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  1. Ahhhh I was wondering where you were going. I was trying to think of how his appearance or Origin fit. I love this game (: Ahhhh I was wondering where you were going. I was trying to think of how his appearance or Origin fit. I love this game (: Ahhhh I was wondering where you were going. I was trying to think of how his appearance or Origin fit. I love this game (:
  2. The topic I made about Willow got me some super useful advice, and it seems like Winona would be a good pick for simple synergy and painless farming with her. So what are some early to late game farming setups with the catapults now?
  3. Oooo thanks very informative ones right off the bat! My girlfriend is starting out and she feels that new player attraction to Willow(haha) so I'm trying to think of basic strats she can use to get her going and having fun
  4. Just wondering what new uses there are for him
  5. I didn't mean to sound like they worked, the fact I haven't played is why I posted them here to receive everyone's input! It's just idle speculation. I would play and see how they worked, but I broke the brackets on my CPU's heatsink when I was seeing if replacing thermal paste would fix the overheating issue that spontaneously manifested. Now everyone thinks I'm a fool :/ (just kidding)
  6. mutant suggestion: Uni-corn

    Cantelope, no idea what it'd look like or do. Tbh I think future hybrids will be already in game food though.
  7. Ahhhh okay, I wondered how I had that confabulation thanks! I just hope the drop is related to the moon and not Brightmare fuel haha.
  8. Haha my bad, I had the misapprehension Gestalts were a type of Brightmare for some reason Not yet they don't! I'm assuming they will, that's why I put future tense. I prbly did that with the other points too tho lol.
  9. I haven't played the beta but I was thinking of some of the uses and implications, these are ofc obvious but I was wondering if people have used these yet and if they found them effective Maxwell will be very good at farming Brightmare drops. Wickerbottom, Wormwood and Wortox will be really good because of books for Wicker and chopping trees and eating Monster Meat for Wormwood(souls for Wortox) for an actual net benefit. There are of course better late game options, but it'd be interesting bringing Spider eggs along or using On Tentacles for the positive benefits of their insanity auras. Any thoughts on this and other ideas?
  10. Seems like he'll be really strong basing and harvesting on the Lunar Island.
  11. New to Hamlet, need a few tips

    That does sound really cool! Mannn I need a new heatsink for my gaming computer's processor, I may just suffer through the jank on my slow computer because Hamlet and especially Wagstaff have been calling me.
  12. New to Hamlet, need a few tips

    JESUS CHRIST what day is that?
  13. I know, I have a similar level of dry humor
  14. That's pretty cool, it seems like it'd take up a lot of inventory slots and could potentially used for griefing tho.