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I feel that we're nitpicking way too much.


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While the complaints regarding the season content and teleportato are understandable, some people are nitpicking HAM way too much.

They demand more attacking threats even though that wouldn't really work along with the interiors. 

They demand another layer à la ruins or volcano (which ironically was complained to be empty) while ignore that some of the most requested features (housing, civilization and to some extend the ruins) were made to make up for it because they changed the focus of the game from surviving on a wild environment to thriving in a city with all it's commodities. 

If Hamlet were to be more like ROG or SW people would do the same as they did with SW and call it too similar to the base game and that it didn't embrace the civilization part.

TLDR; While some complaints are valid, we have an unhealthy amount of nitpick mashed along with it and are ignoring all of the other things that the devs did do, making them think as if they did a bad job on HAM as a whole. 

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The truth is people have been creating highly unrealistic expectations for themselves when it came to Hamlet and then manage to convince themselves the game is unfinished because it didn't meet said unrealistic expectations. At the point the roadmap was released, there were 2-3 months left in Hamlet's early access. We were never going to get whatever huge overhaul people were dreaming. And most of the suggestions in the suggestion thread were never gonna see the light of day... which is not necessarily a bad thing given their often... dubious quality.

However, in regards to the seasonal content, Klei dug this hole all by themselves. Were it not for the roadmap's promises, I believe most people would think Hamlet was pretty much feature-complete. Obviously, there were still some issues, like the lack of a teleportato and lackluster Chester substitute. But other than that, nothing really screamed "incomplete" about Hamlet. Perhaps a few wasted opportunities here and other, but nothing that could really be called "incomplete".

But then in comes Klei and announces that Hamlet is actually not feature complete and that there's more seasonal content to add. They could have said nothing and pleasantly surprised us with a few final craftable items. Instead they chose to hype up all these new "perks and challenges".

And now, 3 months later, those are nowhere to be found. Well, Lush got all the perks it needed imo and Aporkalypse did get one unique item, but still no perks for the other seasons and no challenges whatsoever for any of the seasons. And to make things worse, Klei has made no statement regarding the missing content, not even to acknowledge that "yeah, unfortunately, we couldn't do everything we had promised because of X reason", and that makes it look like they're trying to sweep this under the rug.

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My biggest gripe, content-wise, besides the Teleportato, is that the City Tab remains lackluster. There are several buildings missing from it and you can't build any decor. You'd think that you'd be able to build everything that was present in a city.

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1 hour ago, Hatano Eichero said:

For sure, people are asking for specific things they want and it is pretty bad.

People acting like Hamlet is a scam might be a little disrespectul for the work achieved and the developpers in my opinion. Jason was maybe a bit quick when he wrote "The Don’t Starve community is one of the best to interact with, so full of passion and enthusiasm for all things in the Constant." While the second part is obviously true, the first one is something to rethink I guess.

However, I totally think alike Quartzbeam. Just my two cents.

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Hey, all I've asked for is for Aporkalypse to actually be something more than just a red tint and a boss mob spawning.


...and I've been asking for that ever since Aporkalypse came out.

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