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  1. Well the saddles definitely don't belong in the tools tab, so this is a good fix
  2. I was out sailing when I noticed that meteors don't do anything to your boat. Also, they leave marks that go off the edge of the land. What mechanics would you guys like to see with this?
  3. Sound like the hammering thing could come with some griefing capabilities. I can totally see Wortox just straight up repeatedly hammering WX for souls and gears. Also, I want to see that animation of hammering yourself xD
  4. Celestial Brainstorming

    Woah. I made a thread to discuss what other moon machines there might be in the future, not to start a war over if the ancient pseudoscience station was of the shadows. calm down ...
  5. Lunar Farming!

    Image picking fruit at your farm, going about your normal business, and having a DRAGONFLY emerge and demolish your lunar base ...
  6. Lunar Farming!

    Oh. my bad, I didn't see it.
  7. The celestial altar is a pain to put together, but there really isn't anything useful you can craft with it, except maybe the sword. Obviously, they have to add more uses, because the celestial altar can't not be in balance with the shadow altar (Ancient Pseudoscience Station), right? For this power-balance thing to make sense, the moon and shadow altars should be equally powerful. That means we need an equal to the shadow manipulator in moon power and some more items. Any Ideas?
  8. When you grow food on the lunar island, it would be awesome if the foods could become animal mixes. (or at least on a full moon) Corn --> Unicorn (From @minespatch's thread) Carrot--> Carrat Pumpkin--> Eggplant--> Pomegranate--> Durian--> Skunk-type thing? Dragonfruit--> Ripe saladmander Watermelon--> Maybe this could end up on the op side, but feel free to give me ideas for the blank spots. I would attach a picture of a carrat on a farm, but I'm too lazy so I guess you have to go with no visuals.
  9. Creatures can freeze
  10. Bosses should swim

    Queen bees can fly (but usually don't) --> Bee Queen should fly Dragons & flies (um) can fly --> Dragonflies should fly Bears & badgers can swim --> Bearger should swim Goose & geese can swim --> Goose/Goose should swim Deer & (Cyclops!?) can swim --> Deerclops should swim Of course, this game isn't scientific or anything, so this doesn't really matter
  11. Criteria for good world gen?

    I like land branch, because it kind of connects the world and makes everything easy to access More wormholes are better More Mactusks are better Closer ruins are better I'm not sure why land loop would be useful, but idk
  12. Elder mandrakes

    Possibly, but WIckerbottem is the best character. They'll probably get nerfed if anything
  13. They wouldn't turn into beardlords. It's moon power, not shadow power, remember?
  14. Elder mandrakes

    Not quite true. The bearger's yawn can do this. The animation is hilarious, with her eyes wide open. Someone attach a picture here.