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  1. Wilson mains after finnaly finding the base after wandering around aimlessly for 9 days: (this took me way too long to make)
  2. Can someone post images of the DST characters getting struck by lighting and showing their skeletons? I might need it for a work I'm doing at school
  3. I feel like I could have improved this one a bit more but I don't have time to do it so I'm just gonna post it anyways
  4. I still think that Woodie has some balance issues (especially with how easy the idols are to craft and with the Weregoose being able to walk on water and go straight to the lunar island) but other than that I'd say that Woodie's rework made him a lot more interesting and fun to play as, and shows that Klei really listens to the community. Anyway, here's a few drawings of Woodie and Werebeaver I made in school, I'll add Weremoose and Weregoose later Edit: Here they are
  5. These didn't came out quite how I wanted them but I don't have time to make new ones so I'm posting them anyways
  6. When you get kicked off the server for picking the "wrong" character
  7. "Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy, James Bucket, prowls around like a roaring Deerclops looking for someone to devour." - Wilson 5:8