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  1. Thanks everyone! She likes the aesthetic of the game, we played a few times in the past. She is going through a rough time, her back is really messed up at a super young age from her scoliosis progressing and feels useless and like she is decaying a lot. So frustration tolerance is a bit lower lol.
  2. I'm playing with someone who has a low frustration tolerance and is kind of stubborn but likes this games aesthetic(she's sweet fr tho trust me lol). What settings do you think would remove the annoyance factor but still have fun stuff to do and maybe a lil tension still? Or/also what characters and braindead OP early setups? I wanna hold her attention right away haha.
  3. Yesss like the apocalypse counter and spreading of hell terrain in fall from heaven 2 and the four horsemen and avatar of wrath spawning.
  4. Oof gotta wait till Tuesday for console I assume?
  5. Seems like he'll be really strong basing and harvesting on the Lunar Island.
  6. [Game Update] - 333702

    Hamlet is my cup of tea because exploration feels really directed. Something about the aesthetic and armosphere too. I like the characters they added as well. I feel like Hamlet really shines as a connected world, tbh rather than just spending time in hamlet.