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  1. The true problem with Hamlet and Shipwrecked

    That is not a realistic figure.
  2. New to Hamlet, need a few tips

  3. After the recent update, entering and exiting interiors seems to sometimes (not always, which is strange) prematurely end rain caused by Howling Conchs (RoG) and Dribble Pipes. I suspect this is due to the interior rain patches in the update. I'm unsure if this oddity extends to other player-induced rain as well, such as using the Telelocator.
  4. Woodlegs cannon

    End of an era.
  5. Rain effects Drying Racks in interiors

    I can confirm that interior Drying Racks are still bugged as of the update.
  6. [Game Update] - 336897

    @Jason After this patch, interiors seem to be interacting strangely with the Howling Conch and Dribble Pipes, at least in RoG. Entering and exiting an interior will often cause the rain to cease prematurely.
  7. [Game Update] - 336897

    Woodlegs god king. Absolutely ******* supremely excellent. Time to do a little redecoration for my city!
  8. Hamlet tries to do that. There are several "quests" to do, such as going to the BFB Island for the egg and scepter, going to the Palace Island to get the city building items, etc. Then there are more optional ones like the Pugalisk and Queen Womant (which there is no reason to do after the first time). The problem is that they leave several other islands and most of the ruins by the wayside, and are themselves rather devoid of surprise and excitement, being roughly the same each time.
  9. Festive/Christmas Tree Missing?

    I remember the tree. It's definitely missing.
  10. I'll start. Map: Main Room: All the necessities are here. I'm still experimenting with a nice centerpiece for the room. Lounge: My favorite room; doesn't it looks great? Features my big game trophy shelf, with enough ivory to make Warbucks cry. Storage Room: The Oddities Shop has spoiled me with Scales, if it's not obvious. I can never go back to puny normal chests! All non-essential things go here. Kitchen: The kitchen. Original I wanted to put an Ice Machine in each corner, but I needed the Bird Cage more. I've been thinking of putting the Ice Machines in the Smelting Room; sort of like a :fire and ice" thing. Doydoy Sanctuary: As outdoors as the indoors can be. Smelting Room: The begrudgingly-added Smelting Room. I needed a place to smelt, and I didn't want to put the Smelters outside. It's not that pretty, because I don't use it all that often. Drying Racks (both Drying Rack rooms look the same): Finally, the Drying Racks. Each Drying Rack Room has 12, for a total of 24 Drying Racks total.
  11. The true problem with Hamlet and Shipwrecked

    I'm happy with 3 DLCs, I don't think the game needs any more. What I'd like to see Klei do now in the future is content updates for Hamlet, and some minor ones to tie up SW's loose ends, then character refreshes (cause lord knows some characters need them). Getting what we have now to the standard it deserves before making something entirely new.
  12. No City, No Palace?

    On the bright side you have all the mossy turf you could ever want.
  13. No City, No Palace?

    Seems ******. Either it straight up didn't spawn, or the rest of the city generated as an independent island. I've seen that happen with parts of cities before. If the latter happened, there should be a wormhole somewhere that goes to it.