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  1. Grind sandstone or sedimentary rock or any other raw mineral into sand. I seriously doubt you'll run out before you breach the surface.
  2. They couldn't do either of those at the time. I had finished sealing the right side before I started building the left side.
  3. See those double quotes surrounding the word "feature"? I was being sarcastic. Of course it's a bug, and a new one too. It wasn't there back in QoL builds.
  4. The right side of the map is lined with bunker tiles, so if what you are saying is true, they ignore normal visibility rules too.
  5. Is that a guess or do you have some sort of information the rest of us don't?
  6. Look at this screenshot: It's the upper left corner of my map. The bunker doors are at the very edge of space. Look at the bunker tile and the two ladders below. I don't have debug or sandbox mode enabled. My game doesn't have jetpacks. How were those tiles constructed?
  7. This has to be one of the most annoying "features" in the launch version. All commands are affected, including dig and deconstruct... with catastrophic results, if you are not careful.
  8. They weren't cramped. They were "overcrowded", which shouldn't affect reproduction rates IIRC.
  9. I have a small room with a shearing station and a whole bunch of wild dreckos. I started with about 20 of them and I didn't pay attention to the room since it's all taken care of automatically. A couple hundred turns later I look at the room again... and there are only 8 dreckos there. I had two glossies; those are gone too. There doesn't seem to be a reason for this. The temperature is acceptable (25C), they are wild so they don't need to eat, they aren't drowning, they are getting hauled to another room. So why would they be disappearing on me?
  10. I used to do the same but found it too much pain and too little fun. These days I get my fourth dupe ASAP and use his free skill point to make him into a miner to punch through the granite shell and start excavating salt and rust. Once I have that, a rust oxidizer goes up and my short-term oxygen problems are solved. Bonus: chlorine at the bottom of my base is used for sterile food storage. Fun fact: pacus don't need water specifically. I used to house them in a petroleum tank. Or, better yet, an ethanol lake.
  11. ...until you start making insulation, at which point no amount of fiber is going to be enough. Isn't that what heaters are for?
  12. Is there a way post-launch to enable the debug mode without revealing the entire map? I want to remove some annoying indestructible POI structures (it's ridiculous that we still can't deconstruct them!), but I really don't care for the inevitable FPS drop that comes with revealing the map.
  13. Why do you keep calling wheezeworts "nerfed"? They are just as effective as they were before. The fertilization requirement doesn't change their usefulness.
  14. Ok, I think I know what got you all confused. You've built a traditional base and you're wondering how the ethanol setup could fit into it. It simply doesn't. The ethanol setup really shines when you start on it early and build your base around it. Klei gave us an alternative to how we've been doing things all along. This is great, but it's also not something you can plug into an arbitrary -- especially well-developed! -- base and expect it to make sense. Start a new game and make your ethanol setup its centerpiece. Its power will be more obvious.