[Game Update] - 325565

Release Date: 04/12/2019

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

Hotfix 325699

  • Liquids no longer turn white on certain OSX hardware configurations

Hotfix 325565

  • Update more Logic strings
  • Minor string formatting
  • And also various other capitalization and typo fixes
  • Med-Bed is now named Triage Cot
  • Doctor Station is now named Sick Bay
  • Advanced Doctor Station is now named Disease Clinic
  • Ore Dump Station is now named Automatic Dispenser
  • Further performance improvements to the Priority overlay
  • Tweaks to what appears in each Priority tool filter
  • Atmo Suits no longer transfer disease with their contents when they release on unequipping
  • Sound effects added to Slimelung Cough
  • Transformers draw the correct amount of power from Generators, so the "Extra battery" is no longer needed
  • Fix a crash when clicking the Skill notification
  • Wall flower pot now uses the usual rotation command instead of the "automatic" rotating
  • Duplicants will not sneeze while they are taking their medicine


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