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  2. We need this to be a thing...

    This is such a Klei thing to do lmao
  3. Probobly not happening, but imagine the elder bog appearing as an island in the ocean with mummy and billy on it, it would also kinda make sense because of the end of the gorge, what do you guys think?
  4. Leather Suit: a poll

    intermediary? i don't think there's a linear progression for armour that goes like Grass Suit > Log Suit > Marble Suit > Thulecite Suit like you think there is you don't "level up" your armour in the game, there's a certain use for each armour depending on the context
  5. Spear doesn't have Logs, unlike Thulecite Suit which has Thulecite in it. Leather Suit it's an intermediary between Log suit and Marble Suit, adding another option to the game.
  6. I would say when it comes to such topics as "Knowing the design ethos under which most game decisions were made in a game that was actively developed alongside and heavily influenced by the ideas and contributions of an involved community" seniority is a pretty meaningful indicator of whether or not you know what you're talking about. So far the arguments presented were: "I don't like the game, I just like how it looks. So it should change to fit my preferences." and "Well the exact thing you mentioned isn't mentioned word-for-word in the game's Steam blurb so clearly it wasn't a consideration at all." Like, it's great that you love the aesthetic, I do too. That doesn't give you the right to wander in and demand that Klei alter the core concept of a near-decade in the making game to fit your particular preference instead of that of the thousands of people who'd contributed their ideas, time, and money into the game since it's inception.
  7. Music thread

    The Used - The Taste of Ink
  8. This list you speak of will be long and comprehensive. Just scrape what you want out of here. 80% of it is bugs, exploits, and unintended designs. There are even workarounds in the uni like aquatuner bypasses for those pesky packet slips, and don't forget about the power shutoff bug on save/load. Then you have flashing and flaking mechanics that are a beast in of itself. And every building related to pacu is just broken and bugged. Good luck more bugged/exploited cases off the top of my head Lit workspaces for certain buildings conveyor temperature transfers critter dropoff wrangling for babies tile/ladder speed boost ineffective (unconfirmed) Low priority auto dispenser (now a mod to fix this) Need I say more. I'm going to let this speak for itself.
  9. As much as I understand: Every World has its own seed, even without mod. This mod does nothing besides allowing you to choose the world seed for your world before creating the world. So no whole new "seed" mechanic is created. World generation is controlled by the game (depending on the World Seed), but the same seed does not always mean the same world since the world seed appears to be dependend on your OS right now.
  10. You did a really nice job there dodging everything we just said and going full elitist. You have no idea who we are and how long we have been part of the community. Either way, everyone's opinion should be valued, no matter their play time! ..... even yours. Now if you want to actually reply to the points made, go for it and we can continue this discussion.
  11. Today
  12. I need help with the forum itself

    I'm not familiar with using wiki as a tool. I'll look into that.
  13. Yep. This would solve it. Another thing I just came to think about, that is even "cleaner" is making the incubator room itself into a kill chamber. If you have enough critters in your stables you might as well flood you incubation room until it is needed again.
  14. Wurt

    Maybe Wurt will be a character made for swamps life. Or a character who like water : rain, beeing wet...
  15. I don't appreciate people saying that x time spent in x community makes them more truthful/valid in the community than other people thank you
  16. Yeah I highly doubt there will be many people who use it the "legit" way. A temporary power source isn't worth building. It's like building hydrogen generators to consume a pocket of hydrogen you uncovered and only for that. It doesn't make any of sense to me.
  17. Is this the part where you dramatically pull off your cowl, revealing that you were actually Lord Battal all along? I wouldn't even be mad, honestly.
  18. I already showed you the code from ontrasplant, see my post above. It only does: tree.components.pickable:OnTransplant() The ":" means that the calling object is given to the function, so only inst==tree. There is no information about the deployer in this case. Currently I have no idea how to get the newly planted inst AND the deployer.
  19. AddPrefabPostInit is for every thing executed that has this prefab, after the initializaion, but still part of initalization. But "inst" is an individual object. And although every inst has the mycustomdata entry, the value of this can be different for every single inst. OnLoad is executed by the game itself after the initialization. So it does not matter what values are defined within common/masterpostinti and within AddPrefabPostIni, they get overwritten in Onload, if there is code in OnLoad to overwrite them (and it was previously saved in OnSave).
  20. your opinion doesn't become magically more valuable than others' just because you spent more time in the community, in my opinion
  21. This thread is honestly just ridiculous. I feel like I'm arguing with a bunch of people on the matter of whether or not the sky is blue. But I mean, what do I know? I've only been an active participant in Don't Starve's community for six years, and a lurker for longer than that. After all, it's really just silly to think that somebody who had a hand in shaping Don't Starve's development with the rest of it's original community would know anything about the game's design ethos. Surely, the people who only started playing when DST got popular would know better, silly me.
  22. Don't Starve Is Dead.

    you presented the opinion of at least 5 people and pretended that it was fact or a general consensus within the community why?
  23. Leather Suit: a poll

    does this imply there's another set which is where the spear + log suit + some arbitrary headpiece belong to? i don't get this
  24. Could we see some mods make it in the game?

    nobody suggested this they wanted features of mods like client mods like geometric placement in the vanilla game, and you somehow ended up complaining about something completely different that happened over two years ago you imagined a scenario that you didn't like and started pretending that it was actually happening, please tell me the point of this? sorry if this might be off-topic but i want to know why you thought this was necessary
  25. Hallowed Nights Suggestions

    DLC characters and reworks don't usually coincide. We'll probably get the rework (of Wendy probs, but I'd love a Walani rework) on November and either the last DLC character or another rework in December with Winter's feast.
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