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  1. [Game Update] - 317078

    Weapons guy, I presume.
  2. I know this may be an all too early opinion, but can I just say that, as cool as the new shop is, it has got to be one of the most needlessly convoluted things yet? Not only do you have to buy the components at the Oddities Shop, but you also have to go to the Tinker Shop to get the blueprint to craft it. Why not just have the items craftable from the get-go and just raise the price of the components to the combined price of the component and blueprint? You don't need a blueprint to craft an Eyebrella in RoG, after all. Or at this point why not just sell the complete item in its entirety for the combined price of the component and blueprint? Why on earth split the items between two separate shops? To make the player "work for it", as if walking two doors down to the other shop is a monumental journey? I should also add that the blueprints do not even give you the ability to craft the items in Shipwrecked, nor does taking the blueprint to Shipwrecked and learning it there instead. Honestly it seems like having boss drops in the Oddities Shop was never a fully thought out idea to begin with.
  3. I liked the old yellow-green jungle turf a lot more than the new deep greenish-blue one. I know that's not on the poll, I'm just saying.
  4. R.Wagstaff abilities

    I can only imagine what the goggles might be for. Maybe a better and longer-lasting version of the Moggles?
  5. This bug has existed for as long as I could remember, and despite claims of being fixed (see: and: ), it most certainly persists, and is borderline gamebreaking, causing hammering structures such as Ballphin Palaces and empty Coral Reefs to be extremely arduous, nearly impossible, and seemingly random whether or not the game lets you. People have literally been complaining about this bug since the ability to hammer those structures was added in the Home Sea Home and it still has not been fixed despite claims of it being so. Here's a video for example:
  6. New Season Perk Speculations

    I hope the Aporkalypse either becomes an actual season, or that it becomes sort of like the Hamlet equivalent of the RoG ruins, that is to say, a very challenging late-game section of the game with many rare and valuable drops and items. I can already see experienced players rushing the ruins clock to get Aporkalypse on day 1.
  7. Though this happened a while ago, I felt compelled to make a thread about it. I didn't snap a photo, but a few days ago, my Hamlet worldgen just happened to spawn the Tallfort setpiece on the BFB Island, since that island is covered in Rocky Turf. This is very interesting, as I think this is may be the only instance in all of DS wherein a creature which is not normally present can be allowed into a world through a setpiece. Has anyone seen any other "out of place" setpieces like these in Hamlet? They don't have to necessarily be creatures.
  8. I was gonna put the Tropical Bouillabaisse, but I was unsure if food speed boosts stacked or not. If they do, throw Tea from Hamlet in there.
  9. I wonder what the absolute fastest running speed in DS is. My guess is: Overcharged WX with Sleek Hat, Magiluminescence, Stalking Stick, and Coffee, on a road.
  10. While we're still on this topic, one time I put 30 Killer Bees into a Bundling Wrap to try and make a super Bee Mine and like 2 seasons later I forgot about it, opened it, and almost died. Opening some old Bundling Wrap and having the game freeze for like a second then 30 Killer Bees flying out was one of the most terrifying DS experiences I've ever had.
  11. I only keep 1 or 2 Bundling Wraps around. Whenever I have an excess of Jerky or especially Coffee Beans that I know are gonna spoil, I just keep them in the wrap. I'll also use the spare one to preserve cups of Coffee on long trips, as they spoil pretty quickly.
  12. I think it's pretty ridiculous to have this large handful of characters whose perks don't even function outside of their own DLC. I'm talking about Warly, Walani, Woodlegs, and Wilbur. The first 3 all start with a Chef's Pouch, Surfboard, and Lucky Hat respectively, but can't even craft more of them unless they're in Shipwrecked, even if they do have the materials necessary. Meanwhile, Webber can craft Spider Eggs in Hamlet despite (actual) Spiders not even existing, as well as being given a unique item (Shamlet Mask) so that he is not functionally broken within the DLC, and Wickerbottom has an entirely unique book just for Shipwrecked! Wilbur, on the other hand, is only recognized by Primeapes and not Splumonkeys or Spider Monkeys, while Wilba is recognized by all Pigs and Webber is friends with even cave-dwelling Spiders. Given this precedent, I have several changes to suggest that would make the perks of these characters functional outside of SW. Warly: -In RoG and Hamlet, the crafting recipe for the Chef's Pouch changes from 1 Cloth and 1 Rope to 6 Grass and 1 Rope. Walani: -In Hamlet, the Surfboard's crafting recipe changes from 1 Boards and 2 Seashells to 1 Boards and 2 Lotus Flowers. Or alternatively, to 1 Boards and 1 Iron Ore. -"It's like land-surfing!" (Crazy suggestion) In order to remedy Walani's evident lack of surfing in RoG, she has access to a new craftable: The Skateboard. The Skateboard's crafting recipe would be 1 Boards, 1 Rope, and 2 Rocks. Whether or not the Skateboard would be available outside of RoG as an integral part of her kit or if it would only be available in RoG as a Surfboard replacement is up to the Devs. Wilbur -"Ape no kill ape." Ape-kind has to stick together, and as such, Wilbur is now recognized by both Splumonkeys and Spider Monkeys Splumonkeys will no longer steal from him and Spider Monkeys will no longer be aggressive (though Shadow Splumonkeys will still attack him). -Side note: While we're here, honestly, let Webber befriend Spider Monkeys as well. It only makes sense, as they're equal part ape and spider. Woodlegs: -In Hamlet and RoG, the Lucky Hat's crafting recipe changes from 4 Bone Shards, 3 Cloth, and 10 Dubloons, to 4 Bone Shards, 9 Grass, and 4 Gold. -In Hamlet, the Sea Legs' crafting recipe changes from 4 Boards, 4 Dubloons, and 1 Boat Cannon, to 5 Boards, 2 Gold, and 4 Gunpowder. In addition, Woodlegs would spawn with these respective crafting materials when starting in Hamlet, so he can still craft the Sea Legs right away like in SW. -"Woodlegs be experienced in tha plunderin'" (Crazy suggestion) Woodlegs gains a new craftable that would not only function as a land-based counterpart for the Sea Legs, but would be available in every version of Don't Starve as a new and integral part of his kit: The Land Legs. The Land Legs is a typical 4-wheeled pirate cannon that can be crafted at the cost of 1 Rope, 4 Boards, 3 Gold, and 4 Gunpowder. Like the Sea Legs, it is infinite use and deals 50 damage. In order to move it, Woodlegs must man it and push it from behind, and as such, it has sort of a momentum effect also like the Sea Legs, starting out slow until it eventually reaches normal walking speed (6 speed).
  13. Question to Klei

    How would it be OP? You have to go get the resources from the respective DLC to begin with.
  14. Cool (But Unlikely) Wagstaff Idea

    Can't you use the Brain of Thought to access the Ancient tab?
  15. The Pugalisk's Wand

    Yeah, like the Spider Hat.