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  1. i did, i even read it twice and checked again now as Atkvin said : it might for profit but it might not just mean profit which isn't bad, but they also take time and effort and come at a cost but my main concern is klei wouldn't bring back forge just for no reason unless the community wanted it, this is probably something bad of sort since this can give part of the community what they want and some of the others nothing. for example i see alot of people talking about cosmetics and even suggesting art for loading screen ( btw u just can do it client-side just wanted to put that out there ) and a post about, having skins for every single item.. which leads to my point which is : time and effort on events > time and effort on base game i want to know why, if they are limited time events, which the forge wasn't really. and all the people wanting cosmetics. you have to understand that thinking&drawing a skin for every item is something that really is kind of impossible. some people might be feeling hypocritical about my posts but i think i lacked the clearness in my posts i wanted klei to focus on main game and not go down that path of event after event events are Limited time but the main game isn't. and the main game is far more entertaining than any event i have played so far. thanks for your time
  2. The 1 Month of Forge...

    i found a level 100+ in an afk wilson room tsk tsk xD
  3. sorry if u understood the post wrong but, the this "video" proof part isn't intended to respond to you.
  4. I got participator :'(

    shhhhhhhhhhh don't tell klei out names Snitchers get stitches. always pleased to break them klei servers. yea i agree you almost caused 6 people to die. xDDDD and u said some rude things in the discord server klei XDDDD
  5. klei never stated that SW / Hamlet / RoG will be multiplayer so making a multiplayer version of them is OK if Klei announces multiplayer for SW / Hamlet / RoG then these mods will be taken down for sure
  6. i don't want to see the word " event " ever again in my life it's just straight up boring and only for the skins. like who actually still enjoys playing forge.
  7. About get off the armour when you're healing

    what an ******* lmao
  8. I got participator :'(

    it dozen matter if they get xp or not we want 50 wes in one match
  9. Clickbaity Titles for your ??+ servers.

    if i ever see a server with those names i will exit the game and uninstall
  10. animation canceling doesn't work anymore

    im pretty sure it was intentional.
  11. Open 101 forge chest - 0 elegant :sad:

    spools just don't pay unless you grind. which will take about 10 hours per day of constant playing to get enough for 1 elegant that if u are lucky and dont get 20 profile icons from a 5 chests in a row honestly WTF with more cloth come new elegants and new items
  12. The 1 Month of Forge...

    people dying to boaroir i thought they would learn but no. they don't
  13. The problem with the forge

    honestly, i couldn't careless they can keep kicking that troll as long as they prefer im not playing with TOXIC and overall annoying little 9yrs and waste 2 hours of my time because they don't listen. every single pass-worded server will be a (lvl)+ server and will not start when u join 1 level short and u can sit in the lobby for a long time i once waited 30 mins just to get a full.
  14. 18 levels - no elegant

    level 40 : wilson skin level 50 : spear skin that i already weaved ;-;