perfectly fine, but I am saying that it shouldn’t have so much inspiration from other games that it feels like something else.



all though admittedly I would love to see a lovecraft inspired skin. Maybe a Cthulhu skin for Webber. Or just Maxwell as him, his portrait would be writing books with shadows coming out of em. :wilson_ecstatic:

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3 minutes ago, LimeGreenINC said:

Decided to draw that.

It's not very good but I did my best :p


It's very beautiful! It expresses the idea perfectly! Maybe you just had to make the head slightly more "oval" in profile. To give him more alien style ;)

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