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Found 24 results

  1. I've seen it before but yesterday was the first time it killed one. I wish I thought the save my game at that instant. What happened was a dupe was suffocating in a CO2 atmosphere and was trying to leave. It had available options to leave but kept waffling between two possible choices while other dupes were running passed it to and from tasks. I tried to have the ladder piece of one of its paths deconstructed, and that seemed to work but he died just as he was about to climb out. Literally 1 more second and he'd probably be alive. Has anyone seen it? Are the devs aware of the situation? Does anyone know how to avoid it beyond the obvious of don't give them multiple paths?
  2. I actually have my first death on video. Before playing the game I had read a bunch of stuff on the wiki and watch some of an early stage playthrough so I kinda new what I was doing. If you want you can skip to the fifteen minute mark to avoid as much of my annoying, high pitched voice as you can. If you do, to clarify I was looking for what I could make with hounds teeth.
  3. The grass flows by ever so lightly, touching the soft hands of the wind as they push and pull in a relaxing rhythm Wilson lays on the wind that pushes and pulls the grass underneath. push and pull push and pull The world is filled with such beautiful rhythms, such grace and beauty withheld by darkness that wants nothing more than to sit in silence push and pull push and pull Wilson listens to these rhythms, he listens ever so closely, it is all he can do push and pull push and pull Wilson's stomach tears at him from the inside, ripping his throat to shreds it urges him to stand but his mind tells him otherwise he cannot speak, it causes too much pain, so he thinks. he thinks of the friends he wish he had, he thinks of the family he wish he had and he thinks of the thoughts he wish he had it all hurts, it all hurts he thinks, why is the sky blue? it doesn't matter, not anymore it all hurts, it all hurts "push and pull" he says weakly as the wind gently caresses him in its arms he doesn't care anymore, about pain, about life or about death silence he cannot hear now, he cannot see, he cannot breath it all hurts it all hurts push and pull push and pull so he thinks, what interest is there in the act of death? Wilson wouldn't know, he wouldn't know would Maxwell know? Maxwell wouldn't know, he wouldn't know it all hurts, it all hurts Wilson cannot hear, Wilson cannot see, Wilson cannot breath push and pull push and pull it all hurts it all hurts Why is the sky blue?
  4. Lets face it, everyone in the game dies at one point or another regardless of how good of a player you are. The question I have is in regards to that fact. What happens when someone dies in Multiplayer? Will they be revived at the start of a new day provided that another player survives, will they be out of play permanently, or will they be out of commission until someone builds a Meat Effigy or places a Life Amulet on their corpse?
  5. The voodoo decided to create an art thread. Yay. Keep in mind, I am merely limited to pencil and paper, and thus cannot add color, contrast, small details, and other tidbits in art. I also accept requests if one wishes for me to draw a certain picture. Please excuse me for the lack of art on the first page, but I have appeared to misplace my sketchbook, and it is late on my end. Please leave a request after the beep.
  6. I'm not sure if anyone would agree with me but being not able to save progress during adventure mode is greatly reducing the fun of this game. The frustration I get from having my hours of days of progress completely deleted for a death is devastating enough for me to stop playing it. I hope there will be a saving mechanism in the future.
  7. It seems like the new "Killer Bee" biome (Plains, Large amounts of beehives/flowers, and many killer bees everywhere" needs to be toned down a bit. You can barely get through without getting mauled by a huge amount of them. While the biome doesn't really have too many resources in it (except for bee stuff), When it is in the middle of a map splitting two important biomes apart it can be really annoying to travel around. I just think they might need to tone down the amount of bee spawns or something.
  8. I've decided to finally cash out all my XP the only way I can... By dying magnificently of course! This was my first world for Don't Starve and I've grown quite attached to it indeed.How should I end it?Any ideas?
  9. With Fraps i get Around 24-29 Fps I need a better On
  10. Death Scenes?

    Hello, just had an odd little suggestion that may possibly be a bit morbid, but may make you want to die less in this sort of game XD I always found games more suspenseful when death scenes occur depending on what creature kills you. Say you get killed by a spider, the spider wraps you up and starts to nom on you or something similar. Say a tentacle kills you, perhaps it pulls you into the ground. Just silly things like that, I know it would require more information, but it would be kind of cool to see what kind of death scenes would take place with different monsters, and maybe it'll make you feel more sorry for the character that's trying to survive. Just a little thought
  11. [Gameplay] Straw Hat Stays

    Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform ChromeVersion Number - Issue title Straw Hat Stays Steps to reproduce Wear a straw hat. Get the materials for making another hat. In my case miner's hat. Make the new hat while still wearing the straw hat. Describe your issue The straw hat doesn't go away instead you get both the new hat and the straw hat. It seemed fishy to me so I reported it as a bug. Also after the miner's hat ran out of juice it gave me back a new straw hat. Idk if that's supposed to happen as well.
  12. Why the autosave? It allows players to "cheat" very easy... You only have one save file so: What about a similiar saving option like in FTL? Where you can save and quit at will as long as you are not in danger (as long as there are no enemies around or the "fight music") ... which makes perfect sense for a rougelike permadeath game... Why isn't that in Don't Starve then?
  13. I've been playing and loving this game so far. I had a few ideas I thought I'd just toss out there. Slingshot Crafted out of rope and sticks. It hits about as hard as a spear, but does so from range. There's a catch, though: it uses rocks as ammo. Lasso, Hay, and a Beefalo Pasture Craft the lasso out of rope. Hay is grass that's dried on a fire. You feed hay to a beefalo until you get a speech cue that it's ready to be domesticated, then you use the lasso to lead it back to your pasture. Once inside, it can be fed hay to produce manure as usual, and every so often can be milked. Beefalo Milk can be used in cooking recipes and to make cheese and butter (maybe a new tool would be needed). Petification Station Any captured animal (one that shows up in your inventory) can be placed in this structure. That creature becomes your pet. It will stay leashed to the structure, but it should have a wide enough range that it can wander around your base camp. If the programmers can swing it, you could teach it behaviors by scolding it when it does something you don't like or feeding it when it does something good. Super Secret Pet: A pet rock that inexplicably grows over time into a boulder. Of course, when you mine it, it will rumble sadly with every swing of your pick. Additional Change: Hounds and Spiders hit by a sleep dart may be picked up in your inventory (and therefore placed in the Petification Station). Beneficent Transmogrifier It functions like a crock pot, but the recipes are more precise. It essentially allows you to convert certain kinds of resources into another kind. For instance, two sticks and two grass might get you one rock. A stick, a flower, a pine cone and a grass will get you three rocks. The only problem with this is that it'd essentially just be used to make rocks. An alternative would be to give Transmogrifier a single slot and you can put any one item inside. Every item has a list of other items it could be transmogrified into with their own probabilities. For instance, Grass could end up as a Stick (70%), a Carrot (20%), a Pumpkin (9%) or Gold (1%). Improbable Juicing Contraption Another item that functions like a crock pot, but you can put any items into it. The recipes are fairly precise. The results, instead of food, are tonics which are essentially potions. There would be no healing tonics (for health or hunger), but instead tonics would give you some benefit that lasts for a day (or night). Examples: Elixir of Curiosity - When you reveal new areas on the map, more is revealed than would ordinarily be. A regular Louis or Clark. Hyper Tonic - You walk faster for the rest of the day. Run along. Cat's Eye Philter - You can see in the dark for a whole night. Now you can see what's eating you! Flying Balloon and Tethers Essentially, this would be a fast travel system. You have to research the balloon and tether separately. The balloon would have some pretty steep material costs. Tethers can be built anywhere on the map and would have a moderate resource cost. Once the balloon is constructed (it must be constructed at a tether) and you have at least two tethers built, you can fuel the balloon (exactly how you would a regular fire) until you get the prompt that it's ready to fly. Then you climb on board and select one of your tethers and the balloon will fly there.
  14. So I am on day 23. When suddenly those pigs that come out randomly to eat you. They are on all fours and chase you. Well I killed a turkey near my base and the meat got stuck on the edge of the island in the ocean. There was 6 pigs that ran past me to try and get the glitched drumstick. They were by my pine tree forest that I have planted on the edge of my base. I chopped down all the trees around the pigs just in case they would turn on me when I attack, that I would not get stuck on pine trees during my escape. After I cleared the trees, I used my spear to kill all the pigs. They were glitched on the edge and did not attack me. On the last pig that I killed I suddenly burst into flames. The fire started on me, then spread instantly to the entire map. My entire screen was filled in fire. I could not, what so ever run away from this. My guy instantly explodes and all my gear explodes. I had a straw hat with a log suit and a spear. Last thing I did before I died.... .... I dropped a unlit torch next to my fire pit, My fire pit does have pine trees next to it. I had this torch on the ground all night and day as I was freeing inventory and cooking food. Could the torch some how light my forest on fire? By the way I did not over feed my fire.
  15. So my idea is that when we dont sleep at night we would become more tired and we wouldnt recharge our HP by only eating. The straw roll should be one of the few things that would make us recharge our HP and to do it we would have to rest for 3 days no less or more. What do you guys think about it ???
  16. I had an idea that when you start a new game on the same world after a death, the world could be haunted by your past life. This could be in the form of a ghost or 'zombie'-like representation of your old character that could act as another monster at night. Maybe the world itself could become more withered and eerie each time you die and start a new game as if it is haunted by the death of your character. This would increase the difficulty each time you started a new game, which would make sense as you become more familiar and able with the game and wanted a new challenge each time. I don't know, maybe that is a terrible idea.
  17. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Chrome Version Number 70388 Issue title static bee collision Steps to reproduce have a fully populated pair of bee boxes next to a patch of roughly 3 flowers Describe your issue the bees leave the hives in the morning then head to the flowers, they then get stuck on each other while trying to access the flower and remain like this until dusk when they head back to the box. This requires some luck for it to occur
  18. Argh + Suggestion 3 days in, I get jumped by a Giant Ambulatory Tree, proceed to run around screaming. I decide to stop being a Big Girl's Blouse and get my poking-stick out, at which point it hits me and removes all my health in one go. Is it possible that certain creatures could only begin to be spawned when you have a level of tech which would allow you to survive, please? Or am I meant to run around in circles* until morning comes for that one? Many thanks, Wilson-the-dead *I didn't have a torch on me so haven't tried burning it. Will try that...and y'know, remember to wear my wooden armour at night.
  19. although not super important, does anyone know the official names for the biomes and what exactly spawns in each one?
  20. How many people have died to the guy who instantly kills you at night? I have died once by his hand and i bet i think i know who he is. I think his name is Maxwell. He hates all the other characters like Wilson, Wolfgang, Willow, Wendy, and the other guy whose name starts with W. Notice that Maxwell's name starts with M which is an upside down W. He put them on the island for sport. He's toying with them. I personally think there should be a boss fight with him. These are my theories on him. Enjoy.
  21. add me on steam : Kaicaesar My picture is a alien im am willing to trade for most things (NO DOTA 2S, i already have4!) maybe the binding of isaac addon? and something else? Post your offers!
  22. So after surviving another night I went into a pig village that I found not to long ago, after studying them I can tell that they are not the smartest animal in the game, they don't do anything at all but at least they give you poop if you give them food.The next day i went to the village with some food so I could get some poop to use on my farm. When I arrived I saw this medium sized creature full of hair and it looked like a pig so I named it the werepig because it looked like a werewolf and a pig and there was at least 4 of them.I tried to see if there was any normal pigs but I was afraid of them so I only saw the king of the happen??Was there some sort of infection that turned the pigs or is it a different sort of creature?? And most important of all, will they go away or do i have to kill them, and if I do what is the best way to do it?
  23. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Exploit] Platform Steam Version Number ----- Issue title items duplications using backpack Steps to reproduce 1 - equip a backpack (with a free spot) 2 - have a chest nearby (with a free spot OR NOT) 3 - select any item (stacked or not) 4 - click on the chest (STORE) to start moving toward it 5 - BEFORE you reach the chest put the item in the backpack 6 - the item(s) will be duplicated - put in both places. Describe your issue Hi, First of all : super game... a bit too addictive... I'm on day 129! By mistake, miss-clicking, changing my mind on storing - keeping an item in backpack, I found that duplication bug. Pretty easy to duplicate things knowing that... kind of a game breaker. The danger with that 'unfair' exploitation is that the game may recognize the same item being re-stacked in the same chest or put back in the inventory in a short period of time - or - without clicking / interacting with other items. and cause BOTH item(s) to disappear. Afterwards, If you put the copy in the same chest the items will be stacked, and when you click again, the stacked items will disappear. If the chest is opened and you put the copy nearby on the ground, weird things happens, may auto-stack or move all in inventory, and eventually all disappear. I managed to succesfully cheat and duplicate 20x manure stacked items by changing them from different chest, then selecting different items, moving away, back and fort, etc etc... and finally stacked all of them in the same chest. I hope it'll help you guys. Keep up the good work! Again, really nice game! Looking forwards for future updates! Jeff Perrault
  24. Day 113. So yea in the swampits, im hungry, im nearly dead! BUT THERES HOPE. I have a fishing rod "fishy fishy fishy, hey look a frog" owww just robbed me wtf!! *stab* hmm really need more health frog legs ay! should i cook em? *STARTS CAMP FIRE* "yay cooked frog legs yay"!!! *reeds next to pond set in flames* im stood on the reeds DAY 1 wake up on floor. turns game off! tell me about your deaths