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  1. Take it to
  2. corner_dude is just the character in the corner of the title screen.
  3. R.I.P. farm. Also, is this change coming in the next update? I just wanna make sure it wasn't missed in the patch notes:
  4. Finally I can get rid of them without needing a Lureplant!
  5. This has been in the game since the dawn of time. Until recently, they would actually get stuck out there, but during Hamlet early access there was an update to out of bounds that let them cross back in.
  6. I just laid it to rest in a field.
  7. I recently fought him just so I could make a cool setpiece with the bones. I just ran with through the jungle and let the dozens of Snaptooths occupy him as I hit the weak point.
  8. Tax day is definitely ******. Not to mention pigs getting desynced and paying on different days.
  9. It is intended. That effect triggers and becomes more prominent as his health decreases.
  10. Title. The My City Hall has no map icon, although the naturally generated City Hall in Hamlet does.
  11. I've since deleted the out of bounds junk, but I made a different bug report about two hours ago and dropped my save in it: survival_4 I'm sure all the random stuff should still be there, near by wrecked ship.