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  1. .... Just one thing Do not nerf WickerBottom i repeat do nawt She is tOTaLlY BaLaNCeD ok ? But, seriously don't hit her hard with that nerf hammer
  2. sorry if u understood the post wrong but, the this "video" proof part isn't intended to respond to you.
  3. I got participator :'(

    shhhhhhhhhhh don't tell klei out names Snitchers get stitches. always pleased to break them klei servers. yea i agree you almost caused 6 people to die. xDDDD and u said some rude things in the discord server klei XDDDD
  4. About get off the armour when you're healing

    what an ******* lmao
  5. I got participator :'(

    it dozen matter if they get xp or not we want 50 wes in one match
  6. Open 101 forge chest - 0 elegant :sad:

    spools just don't pay unless you grind. which will take about 10 hours per day of constant playing to get enough for 1 elegant that if u are lucky and dont get 20 profile icons from a 5 chests in a row honestly WTF with more cloth come new elegants and new items
  7. About get off the armour when you're healing

    it's just using your brains to figure out how it works and abuse it like everything in DST basically.
  8. I got participator :'(

    sorrieh xD im more into life quality mods. gh gmhghmmmm " LEMME SMASH" gmhmhmhmh
  9. I got participator :'(

    cause i know Fidooop is a modder, he created such awesome mods like " LEMME SMASH " how you did it ;-; that's what i mean i want 50 wes in one match
  10. I got participator :'(

    of course i do I'm Wes Wait hold on @Fidooop does this work on any server or must it be a dedicated Forge Server ? can we remove the limit from any DST server ?
  11. I got participator :'(

    Forged Forge
  12. I got participator :'(

    THE KNOWLEDGE MUST BE SHARED The world must know what's the max amount of wes in one server before it breaks
  13. I got participator :'(

    boi don't make me look throu all them .lua plz
  14. I got participator :'(

    ok bois, catch em max amount of wes Fidooop gimme the code plzz
  15. I got participator :'(

    @Fidooop makes me even more sad ;-; what's the limit for the characters in one match this picture must be sacrificed