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  2. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    It's already been done that's why.
  3. Wurt's diet guide

    No one is gonna mention this blessing? I dunno, I might be the only person that rushes the ruins for belt of hunger as the main goal. It's just such a convenience and pretty much the best body slot item if you don't use a backpack. I also like how it benefits literally every new added character in one way or another - Wortox and Wormwood (in spring) especially.
  4. But most if not all sandbox builds can be made in survival. Not everyone posts on the "how to build" portion of their builds. Sometimes it is a process figuring it out though. The build above could be explained with magma pumps.
  5. Merms don't have this tag, they're just overly hostile like Tallbirds and territorial. Bunnymen are perfectly fine with them unless attacked, for example. I don't think Wurt will have the Monster tag.
  6. Ban watermelen for showing me this disgusting thing
  7. That was just a sketch before I could workshop it. I worked on it a bit more and I'm very happy with this design now. Materials are all Obsidian/Iron/Iron Ore. Results in 1.3ΔK on screen and 1.0ΔK off screen. If you extend it by 3 tiles this becomes 0.3ΔK always. (20x speed numbers) Rail path: Much easier to follow and aesthetic now too. I don't usually try to min max in sandbox, so thanks for the inspiration.
  8. Merm hats?

  9. I was just letting you know of a way that works on any number of critters. If opening up the critters to the world works for you then all the power to you. What I was talking about mainly applies for people who either forget that they have pacu production going on or that they are going for an infinite number of critters in one tile. What I said still stands. If you plan to have pacu*8*2(eggs) > # of empty tiles in your map, then opening up pacu to the map would overcrowd then cramp them all at the same time. There is a little bit of fluctuation with that formula, that is the max out of that situation. Don't forget about all of those wild critters that are in the base too. Especially shine bugs, they're a pest. Edit. I forget if eggs have a space requirement, I think they do.
  10. I only allow pacu to be in the gigantic base non-room (Note: I don't use doors to separate my base from the rest of the map so I have thousands of tiles of space) so I'd need hundreds of pacu/eggs in the medium reservoir/single tile crowded tank to run into trouble. (I move my pacu via eggs transfer between cycles 200-300 from my main water tank under my portal to a dedicated single water tile crowding tank). Everything else (voles, hatches, dreckos and slicksters. I don't currently ranch pufts, Pokeshells, or pips so they get confines or attacked) is in some sort of 96 or smaller room.
  11. Merm hats?

    Yes! They use the same build all/most hunchbacks do! So yes, while impossible in normal play, it is possible for Merms to wear hats. (And to an even more unused/weirder extent, equip items too.)
  12. They were under UI. I'm in the process of upgrading the organization of the uni. If you would like to move a couple threads around or add more to it, I opened a wiki so everyone can edit it now. I know I'm not the best at organizing and everyone has their own method which is why I decided to do that. I plan on having the forum page reflect the changes in the wiki mainly because the forum looks nicer and I'd rather post here than anywhere else.
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  14. Fan: *Starts Making Rattling Noise*

    Me: *Proceeds to Beat the Everloving Heck Out of It*



    I works, but at what cost?


  15. Addendum : if I put enough water to completely fill the bottom tile and add some water on the second tile above, the bug dissappear. The molten glass push all the water in the bottom tile (creating a vaccum for a short time on the second tile). So to reproduce the bug, you need : a pool of 2 tiles, like in the screenshot water on the bottom tile a gas like carbon dioxide in the top tile and an other gaz above carbon dioxide
  16. Ban GNO for not giving him a picture of a pokeshell.
  17. @gaucho_tche I've seen your posts asking for more info on exactly this. I do not have a build for this yet, but I do know the mechanics behind making one. I'd suggest looking at all sorts of builds, examples, traps, etc. until you are comfortable knowing how puft pathing, reproduction, and habit works. You could try improving your "google fu" by increasing your search range. Also check oni-db for the basics on pufts.
  18. W-why... Why haven't I thought of this? They're legit corpses why wouldn't they? And the Pengulls are walking chunks of ice, meat, and bone!
  19. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Am I a joke to you, then? Give me meat dress!
  20. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Cos no one wants to wear a meat dress XD
  21. Thanks mate. Were those in the university? I should have checked that anyway :>
  22. Count to 200 without interruption

  23. Coal Generators ignored by Duplicants

    It works fine for me. Are you surethe issue do not come from an other side ?
  24. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    PDA? do you mean PSA?
  25. Bottlenose Ballphin do not spawn

    I have recently run into this as well. I have managed to FINALLY get ballphins to spawn but only if their den is on screen right as the day changes from night to day.
  26. Check out ONI University under the critter section. I have posted a couple blueprints on them. It's not a huge collection, but I'll hopefully find of them later.
  27. I'd love to see Wurt get a creepy Lunar Island themed skin. In regards to the Shattered Spiders, Mutant Hounds, and Moonrock Pengulls.
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