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  1. Sew Thermal Stones Burn bee boxes to avoid bees Drop rocks to kill moles You can Actually hit Rabbits Twiggy trees can never cease to exist Hammering pig heads on full moon grants NM You can catch up to butterflies and kill them You can Type /emote < message> for a cool announcement system. Or, get the help of other player. 2 Birds of the world Read 1 STS read Both use at least an axe ( get rod of them axes on the ground ) to kill all the birds By far the best way to farm krampus, no need for tooth traps, waste of resources. ( make a 5x5 turf area, fenced in and no need to worry about the krampii, they will try to grab the feathers on the ground, use around 2 books of BotW and then start killing the krampii. ) ez pz.
  2. RoT wish-list

    23- Remove Wilbur xD
  3. 1- Deerclops doesn't DE-Aggro from the Player / Players. 2- Ancient Fuel Weaver is immune to gunpowder. 3- Spread but lessens the amount of food on the map. 4- Remove the Instant kill boat bug. 5- Guide Book In-Game to help new players get to winter. ( you would be surprised with how many people that die in the first 20 days ). 6- La-.-*(g||\\]}. 7- Fighting improvements. 8- eating animations, seriously you can't just shove a Dragon pie straight down your throat, i tried it. 9- " Danger " or " Cruel " style of worlds, where traps and such affect the players, and Griefing is allowed, with people claiming lands as their own and fighting it out, ( not just PVP, Cause PVP in DST basically relies on Luck ) 10- Umbrella : a structure that can be placed, lowers the players temp. and has durability. 11- Lunar Boss ? 12- ~~re-skins ?~~ ( not generally skin for items and such, but re-draw of some of the old classic items ? 13- a new mob after day 250, that comes in waves to replace hounds, or to come with them. 14- Separate " darts " from their ammo, Dart : 4-5 reeds, ammo for Darts : stinger and according feather. ( darts have higher durability than 1 or no durability ) 15- " that's not how you use a spear " 16- Level system with rewards, XP and such shenanigans. 17- make Beefalos travel around ( Savannah, grass lands and forests ) 18- make more use of Volx goats, they sometimes go un-noticed or not used. due to their 'Home' moving. 19- Boat attaches ( Please, i want to be captain sparrow, with a huge ship and some wes slaves as pirates. 20- make a use of pengulls :/, they are cute, but go useless throughout winter. 21- Nerf Wes. [ Feel free to share your ideas in the comments, just reasonable ones. xD ] oh last thing, this is a wish-list and my opinion and my ideas and im not 'demanding' anything, i think RoT is a great update and im excited to see the end result. so, let's not turn this comment section into WW3 simulator.
  4. Just destroy the frekeen houses mate.
  5. IF u play Meat on a boat, then sail the boat. the pigs still see the meat as " close " and still go for it.
  6. Killing any mob on a boat result in instantly killing the mob.
  8. Did Winona powercrept Wicker?

    how are people comparing Wilson 2.0 + catapults To the Best Character in the game. Like What.
  9. Hammer : *exists* OP : *im about to end this man's whole career* ----------------- Lazy Forager : *exists* OP : *im about to end this man's whole career too*
  10. Gift Drops.

    " few month " got me tearing XD also thanks, just got a plated skirt from these stuff hahaa
  11. 1- not everything should be scared from spiders, you can't just say GRR and make Deerclops run away. 2- Wendy isn't an Evocation expert, yes she has a bond with her dead sister, but that is because they are Sisters, Twins. not because Wendy is a witch 3- Webber having the ability to tame spiders by just walking near them will turn everything into chaos. other than those other stuff looks fun. :>
  12. Did Winona powercrept Wicker?

    that leaves wicker as where she was, the best farmer, the best to get krampus sack, the best at the start of the game, the best at doing everything for the team, and..... The End is Nigh ? Darts ? bull kelp roots ? also i see this " if i kill, im the best " theme. no, the game isn't just about killing stuff. ~~i think someone just dies a lot to giants~~ " But since Winona has a way to attack bosses off land via catapults, where does that leave Wicker? " you very well make it sound like killing stuff is the goal of the game.
  13. the least person with English Grammar. excuse me sir you forgot the ONE that is going to betray which is WES WHERE THE **** IS WES