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  1. You've missed the context of the conversation. The dude looks at my post, recognizes the save game name and tells me I don't have a sink in the first place. Well, duh, no sh*t Sherlock. He was looking at my old save. The new one had a sink and everything else... except it wasn't where it was supposed to be, which indeed turned out to be my problem. Heh. Right, right, but consider the following: So you send your germy water to a liquid tank in a chlorine room. You want it to sit in there for some time, so you have to prevent it from flowing right out, typically via a shutoff valve. The problem is, you have at least two pipe segments connecting the output of the tank to the input of the valve. The moment germy water gets into the tank, it will fill those two pipe segments, and it will remain germy because chlorine won't reach it while it's in the pipes. As soon as the valve opens, you'll get two packets (20kg) of contaminated water followed by however much decontaminated water you had in the tank. You'll have to filter make sure those two packets are routed back to the contaminated water pipe. I am not sure it works that way 100% of the time, but it sure annoyed the hell out of me when it did. The germs were in the shower input. Did I really write that so poorly that everybody keeps getting tripped up by that remark?
  2. No, he thinks it's stupid when clean water in shower is somehow contaminated by dupes' germs. I don't know how showers work where you are, but in my area they are designed in a way that makes this flat out impossible.
  3. Does it mean slimelung germs in non-breathable gases (like hydrogen) can be ignored now because they are never consumed by dupes? This. A system that you can't figure out without looking at the code (like @Doddler did) does not belong in this game. Why the devs thought it was a good idea is something I can't even begin to understand.
  4. Um. Please read my post again. Specifically the part where I mention a decontamination facility. Ask and you shall receive! Some highlights that make me scratch my head: The chlorine room doesn't decontaminate liquids sitting in pipes, which means I have a few packets of germy water there that I can't do anything about. Hence the germ sensors. Germ sensors seem to be unreliable. A loop of germy water with a sensor and a shutoff valve right after it would still allow occasional packets of germy water to pass through. I had an early version of this build fail because of that. I've added a second sensor-valve pair. To make sure nothing gets past it, I've added fourteen sensors on the pipe that feeds my base, all wired to a memory gate. It hasn't triggered yet, so I am about as sure as I can be that no germs get through. All shower stalls have germy water (not polluted water!) despite the fact that the input is 100% germ-free. Do we have a cross-contamination problem here? The sink hasn't seen any germs in its water supply yet. Please let me know if/when you figure out how my dupes ended up in the middle of a food poisoning epidemic. The Darkest Citatel - space.sav
  5. I've cleaned up my sanitation setup and built an industrial strength decontamination facility. Water in my shower stalls and lavatories, as well as sinks guarding the entrance to the cafeteria, remains germ free... and I am still getting food poisoning cases left and right from eating germ-free food stored in a chlorine-filled room. Yeah. This new disease system is broken as f*ck.
  6. I have a disabled water cooler. It's there to satisfy the great hall requirement but it's not actually being used. It's been empty for a few hundred cycles now.
  7. Like I said, no contaminated food, easily verifiable by looking at it. There's a sink at the entrance of the cafeteria. Everybody who enters washes their hands. I am still having food poisoning cases often enough that I had to automate basic cure production. I dunno what's going on. Maybe those cooks really spit into everybody's meals...
  8. I don't know about that... my dupes catch food poisoning all the time ("X got food poisoning after eating Barbeque") despite the fact that they all wear atmo suits and all of my food storage is chlorinated and therefore germ-free. No slimelung, though. Thank goodness.
  9. That's the reason, yes. I've learned it myself only recently thanks to @beowulf2010.
  10. Just tested it. It's -1 to morale cost, not 50% off. Taking two level one skills with hearts costs zero morale total. Two level two skills cost two morale. Two level three skills cost four morale. Whoever told you that hasn't tested it properly.
  11. Yup. I am pretty sure the glass alone would absorb more (10% for a solid glass tile vs <1% for a thin layer of petroleum). For bonus points, collect heat from regolith chunks (like I do in the picture above) and feed it to a steam turbine. Just make sure your buildings are made of steel because your coolant is going to be pretty damn hot.
  12. In my case there's neither hydrogen nor glass in there.
  13. Hrm. Spoke too soon. It does absorb light, and the amount of light it absorbs depends on the amount of petroleum. In my build it's around 0.3-1%. Negligible, but still there.
  14. Petroleum doesn't seem to block light in my QoL III build.
  15. 1. I should have probably been a bit more clear on this. I never thought reports affect FPS. They do, however, affect both save and load time, making the game appear more sluggish than it has to be. 2. The effects you are describing don't sound like a memory leak. They are more consistent with excessive garbage creation. It's nice to know the effect is limited, though. 3. I appreciate your looking into it, but I don't think your conclusions are entirely accurate. 4. I know, but... being forced to play the game in a certain way to maintain high FPS is very distracting. I don't want to worry about pathfinding algorithms or memory management or memory leaks or garbage collection when I am playing a game. I do have to agree with you here. Klei's (painfully naive) pathfinding implementation is hot garbage. In any case, thank you for spending your personal time looking into this for me.