"Killer Bee" Biome needs a nerf Imo

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It seems like the new "Killer Bee" biome (Plains, Large amounts of beehives/flowers, and many killer bees everywhere" needs to be toned down a bit. You can barely get through without getting mauled by a huge amount of them. While the biome doesn't really have too many resources in it (except for bee stuff), When it is in the middle of a map splitting two important biomes apart it can be really annoying to travel around. I just think they might need to tone down the amount of bee spawns or something.http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=128153153

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It doesn't need nerfing imo.

If you're just revealing the maps you can go all te way without a single hit, and if you want to take the hives, just make a couple of bug nets and collect the killer bees.

And there's enough bee hives out of these areas to get:

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It is safe, instead of using space bar, just rapidly click the closest bees... you will barely get hit, and you can aways carry a few cooked morsels, they heal a lot.But if you go right to the middle of the swarm and wait for them, yes, you will die, probably. ^^

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You can barely get through without getting mauled by a huge amount of them.

So, what's the problem?For real, though, I think this was the point. You can basically explore the whole map and not get hit once if you are careful about it. This adds some action when you are tediously walking along the coast to finish your map. Also, as L0stLP said, it stops you from getting 20 bee boxes and living forever (even though you can do it with only 2).
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I like it, it adds to the feeling of "the world hates me and want me to die" which is kinda the point of the game.It should not be nerfed nor buffed, it's good as it is.

I agree 100% it makes the game more fun and adds to the world hates me feel. Besides Kevin already said you'd be able to remove mobs from the game possibly as soon as the next update. So just chill and give the dev's some time.
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^This, I also use a net (Actually I bring a half dozen nets just in case, there are a lot of bees now) instead of killing the bees, so I now have a chest full of live killer bees (I wonder how angry they'll be if I break open the chest?).

They aren't very dangerous because their attacks are slow, the trick is mostly to wear a beekeeper's hat and work at a good pace so no more than 1 bee ever stings you at a time, occasionally moving away from the swarm after the initial kiting.

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