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  1. Taming animals to carry stuff for us (Both goods and people) was one of the cleverer ideas our ancestors ever had (Aside from language, farming, cooking, the internet). If you're wondering how helpful they'd be, the answer is "Very". Yea we only have armies of buddies we can run around with and murder everything that lives. Sure pigmen are too dumb to make you feel like you have companionship, but I don't think horses are any smarter.We don't need to have mounts as the maps are fairly small, but the idea is good, and we don't need a bunch of other stuff in the game either. The Koalephant is hard enough to find and capture that it involves a decent investment of time, effort, and resources. Presumably if you can craft a saddle you can also craft saddlebags, which makes the mounts a bit more useful than just a bit of extra speed. That said, the time and effort required to add this to the game is fairly significant, so if it happens at all I doubt it'll be anytime soon.
  2. ^This, I also use a net (Actually I bring a half dozen nets just in case, there are a lot of bees now) instead of killing the bees, so I now have a chest full of live killer bees (I wonder how angry they'll be if I break open the chest?).They aren't very dangerous because their attacks are slow, the trick is mostly to wear a beekeeper's hat and work at a good pace so no more than 1 bee ever stings you at a time, occasionally moving away from the swarm after the initial kiting.
  3. I'd rather have it grab items "Too close" to the edge, rather than having a graphical glitch that highlights the issue (Which sounds more like a problem with how they implemented the idea, rather than the idea itself).That said, an invisible wall is the easiest/most comfortable gameplay option (And we all know that convenience>realism+depth).
  4. Yep, I planted a forest next to my swamp just so I can get tentacle spikes using the tree guards that constantly attack me. I can nearly eat exclusively treeguards, which tells you how much wood I use on a regular basis (Chests, chests everywhere).The easiest way to attract treeguards is to harvest forests of charcoal every couple of days, though this does have a long and boring period where you plant hundreds of pinecones every week, you do get to wander around all night watching a gargantuan forest fire, and sometimes it even kills the hounds before they get near me.
  5. The data is the insignificant minority of things that compose the internet, as in real context without the infrastructure and networking equipment the data is unreachable (Which makes it not an internet anymore).On Topic: Either the save editor or testing tools mod would be a quick easy fix, I've had to do it a few times because I play on different computers depending on location.
  6. I like the idea of a sickle to allow for rapid harvesting, but a wide range harvesting scythe should probably destroy things like twigs/berry bushes, as its only really made to cut things down, not trim branches or pick berries.
  7. As a long time insomniac, I can tell you that never sleeping is very harsh on the psyche, so all these people complaining about "I can't run around all night doing stuff"...Try doing it in real life, you will quickly fray your nerves, gain a short temper, and have trouble focusing. Fortunately I don't have to worry about giant shadowy hands and hounds eating me, so I'm still (relatively) sane, but if I was stuck on an island with a grue, giant spiders, hellhounds, and pigmen, I'd certainly start to go insane if I suffered from insomnia at the same time.
  8. Yeah people always resist change, despite it being practically the only constant in the entire universe.Also, I think having an initial sanity bonus would be good, it would make the first days a little easier and increase the contrast between the early and later days. A good alternative might be to make sanity decrease faster as time goes on (To a certain extent, naturally you would eventually adapt to the environment, regardless of how crazy it is).
  9. I usually do the mugging, here are some of my methods:Plant stuff near the tentacle, light stuff on fire (not always viable, never fast).Light tentacle on fire directly with darts (Expensive).Build some pig houses nearby/bribe some pigs into fighting for you (Recommended).Make a spider nest next to the tentacle and wait until evening, when there is any other creature distracting the tentacle it won't hit you, so you can murder its face off if a single spider wanders too close (I recommend against this, side effects may range from painful death to nothing to loss of property).
  10. I make my own map icons, when I find a small pig village I plant a sapling+grass and put a chest next to it (Both for indication and for a convenient place to store a cache/stockpile meat).If I find an individual pig house I break it down and expand my swamp pig village to clear out more tentacles (Supplying me with months worth of food, several pig houses, tentacle spikes, and feather hats).
  11. I find that having 3 pigmen villages nearby summons the Krampus pretty quickly after I go on my weekly slaughtering spree and start feeding the cannibal king his own people.