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RoT wish-list

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1- Deerclops doesn't DE-Aggro from the Player / Players.
2- Ancient Fuel Weaver is immune to gunpowder.
3- Spread but lessens the amount of food on the map.

4- Remove the Instant kill boat bug.
5- Guide Book In-Game to help new players get to winter. ( you would be surprised with how many people that die in the first 20 days ).
6- La-.-*(g||\\]}.
7- Fighting improvements.

8- eating animations, seriously you can't just shove a Dragon pie straight down your throat, i tried it.
9- " Danger " or " Cruel " style of worlds, where traps and such affect the players, and Griefing is allowed, with people claiming lands as their own and fighting it out, ( not just PVP, Cause PVP in DST basically relies on Luck )
10- Umbrella : a structure that can be placed, lowers the players temp. and has durability.
11- Lunar Boss ?
12- ~~re-skins ?~~ ( not generally skin for items and such, but re-draw of some of the old classic items ?
13- a new mob after day 250, that comes in waves to replace hounds, or to come with them.
14- Separate " darts " from their ammo, Dart : 4-5 reeds, ammo for Darts : stinger and according feather. ( darts have higher durability than 1 or no durability )
15- " that's not how you use a spear "
16- Level system with rewards, XP and such shenanigans.
17- make Beefalos travel around ( Savannah, grass lands and forests )
18- make more use of Volx goats, they sometimes go un-noticed or not used. due to their 'Home' moving.
19- Boat attaches ( Please, i want to be captain sparrow, with a huge ship and some wes slaves as pirates. 
20- make a use of pengulls :/, they are cute, but go useless throughout winter.
21- Nerf Wes.

[ Feel free to share your ideas in the comments, just reasonable ones. xD ]

oh last thing, this is a wish-list and my opinion and my ideas and im not 'demanding' anything, i think RoT is a great update and im excited to see the end result.
so, let's not turn this comment section into WW3 simulator. 

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5 hours ago, minespatch said:

I really want to put a puffin in my pirate birdcage.

Oh, but you can!

 You can leave a birdcage on a boat for this.
I'd love mutated animal farming.
Hats are always a plus.




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2 hours ago, minespatch said:

Wait, how'd you do that? I tried picking up the puffin I arrested, but the game wouldn't let me.

I put some seeds on a boat, put it to sleep using a dart, placed a bird trap over it, and hit space to pick it up.

For some reason, you can't pick up sleeping animals in DST, where as in DS it's bugged and sometimes you can. (You didn't ask, but ICYDK.)

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On 5/26/2019 at 5:53 AM, CrimXane said:

4- Remove the Instant kill boat bug.

Yea but it's so fun to watch huge bosses die immediately. What patch would you propose, though? Oh wait-


It can go back to the flord postern with 100% wetness XD


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