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  1. after this man mention them, i can't unsee them, please do. either make them all LQ or all HQ
  2. Sew Thermal Stones Burn bee boxes to avoid bees Drop rocks to kill moles You can Actually hit Rabbits Twiggy trees can never cease to exist Hammering pig heads on full moon grants NM You can catch up to butterflies and kill them You can Type /emote < message> for a cool announcement system. Or, get the help of other player. 2 Birds of the world Read 1 STS read Both use at least an axe ( get rod of them axes on the ground ) to kill all the birds By far the best way to farm krampus, no need for tooth traps, waste of resources. ( make a 5x5 turf area, fenced in and no need to worry about the krampii, they will try to grab the feathers on the ground, use around 2 books of BotW and then start killing the krampii. ) ez pz.
  3. IF u play Meat on a boat, then sail the boat. the pigs still see the meat as " close " and still go for it.
  4. Killing any mob on a boat result in instantly killing the mob.
  5. walls and other objects will go on sea if placed near the edge of the boat
  6. Spider nests lose their on-ground web if the boat is moved.
  7. Fishing Rod not appearing in hand. KelpHat missing on ground Texture.
  8. someone was right about the moon. cough cough Zeklo cough cough sets the player count of the world to 1 boy, i bet you had a surprise when first playing. xD -
  9. .... Just one thing Do not nerf WickerBottom i repeat do nawt She is tOTaLlY BaLaNCeD ok ? But, seriously don't hit her hard with that nerf hammer
  10. sorry if u understood the post wrong but, the this "video" proof part isn't intended to respond to you.
  11. this video proofs that Wigfrid has a nut for a brain. maybe you should read everything first before asking im sure all the info you need is there and the guy meant that the answer is in the post itself " Why is The Forge temporary? We get this question a lot. The Forge runs on official servers that we pay for and provide free of charge. Playing on official servers means that we have more control over the rewards we can provide during the event. Because we designed the event around this, we designed the gameplay to be played for a short time. "