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[Game Update] - 325565 & 325699

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  • Developer

Hotfix 325699

  • Liquids no longer turn white on certain OSX hardware configurations

Hotfix 325565

  • Update more Logic strings
  • Minor string formatting
  • And also various other capitalization and typo fixes
  • Med-Bed is now named Triage Cot
  • Doctor Station is now named Sick Bay
  • Advanced Doctor Station is now named Disease Clinic
  • Ore Dump Station is now named Automatic Dispenser
  • Further performance improvements to the Priority overlay
  • Tweaks to what appears in each Priority tool filter
  • Atmo Suits no longer transfer disease with their contents when they release on unequipping
  • Sound effects added to Slimelung Cough
  • Transformers draw the correct amount of power from Generators, so the "Extra battery" is no longer needed
  • Fix a crash when clicking the Skill notification
  • Wall flower pot now uses the usual rotation command instead of the "automatic" rotating
  • Duplicants will not sneeze while they are taking their medicine



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I see the skill notification crash has been fixed. Boy, was that annoying.

While we are at it, can you allow us to dismiss notifications with a right click anywhere on the notification bar in addition to a left click on that teeny tiny cross icon?

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3 hours ago, SakuraKoi said:

I wish I could do that....

In real world your nurse won't mind waiting you for 3 seconds rather than getting out of the room and find another job immediately.

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14 minutes ago, SakuraKoi said:

What did I do... well, maybe this will have the correct effect to stop this silly discussion: ....I'd recommend Germany...

I invented a TXT - to - PIC - converter and you are the first beta tester (for free).
The implementer (secondary invention) implemented the created picture into a ONI based conceptual artwork, because i programmed the implementer overwatch (secondary minor invention), to construct content always on topic.
I interpret, the generated picture, that when german dupes would be in the game, they would like Oachkatzelschwoaf coatings on insulated pipes.
Sidenote: My fourth invention, a pic to audio converter says "lol" but this forum sucks at playing audio files, from amazon clouds, that's the reason, i had to reconvert it, into txt again.


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